On The Lag of Library Vulnerability Updates: An Investigation into the Repackage and Delivery of Security Fixes Within The npm JavaScript Ecosystem
Estimating Return on Investment for GUI Test Automation Tools
APML: An Architecture Proof Modeling Language
Clustering of Medical Free-Text Records Based on Word Embeddings
Multiple membership multilevel models
The Game of Poker Chips, Dominoes and Survival
Entropic Regularization of Markov Decision Processes
A Human-Grounded Evaluation of SHAP for Alert Processing
Improving short text classification through global augmentation methods
Case-Based Reasoning for Assisting Domain Experts in Processing Fraud Alerts of Black-Box Machine Learning Models
QUOTIENT: Two-Party Secure Neural Network Training and Prediction
Privacy-Preserving Classification with Secret Vector Machines
The Price of Interpretability
Guidelines for benchmarking of optimization approaches for fitting mathematical models
The GDPR & Speech Data: Reflections of Legal and Technology Communities, First Steps towards a Common Understanding
Joint Neural Collaborative Filtering for Recommender Systems
Graph Signal Processing — Part I: Graphs, Graph Spectra, and Spectral Clustering
Foundations for conditional probability
Searching for Effective Neural Extractive Summarization: What Works and What’s Next
Mean field models for large data-clustering problems
A deformed scalar auxiliary variable approach without bounded below restriction for gradient flows
Answer Extraction for Why Arabic Questions Answering Systems: EWAQ
A Study of the Effect of Resolving Negation and Sentiment Analysis in Recognizing Text Entailment for Arabic
A constrained pressure-temperature residual (CPTR) method for non-isothermal multiphase flow in porous media
A Direct Construction of Primitive Formally Dual Pairs Having Subsets with Unequal Sizes
Maximum principle for stochastic optimal control problem of finite state forward-backward stochastic difference systems
On a method to construct exponential families by representation theory
Dynamic Real-time Optimization of Batch Processes using Pontryagin’s Minimum Principle and Set-membership Adaptation
Learning Neural Sequence-to-Sequence Models from Weak Feedback with Bipolar Ramp Loss
Topological Information Data Analysis
Universal One-Dimensional Cellular Automata Derived for Turing Machines and its Dynamical Behaviour
Streaming 1.9 Billion Hypersparse Network Updates per Second with D4M
Melody Generation using an Interactive Evolutionary Algorithm
ELF: Embedded Localisation of Features in pre-trained CNN
Max-Min Rate of Cell-Free Massive MIMO Uplink with Optimal Uniform Quantization
Ensuring Responsible Outcomes from Technology
Complexity of planar signed graph homomorphisms to cycles
Void region segmentation in ball grid array using u-net approach and synthetic data
Finding classes of delta-matroids closed under handle slides
Characterizing affine $\mathcal{C}$-semigroups
Stacked autoencoders based machine learning for noise reduction and signal reconstruction in geophysical data
Modeling, Analysis, and Control of Mechanical Systems under Power Constraints
Neural Aspect and Opinion Term Extraction with Mined Rules as Weak Supervision
Entropy stable numerical approximations for the isothermal and polytropic Euler equations
Deep Learning based Wireless Resource Allocation with Application to Vehicular Networks
Effects of Janus Oscillators in the Kuramoto Model with Positive and Negative Couplings
Dual Adversarial Learning with Attention Mechanism for Fine-grained Medical Image Synthesis
A functional CLT for nonconventional polynomial arrays
System Architecture for Real-time Surface Inspection Using Multiple UAVs
Classification of Cayley Rose Window Graphs
A spectral bound on hypergraph discrepancy
Smart Grid Cyber Attacks Detection using Supervised Learning and Heuristic Feature Selection
Thompson Sampling for Combinatorial Network Optimization in Unknown Environments
Null controllability of one dimensional degenerate parabolic equations with first order terms
Spacetime Graph Optimization for Video Object Segmentation
Learning joint lesion and tissue segmentation from task-specific hetero-modal datasets
Contextuality and Noncontextuality Measures and Generalized Bell Inequalities for Cyclic Systems
Fast ES-RNN: A GPU Implementation of the ES-RNN Algorithm
Ostraka: Secure Blockchain Scaling by Node Sharding
A numerical approach to Kolmogorov equation in high dimension based on Gaussian analysis
Graphyti: A Semi-External Memory Graph Library for FlashGraph
Search-Based Serving Architecture of Embeddings-Based Recommendations
Assessing Reliability and Challenges of Uncertainty Estimations for Medical Image Segmentation
A family of closed-form solutions for two-dimensional correlated diffusion processes
Fast and Provable ADMM for Learning with Generative Priors
One-step Majority-logic Decoding with Subspace Designs
Individual Regret in Cooperative Nonstochastic Multi-Armed Bandits
Improving Detection of Credit Card Fraudulent Transactions using Generative Adversarial Networks
Some remarks on products of sets in the Heisenberg group and in the affine group
Copula & Marginal Flows: Disentangling the Marginal from its Joint
‘Predator and prey’ model revisited — influence of external fluxes and noise
The energy of a simplicial complex
Artificial Intelligence Alter Egos: Who benefits from Robo-investing?
A randomly weighted minimum arborescence with a random cost constraint
Partial Discharge Detection on Aerial Covered Conductors Using Time-Series Decomposition and Long Short-term Memory Network
Travel Time Estimation without Road Networks: An Urban Morphological Layout Representation Approach
Variational Inference MPC for Bayesian Model-based Reinforcement Learning
Modeling Symmetric Positive Definite Matrices with An Application to Functional Brain Connectivity
Further results on some classes of permutation polynomials over finite fields
Learning Structural Graph Layouts and 3D Shapes for Long Span Bridges 3D Reconstruction
Blending-target Domain Adaptation by Adversarial Meta-Adaptation Networks
Band-limited mimicry of point processes by point processes supported on a lattice
Attending to Emotional Narratives
On the small time asymptotics of scalar stochastic conservation laws
Facial Makeup Transfer Combining Illumination Transfer
A Natural Language Corpus of Common Grounding under Continuous and Partially-Observable Context
On a switching control problem with càdlàg costs
Data Distillation, Face-Related Tasks, Multi Task Learning, Semi-Supervised Learning
Smart Switching and Control of a Distributed Generator Synchronized With National Grid
Sparse Hierarchical Preconditioners Using Piecewise Smooth Approximations of Eigenvectors
Unbiased estimators for random design regression
Real Time Control and Performance Analysis of A Smart Multi-Machine System through Hardware-in-the-Loop Simulation
Bootstrap Model Ensemble and Rank Loss for Engagement Intensity Regression
Channel Impulse Response-based Source Localization in a Diffusion-based Molecular Communication System
On-Policy Robot Imitation Learning from a Converging Supervisor
Segway DRIVE Benchmark: Place Recognition and SLAM Data Collected by A Fleet of Delivery Robots
Multivariate-Information Adversarial Ensemble for Scalable Joint Distribution Matching
On Approximating Discontinuous Solutions of PDEs by Adaptive Finite Elements
Blind source separation using Fast-ICA with a novel nonlinear function
A proximal dual semismooth Newton method for computing zero-norm penalized QR estimator
parboiled2: a macro-based approach for effective generators of parsing expressions grammars in Scala
Fair Byzantine Agreements for Blockchains
How many groups? A statistical methodology for data-driven partitioning of infectious disease incidence into age-groups
Capacity and Algorithms for a Cognitive Network with Primary-Secondary User Cooperation
Perceptual representations of structural information in images: application to quality assessment of synthesized view in FTV scenario
Deep splitting method for parabolic PDEs
Signal Reconstruction using Blind Super-resolution with Arbitrary Sampling
A unified neural network for object detection, multiple object tracking and vehicle re-identification
The size-Ramsey number of powers of bounded degree trees
Correct-and-Memorize: Learning to Translate from Interactive Revisions
Appliance-level Flexible Scheduling for Socio-technical Smart Grid Optimisation
Vertex-Frequency Graph Signal Processing
The $2$-connected bottleneck Steiner network problem is NP-hard in any $\ell_p$ plane
Quantifying Transparency of Machine Learning Systems through Analysis of Contributions
Single-spectrum prediction of kurtosis of water waves in a non-conservative model
Non-Invasive MGMT Status Prediction in GBM Cancer Using Magnetic Resonance Images (MRI) Radiomics Features: Univariate and Multivariate Machine Learning Radiogenomics Analysis
Physics Informed Extreme Learning Machine (PIELM) — A rapid method for the numerical solution of partial differential equations
A Multi-Stage Clustering Framework for Automotive Radar Data
Early Discovery of Emerging Entities in Microblogs
Publication modalities ‘article in press’ and ‘open access’ in relation to journal average citation
A Deep Learning Approach for Real-Time 3D Human Action Recognition from Skeletal Data
Secure Network Coding in the Setting in Which a Non-Source Node May Generate Random Keys
A new hybrid genetic algorithm for protein structure prediction on the 2D triangular lattice
Solution Landscapes in the Landau-de Gennes Theory on Rectangles
Belief places and spaces: Mapping cognitive environments
Inapproximability Results for Scheduling with Interval and Resource Restrictions
Algorithms of Phase Space Reduction and Asymptotics of Hitting Times for Perturbed Semi-Markov Processes
Enabling Ultra Reliable Wireless Communications for Factory Automation with Distributed MIMO
More Hierarchy in Route Planning Using Edge Hierarchies
Linking Art through Human Poses
ShrinkML: End-to-End ASR Model Compression Using Reinforcement Learning
Unified Attentional Generative Adversarial Network for Brain Tumor Segmentation From Multimodal Unpaired Images
Geometric Matrix Midranges
The admissibility theorem for the spatial X-ray transform over the two element field
Existence of Lévy term structure models
Bounded Model Checking of Max-Plus Linear Systems via Predicate Abstractions
A Topological Perspective on Distributed Network Algorithms
Towards Explainable Music Emotion Recognition: The Route via Mid-level Features
Multiple Generative Models Ensemble for Knowledge-Driven Proactive Human-Computer Dialogue Agent
Recommending Related Tables
Characteristics of human mobility patterns revealed by high-frequency cell-phone position data
Surrogate modeling of indoor down-link human exposure based on sparse polynomial chaos expansion
Variational Context: Exploiting Visual and Textual Context for Grounding Referring Expressions
A convergent FV-FEM scheme for the stationary compressible Navier-Stokes equations
Data Efficient Reinforcement Learning for Legged Robots
Contraction Clustering (RASTER): A Very Fast Big Data Algorithm for Sequential and Parallel Density-Based Clustering in Linear Time, Constant Memory, and a Single Pass
The It{ô}-Tanaka Trick: a non-semimartingale approach
Distance from the Nucleus to a Uniformly Random Point in the Typical and the Crofton Cells of the Poisson-Voronoi Tessellation
Differential Privacy in the 2020 Decennial Census and the Implications for Available Data Products
Smart Households Demand Response Management with Micro Grid
A Mathematical Analysis of an Election System Proposed by Gottlob Frege
Unsupervised Domain Alignment to Mitigate Low Level Dataset Biases
FortuneTeller: Predicting Microarchitectural Attacks via Unsupervised Deep Learning
A scaling limit for the length of the longest cycle in a sparse random graph
Knowledge-aware Pronoun Coreference Resolution
An intelligent financial portfolio trading strategy using deep Q-learning
Part-A^2 Net: 3D Part-Aware and Aggregation Neural Network for Object Detection from Point Cloud
Admissible and attainable convergence behavior of block Arnoldi and GMRES
Robust Guarantees for Perception-Based Control
Bayesian deep learning with hierarchical prior: Predictions from limited and noisy data
A new tool to study the fixed point property of finite posets
A Versatile Estimation Procedure without Estimating the Nonignorable Missingness Mechanism
Christoffel deformations of discrete ensembles related to random partitions
General non-linear Bellman equations
Enabling Microsoft OneDrive Integration with HTCondor
Multiscale High-Dimensional Sparse Fourier Algorithms for Noisy Data
Incorporating Query Term Independence Assumption for Efficient Retrieval and Ranking using Deep Neural Networks
Structural atomistic mechanism for the glass transition entropic scenario
Bandwidth Is Not Enough: ‘Hidden’ Outlier Noise and Its Mitigation
TrackNet: A Deep Learning Network for Tracking High-speed and Tiny Objects in Sports Applications
Equivalence between first- and higher-order Kuramoto models
Asymmetric LOCO Codes: Constrained Codes for Flash Memories
A generic finite element framework on parallel tree-based adaptive meshes
Policy-Gradient Algorithms Have No Guarantees of Convergence in Continuous Action and State Multi-Agent Settings
Predicting Customer Call Intent by Analyzing Phone Call Transcripts based on CNN for Multi-Class Classification
Coexistence in a random growth model with competition
CobWeb: A Research Prototype for Exploring User Bias in Political Fact-Checking
Multirate PWM balance method for the efficient field-circuit coupled simulation of power converters
Couplings via comparison principle and exponential ergodicity of SPDEs in the hypoelliptic setting
Theory of Spin Injection in Two-dimensional Metals with Proximity-Induced Spin-Orbit Coupling
Correlation via synthesis: end-to-end nodule image generation and radiogenomic map learning based on generative adversarial network
Platypus: a Partially Synchronous Offchain Protocol for Blockchains
Regular Graphs with Minimum Spectral Gap
Spot the Difference: Accuracy of Numerical Simulations via the Human Visual System
In-memory Distributed Spatial Query Processing and Optimization
The Haar System in Triebel-Lizorkin Spaces: Endpoint Results
Point-Voxel CNN for Efficient 3D Deep Learning
Solving p-adic polynomial systems via iterative eigenvector algorithms
Expressive power of tensor-network factorizations for probabilistic modeling, with applications from hidden Markov models to quantum machine learning
Robust Dynamic Hamiltonian Engineering of Many-Body Spin Systems
Distributed Approximation of Functions over Fast Fading Channels with Applications to Distributed Learning and the Max-Consensus Problem
Comparing EM with GD in Mixture Models of Two Components
Asymptotic Bayes risk for Gaussian mixture in a semi-supervised setting
A Hybrid Stochastic Optimization Framework for Stochastic Composite Nonconvex Optimization
Faster Deterministic Distributed Coloring Through Recursive List Coloring
Fully Convolutional Network for Removing DCT Artefacts From Images
Fine-Grained Continual Learning
Personalised aesthetics with residual adapters