Structure fusion based on graph convolutional networks for semi-supervised classification
Generalized Principal Component Analysis
Measuring the Data Efficiency of Deep Learning Methods
Collecting Indicators of Compromise from Unstructured Text of Cybersecurity Articles using Neural-Based Sequence Labelling
Large Scale Adversarial Representation Learning
Cross-classified multilevel models
A Unified Framework of Online Learning Algorithms for Training Recurrent Neural Networks
Importance of Small Probability Events in Big Data: Information Measures, Applications, and Challenges
Extraction and Analysis of Fictional Character Networks: A Survey
Algorithms of Robust Stochastic Optimization Based on Mirror Descent Method
Prior Activation Distribution (PAD): A Versatile Representation to Utilize DNN Hidden Units
Network Embedding: on Compression and Learning
Genetic Network Architecture Search
Attentive Multi-Task Deep Reinforcement Learning
Multi-lingual Intent Detection and Slot Filling in a Joint BERT-based Model
Visus: An Interactive System for Automatic Machine Learning Model Building and Curation
Hybridized Threshold Clustering for Massive Data
On Inductive Biases in Deep Reinforcement Learning
Improved local search for graph edit distance
An Approximate Bayesian Approach to Surprise-Based Learning
Proceedings of the 11th Asia-Europe Workshop on Concepts in Information Theory
Truly Concurrent Bisimilarities are Game Equivalent
Kolmogorov’s Algorithmic Mutual Information Is Equivalent to Bayes’ Law
IoT evolution towards a super-connected world
Deep Convolutional Compression for Massive MIMO CSI Feedback
Multi-wavelength arbitrary waveform generation through spectro-temporal unitary transformations
A Survey on Spatial Modulation in Emerging Wireless Systems: Research Progresses and Applications
Sequence to Sequence with Attention for Influenza Prevalence Prediction using Google Trends
Benchmarking unsupervised near-duplicate image detection
Improved Bounds for Open Online Dial-a-Ride on the Line
QuPWM: Feature Extraction Method for MEG Epileptic Spike Detection
Deep Personalized Re-targeting
What is the Benefit of Code-domain NOMA in Massive MIMO?
Interpretable Counterfactual Explanations Guided by Prototypes
Predicting e-commerce customer conversion from minimal temporal patterns on symbolized clickstream trajectories
Primate Face Identification in the Wild
Convolutional Neural Network-based Speech Enhancement for Cochlear Implant Recipients
Dominance, Sharing, and Assessment in an Iterated Hawk–Dove Game
Some graft transformations and their applications on distance (signless) Laplacian spectra of graphs
The number of rooted forests in circulant graphs
Exponential Observation Error in Boundary Region
Geometric Moves relate geometric triangulations
Approximate Fictitious Play for Mean Field Games
MatchTheNet — An Educational Game on 3-Dimensional Polytopes
Unsupervised Anomaly Localization using Variational Auto-Encoders
Lattice paths and branched continued fractions. II. Multivariate Lah polynomials and Lah symmetric functions
Pathology GAN: Learning deep representations of cancer tissue
Transfer learning enhanced physics informed neural network for phase-field modeling of fracture
Neural Drum Machine : An Interactive System for Real-time Synthesis of Drum Sounds
Vector Colorings of Random, Ramanujan, and Large-Girth Irregular Graphs
Localization, topology and quantized transport in disordered Floquet systems
Attentive Context Normalization for Robust Permutation-Equivariant Learning
A Survey of Pruning Methods for Efficient Person Re-identification Across Domains
Procedural Generation of Initial States of Sokoban
The Newton integral and the Stirling formula
Integration of the Static Analysis Results Interchange Format in CogniCrypt
A Soft-switched Fast Cell-to-Cell Voltage Equalizer for Electrochemical Energy Storage
DeepAAA: clinically applicable and generalizable detection of abdominal aortic aneurysm using deep learning
Reducing Exploration of Dying Arms in Mortal Bandits
Functorial Approach to Graph and Hypergraph Theory
Random matrices over finite fields: methods and results
Early Detection for Optimal-Latency Communications in Multi-Hop Links
Data-Centric Mixed-Variable Bayesian Optimization For Materials Design
Local tail asymptotics for the joint distribution of length and of maximum of a random walk excursion
Particularities and commonalities of singular spectrum analysis as a method of time series analysis and signal processing
Application of Transfer Learning for Automatic Triage of Social Media Posts
Explaining Predictions from Tree-based Boosting Ensembles
Fair Division through Information Withholding
Interference Management in UAV-assisted Integrated Access and Backhaul Networks
MetaAnalysis of Methods for Scaling Blockchain Technology for Automotive Uses
Ray Tracing Analysis for UAV-assisted Integrated Access and Backhaul Millimeter Wave Networks
A Road-map Towards Explainable Question Answering A Solution for Information Pollution
Adversarial Robustness through Local Linearization
Low-power and Reliable Solid-state Drive with Inverted Limited Weight Coding
A new family of Hadamard matrices of order $4(2q^2+1)$
A characterisation of F_q-conics of PG(2,q^3)
Automated Non-Destructive Inspection of Fused Filament Fabrication Components Using Thermographic Signal Reconstruction
Mild and weak solutions of Mean Field Games problem for linear control systems
A stable discontinuous Galerkin method for linear elastodynamics in geometrically complex media using physics based numerical fluxes
Evaluating the distribution learning capabilities of GANs
The DKU Replay Detection System for the ASVspoof 2019 Challenge: On Data Augmentation, Feature Representation, Classification, and Fusion
Data Encoding for Byzantine-Resilient Distributed Optimization
Blind Image Quality Assessment Using A Deep Bilinear Convolutional Neural Network
Forecasting security’s volatility using low-frequency historical data, high-frequency historical data and option-implied volatility
Strong solutions for jump-type stochastic differential equations with non-Lipschitz coefficients
On the Cost of Concurrency in Hybrid Transactional Memory
Zero-shot Learning for Audio-based Music Classification and Tagging
Discrete Decreasing Minimization, Part III: Network Flows
Practical Approaches Towards Deep-Learning Based Cross-Device Power Side Channel Attack
Homogeneous Dual Ramsey Theorem
On the Convergence Rate of the Quasi- to Stationary Distribution for the Shiryaev–Roberts Diffusion
Networkmetrics unraveled: MBDA in Action
Improving Chemical Named Entity Recognition in Patents with Contextualized Word Embeddings
Head-Driven Phrase Structure Grammar Parsing on Penn Treebank
Optimization of Quantum Circuit Mapping using Gate Transformation and Commutation
Twin Auxiliary Classifiers GAN
Warm-Started Optimized Trajectory Planning for ASVs
A fast method for variable-order space-fractional diffusion equations
A Bi-directional Transformer for Musical Chord Recognition
Spherical Large Intelligent Surfaces
Intelligent social bots uncover the link between user preference and diversity of news consumption
Spatio-Temporal Reconstructions of Global CO2-Fluxes using Gaussian Markov Random Fields
The adaptive Wynn-algorithm in generalized linear models with univariate response
Nesterov’s acceleration and Polyak’s heavy ball method in continuous time: convergence rate analysis under geometric conditions and perturbations
A-priori error analysis of local incremental minimization schemes for rate-independent evolutions
Scalability and Fragility in Bounded-Degree Consensus Networks
C^3 Framework: An Open-source PyTorch Code for Crowd Counting
On even-cycle-free subgraphs of the doubled Johnson graphs
Subspaces intersecting in at most a point
A Spectral Approach to Unsupervised Object Segmentation in Video
Adversarial Learning with Multiscale Features and Kernel Factorization for Retinal Blood Vessel Segmentation
Regularity of symbolic powers of edge ideals of Cameron-Walker graphs
Optimal control of an energy-critical semilinear wave equation in 3D with spatially integrated control constraints
Wireless Federated Distillation for Distributed Edge Learning with Heterogeneous Data
Rational Krylov and ADI iteration for infinite size quasi-Toeplitz matrix equations
Self-Supervised Learning for Cardiac MR Image Segmentation by Anatomical Position Prediction
Exploration of a Cosine Expansion Lattice Scheme
On stable invertibility and global Newton convergence for convex monotonic functions
Distributed User Clustering and Resource Allocation for Imperfect NOMA in Heterogeneous Networks
Analyses of ‘change scores’ do not estimate causal effects in observational data
Data Efficient Unsupervised Domain Adaptation for Cross-Modality Image Segmentation
The $k$-cut model in deterministic and random trees
Optimal Blocklength Allocation towards Reduced Age of Information in Wireless Sensor Networks
A note on optimal $H^1$-error estimates for Crank-Nicolson approximations to the nonlinear Schrödinger equation
A Methodology for Controlling the Emotional Expressiveness in Synthetic Speech — a Deep Learning approach
Degenerative Adversarial NeuroImage Nets: Generating Images that Mimic Disease Progression
Incremental Concept Learning via Online Generative Memory Recall
Double Input Boost/Y-Source DC-DC Converter for Renewable Energy Sources
Interlinking Heterogeneous Data for Smart Energy Systems
On strictly Deza graphs derived from the Berlekamp-van Lint-Seidel graph
PV Source Integrated Micro-Grid for Power Quality Improvement using MPPT Technique
Energy of Computing on Multicore CPUs: Predictive Models and Energy Conservation Law
A quantitative Mc Diarmid’s inequality for geometrically ergodic Markov chains
AI-based evaluation of the SDGs: The case of crop detection with earth observation data
Automatic Differentiation for Adjoint Stencil Loops
Visual Appearance Analysis of Forest Scenes for Monocular SLAM
Stochastic modified equations for symplectic methods applied to rough Hamiltonian systems based on the Wong–Zakai approximation
Regression conditions that characterizes free Poisson and free Kummer non-commutative random variables
Exponential integrators for semi-linear parabolic problems with linear constraints
Risk models for breast cancer and their validation
Geometric criteria for realizability of tensegrities in higher dimensions
Generalization of the Neville-Aitken Interpolation Algorithm on Grassmann Manifolds : Applications to Reduced Order Model
Depth Restoration: A fast low-rank matrix completion via dual-graph regularization
Distilling with Residual Network for Single Image Super Resolution
Geodesic Learning via Unsupervised Decision Forests
Analysis and Optimisation of Distribution Matching for the Nonlinear Fibre Channel
Deep Reinforcement Learning For Modeling Chit-Chat Dialog With Discrete Attributes
Deep Neural Baselines for Computational Paralinguistics
Cardiac MRI Segmentation with Strong Anatomical Guarantees
Anteater: Interactive Visualization for Program Understanding
A new method for determining the filled point of the tooth by Bit-Plane Algorithm
Suitability of an inter-burst detection method for grading hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy in newborn EEG
Generating large labeled data sets for laparoscopic image processing tasks using unpaired image-to-image translation
Design and Characterization of Superconducting Nanowire-Based Processors for Acceleration of Deep Neural Network Training
A Performance Evaluation of Correspondence Grouping Methods for 3D Rigid Data Matching
Identifiability of Graphs with Small Color Classes by the Weisfeiler-Leman Algorithm
Invariant Risk Minimization
RegDem: Increasing GPU Performance via Shared Memory Register Spilling
Preliminary Results in Current Profile Estimation and Doppler-aided Navigation for Autonomous Underwater Gliders
On the Intersection Numbers of Finite Groups
HashGraph — Scalable Hash Tables Using A Sparse Graph Data Structure
A Comparison of Flare Forecasting Methods. II. Benchmarks, Metrics and Performance Results for Operational Solar Flare Forecasting Systems
A Comparison of Flare Forecasting Methods. III. Systematic Behaviors of Operational Solar Flare Forecasting Systems
Weight-space symmetry in deep networks gives rise to permutation saddles, connected by equal-loss valleys across the loss landscape
On Finite Exchangeability and Conditional Independence
Nonuniform Families of Polynomial-Size Quantum Finite Automata and Quantum Logarithmic-Space Computation with Polynomial-Size Advice
A generalized robust optimization approach for right-hand-side uncertainty with application to power dispatch
Hitting Topological Minor Models in Planar Graphs is Fixed Parameter Tractable
Learning macroscopic parameters in nonlinear multiscale simulations using nonlocal multicontinua upscaling techniques
Restart perturbations for lazy, reversible Markov chains: trichotomy and pre-cutoff equivalence
Singularities of optimal time control-affine systems: the limit case
Visualizing Uncertainty and Saliency Maps of Deep Convolutional Neural Networks for Medical Imaging Applications
A Novel Deep Learning Pipeline for Retinal Vessel Detection in Fluorescein Angiography
Relaxation of non-local energies for structured deformations with applications to plasticity
The FACTS of Technology-Assisted Sensitivity Review
Detecting and Diagnosing Adversarial Images with Class-Conditional Capsule Reconstructions
High-throughput Onboard Hyperspectral Image Compression with Ground-based CNN Reconstruction