Aggregated False Discovery Rate Control
Competing Models
Statistical Analysis of Nearest Neighbor Methods for Anomaly Detection
The Power of Comparisons for Actively Learning Linear Classifiers
Empirical Bayesian Learning in AR Graphical Models
Residual Entropy
Are deep ResNets provably better than linear predictors?
Applications of a Novel Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining Process Model for Metabolomics
Property Graph Exchange Format
Learning by Abstraction: The Neural State Machine
All Sparse PCA Models Are Wrong, But Some Are Useful. Part I: Computation of Scores, Residuals and Explained Variance
k-GANs: Ensemble of Generative Models with Semi-Discrete Optimal Transport
Procedural Content Generation through Quality Diversity
Trustworthy Graph Algorithms
Conditional Independence Testing using Generative Adversarial Networks
On the Semantic Interpretability of Artificial Intelligence Models
The What-If Tool: Interactive Probing of Machine Learning Models
Robust Revenue Maximization Under Minimal Statistical Information
Contextual One-Class Classification in Data Streams
Positional Normalization
False Discovery Rates in Biological Networks
Road Maintenance Operation Start Time Optimization Based on Real-time Traffic Map Data
Thompson Sampling on Symmetric $α$-Stable Bandits
New results on the local linear convergence of ADMM: a joint approach
Control of Status Updates for Energy Harvesting Devices that Monitor Processes with Alarms
Transition polynomial as a weight system for binary delta-matroids
Diverse Agents for Ad-Hoc Cooperation in Hanabi
Barriers towards no-reference metrics application to compressed video quality analysis: on the example of no-reference metric NIQE
Spin Distributions for Generic Spherical Spin Glasses
Counting and Finding Homomorphisms is Universal for Parameterized Complexity Theory
Quasi-optimal adaptive mixed finite element methods for controlling natural norm errors
On numerical stabilization in modeling double-diffusive viscous fingering
Task and Bandwidth Allocation for UAV-Assisted Mobile Edge Computing with Trajectory Design
The Densest k Subgraph Problem in b-Outerplanar Graphs
Brain Tissues Segmentation on MR Perfusion Images Using CUSUM Filter for Boundary Pixels
A fast simple algorithm for computing the potential of charges on a line
Multi-Scale Vector Quantization with Reconstruction Trees
Deep Active Inference as Variational Policy Gradients
Pitako — Recommending Game Design Elements in Cicero
Zero-one laws for existential first order sentences of bounded quantifier depth
Kostka Numbers and Longest Increasing Subsequences
An Intrinsic Nearest Neighbor Analysis of Neural Machine Translation Architectures
A Randomized Block-Coordinate Primal-Dual Method for Large-scale Saddle Point Problems
Variational Bayes’ method for functions with applications to some inverse problems
Manticore: A User-Friendly Symbolic Execution Framework for Binaries and Smart Contracts
Fast Visual Object Tracking with Rotated Bounding Boxes
Parametrically Amplified Low-Power MEMS Capacitive Humidity Sensor
Uncertainty and causal emergence in complex networks
Effects of setting the temperatures in the parallel tempering Monte Carlo algorithm
Latent ODEs for Irregularly-Sampled Time Series
Collaborative Machine Learning at the Wireless Edge with Blind Transmitters
UAV Access Point Placement for Connectivity to a User with Unknown Location Using Deep RL
Independent Sets in n-vertex k-chromatic, \ell-connected graphs
Hahahahaha, Duuuuude, Yeeessss!: A two-parameter characterization of stretchable words and the dynamics of mistypings and misspellings
Dynamics of Reaction-Diffusion Oscillators in Star Networks
Non-technical Loss Detection with Statistical Profile Images Based on Semi-supervised Learning
NTT’s Machine Translation Systems for WMT19 Robustness Task
Profiling Players with Engagement Predictions
Functional Brain Networks Discovery Using Dictionary Learning with Correlated Sparsity
Near-optimal Repair of Reed-Solomon Codes with Low Sub-packetization
Deep Learning-Aided Dynamic Read Thresholds Design For Multi-Level-Cell Flash Memories
Understanding Player Engagement and In-Game Purchasing Behavior with Ensemble Learning
Stochastic heat equations with logarithmic nonlinearity
Accurate Nuclear Segmentation with \\Center Vector Encoding
Efficient Cloth Simulation using Miniature Cloth and Upscaling Deep Neural Networks
Signet Ring Cell Detection With a Semi-supervised Learning Framework
Bayesian approach for inverse obstacle scattering with Poisson data
Attentive CT Lesion Detection Using Deep Pyramid Inference with Multi-Scale Booster
Learning from Thresholds: Fully Automated Classification of Tumor Infiltrating Lymphocytes for Multiple Cancer Types
A Baseline for 3D Multi-Object Tracking
Systematic method to evaluate energy dissipation in adiabatic quantum-flux-parametron logic
Vertex-weighted Online Stochastic Matching with Patience Constraints
Estimating Mass Distribution of Articulated Objects through Physical Interaction
Sparse-to-Dense Hypercolumn Matching for Long-Term Visual Localization
On the Exact Recovery Conditions of 3D Human Motion from 2D Landmark Motion with Sparse Articulated Motion
Eigenfunction Behavior and Adaptive Finite Element Approximations of Nonlinear Eigenvalue Problems in Quantum Physics
Systematic quantitative analyses reveal the folk-zoological knowledge embedded in folktales
Implicit Discourse Relation Identification for Open-domain Dialogues
Ranking-Based Reward Extrapolation without Rankings
Simulation Credibility Assessment Methodology with FPGA-based Hardware-in-the-loop Platform
Improving Reverberant Speech Training Using Diffuse Acoustic Simulation
Word operads and admissible orderings
Community Detection on Networks with Ricci Flow
FarSense: Pushing the Range Limit of WiFi-based Respiration Sensing with CSI Ratio of Two Antennas
Understanding Counterexamples for Relational Properties with DIbugger
Incremental Semantic Mapping with Unsupervised On-line Learning
Characterizing Bitcoin donations to open source software on GitHub
Mean Spectral Normalization of Deep Neural Networks for Embedded Automation
Incremental Intervention Effects in Studies with Many Timepoints, Repeated Outcomes, and Dropout
Variational Optimization Based Reinforcement Learning for Infinite Dimensional Stochastic Systems
Loss of transmission on directed networks due to link deletion
Decentralized Gaussian Mixture Fusion through Unified Quotient Approximations
UnsuperPoint: End-to-end Unsupervised Interest Point Detector and Descriptor
Modified golden ratio algorithms for solving equilibrium problems
On alternative quantization for doubly weighted approximation and integration over unbounded domains
A bijection for essentially 3-connected toroidal maps
On Activation Function Coresets for Network Pruning
SVGD: A Virtual Gradients Descent Method for Stochastic Optimization
PDE/PDF-informed adaptive sampling for efficient non-intrusive surrogate modelling
Nonconvex Regularized Robust Regression with Oracle Properties in Polynomial Time
PathRank: A Multi-Task Learning Framework to Rank Paths in Spatial Networks
BADAM: A Public Dataset for Baseline Detection in Arabic-script Manuscripts
Probing many-body localization phase transition with superconducting circuits
Optimal experimental designs for treatment contrasts in heteroscedastic models with covariates
A Class of Solvable Multidimensional Stopping Problems in the Presence of Knightian Uncertainty
Deep Pixel-wise Binary Supervision for Face Presentation Attack Detection
Domain Adaptation in Multi-Channel Autoencoder based Features for Robust Face Anti-Spoofing
Improving Deep Lesion Detection Using 3D Contextual and Spatial Attention
The infinite extendibility problem for exchangeable real-valued random vectors
How Bad Can a Bug Get? An Empirical Analysis of Software Failures in the OpenStack Cloud Computing Platform
Lidar-based Object Classification with Explicit Occlusion Modeling
Depth from Small Motion using Rank-1 Initialization
The Integrated nested Laplace approximation for fitting models with multivariate response
Event-based attention and tracking on neuromorphic hardware
A Light weight and Hybrid Deep Learning Model based Online Signature Verification
Distributed Integer Balancing under Weight Constraints in the Presence of Transmission Delays and Packet Drops
Deep Probabilistic Modeling of Glioma Growth
Coloring count cones of planar graphs
Impact of climate change on the cost optimal mix of decentralized heating in Europe
Control of Painlevé Paradox in a Robotic System
Multitask Learning for Blackmarket Tweet Detection
A framework for the pre-specification of statistical analysis strategies in clinical trials (Pre-SPEC)
Geometry-controlled Failure Mechanisms of Amorphous Solids on the Nanoscale
Bi-objective Optimisation of Data-parallel Applications on Heterogeneous Platforms for Performance and Energy via Workload Distribution
A Robust Two-Sample Test for Time Series data
Stochastic Monotone Submodular Maximization with Queries
PTAS and Exact Algorithms for $r$-Gathering Problems on Tree
$r$-Gather Clustering and $r$-Gathering on Spider: FPT Algorithms and Hardness
Template-Based Posit Multiplication for Training and Inferring in Neural Networks
Tensor p-shrinkage nuclear norm for low-rank tensor completion
Efficient Pose Selection for Interactive Camera Calibration
Error analysis of finite difference/collocation method for the nonlinear coupled parabolic free boundary problem modeling plaque growth in the artery
Using Temporal and Topological Features for Intrusion Detection in Operational Networks
calibDB: enabling web based computer vision through on-the-fly camera calibration
Quantifying Confounding Bias in Neuroimaging Datasets with Causal Inference
Rabi oscillations in a superconducting nanowire circuit
Scaling Limit of Neural Networks with the Xavier Initialization and Convergence to a Global Minimum
A simple method to find all solutions to the functional equation of the smoothing transform
Shock Capturing by Bernstein Polynomials for Scalar Conservation Laws
Singular asymptotic expansion of the exact control for a linear model of the Rayleigh beam
Funnel cruise control
3D pavement surface reconstruction using an RGB-D sensor
Sentiment and position-taking analysis of parliamentary debates: A systematic literature review
Linear MIM-Width of Trees
Rapid Node Cardinality Estimation in Heterogeneous Machine-to-Machine Networks
Characterization of Overlap in Observational Studies
Adaptive inference for a semiparametric GARCH model
Nonnegative Matrix Factorization with Local Similarity Learning
Multivariate Time Series Imputation with Variational Autoencoders
Private key encryption and recovery in blockchain
Well-posedness of Stochastic Port-Hamiltonian Systems on Infinite-dimensional Spaces
Learning in Competitive Network with Haeusslers Equation adapted using FIREFLY algorithm
Optimality of impulse control problem in refracted Lévy model with Parisian ruin and transaction costs
Approximately Stable Matchings with General Constraints
Which Algorithmic Choices Matter at Which Batch Sizes? Insights From a Noisy Quadratic Model
Global Cardinality Constraints Make Approximating Some Max-2-CSPs Harder
Enumerating path diagrams in connection with $q$-tangent and $q$-secant numbers
A method for computing the Perron-Frobenius root for primitive matrices
Predictively Consistent Prior Effective Sample Sizes
Modelling Levy space-time white noises
Adaptive Exploration for Unsupervised Person Re-Identification
Sequence-to-Sequence Natural Language to Humanoid Robot Sign Language
Characterizing Inter-Layer Functional Mappings of Deep Learning Models
Analyzing Phonetic and Graphemic Representations in End-to-End Automatic Speech Recognition
Fundamental limits of quantum-secure covert communication over bosonic channels
Tax- and expense-modified risk-minimization for insurance payment processes
Unified Optimal Analysis of the (Stochastic) Gradient Method
A Simple Derivation of AMP and its State Evolution via First-Order Cancellation
ICLab: A Global, Longitudinal Internet Censorship Measurement Platform
Security for Distributed Deep Neural Networks Towards Data Confidentiality & Intellectual Property Protection
Error analysis of an asymptotic preserving dynamical low-rank integrator for the multi-scale radiative transfer equation
A divide-and-conquer algorithm for binary matrix completion
The Secretary Recommendation Problem
Gated Multiple Feedback Network for Image Super-Resolution
Arbitrarily High-order Unconditionally Energy Stable Schemes for Gradient Flow Models Using the Scalar Auxiliary Variable Approach
Systemic Optimal Risk Transfer Equilibrium
solc-verify: A Modular Verifier for Solidity Smart Contracts
Translating neural signals to text using a Brain-Machine Interface
Identifying the Influential Inputs for Network Output Variance Using Sparse Polynomial Chaos Expansion
A Scheme for Dynamic Risk-Sensitive Sequential Decision Making
An MPC Approach to Transient Control of Liquid-Propellant Rocket Engines
Reconstruction under outliers for Fourier-sparse functions
Learning to Optimize Domain Specific Normalization for Domain Generalization
A Conformance Checking-based Approach for Drift Detection in Business Processes
Life under Daylight Saving Time regulations: why should we think twice before abolishing DST?
Multiple Knapsack-Constrained Monotone DR-Submodular Maximization on Distributive Lattice — Continuous Greedy Algorithm on Median Complex —
Deep Learning Techniques for Improving Digital Gait Segmentation
Boundary integral formulations of eigenvalue problems for elliptic differential operators with singular interactions and their numerical approximation by boundary element methods
Simulation and Control of a Nonsmooth Cahn-Hilliard Navier-Stokes System
UW-BHI at MEDIQA 2019: An Analysis of Representation Methods for Medical Natural Language Inference
Betti numbers of symmetric shifted ideals
An Attention Mechanism for Musical Instrument Recognition
Better Sample — Random Subset Sum in $2^{0.255n}$ and its Impact on Decoding Random Linear Codes
Deep Learning for Spacecraft Pose Estimation from Photorealistic Rendering
On the 3-D Placement of Airborne Base Stations Using Tethered UAVs
Interactive Verifiable Polynomial Evaluation
A Bayesian Approach for Analyzing Data on the Stiefel Manifold
DSNet: Automatic Dermoscopic Skin Lesion Segmentation
Bregman Proximal Mappings and Bregman-Moreau Envelopes under Relative Prox-Regularity
Multilingual Universal Sentence Encoder for Semantic Retrieval