Understanding Flaky Tests: The Developer’s Perspective
Continuous Integration Theater
Using binary decision diagrams for constraint handling in combinatorial interaction testing
Knowledge Graph Embedding for Ecotoxicological Effect Prediction
Applying Transfer Learning To Deep Learned Models For EEG Analysis
Mathematical Model of Emotional Habituation to Novelty: Modeling with Bayesian Update and Information Theory
Voting-Based Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning
Operationalizing Individual Fairness with Pairwise Fair Representations
Semantic Driven Fielded Entity Retrieval
How we do things with words: Analyzing text as social and cultural data
Themis: Fair and Efficient GPU Cluster Scheduling for Machine Learning Workloads
E-Sports Talent Scouting Based on Multimodal Twitch Stream Data
Quantifying Algorithmic Biases over Time
Canonical Correlation Analysis (CCA) Based Multi-View Learning: An Overview
Towards Interpretable Deep Extreme Multi-label Learning
Statistical Characteristics of Driver Accelerating Behavior and Its Probability Model
Attention routing between capsules
Multi-Task Networks With Universe, Group, and Task Feature Learning
An Axiomatization of the Shapley-Shubik Index for Interval Decisions
A Semantic Approach for User-Brand Targeting in On-Line Social Networks
Structural changes and void generation in low-density amorphous silicon: a computational study
Mixed-Variable Bayesian Optimization
On Global-local Shrinkage Priors for Count Data
Bit Error Probability Instead of Secrecy Rate Criterion to Enhance Performance for Secure Wireless Communication Systems
Sequence Labeling Parsing by Learning Across Representations
On the critical exponent $α$ of the 5D random-field Ising model
Towards Robust Monocular Depth Estimation: Mixing Datasets for Zero-Shot Cross-Dataset Transfer
The Ethical Dilemma when (not) Setting up Cost-based Decision Rules in Semantic Segmentation
Domain Adaptation via Low-Rank Basis Approximation
Directional Wideband Channel Measurements at 28 GHz in an Industrial Environment
Time-optimal path tracking for industrial robot: A model-free reinforcement approach
Predictive Network Control in Multi-Connectivity Mobility for URLLC Services
Covert Communication Using Null Space and 3D Beamforming
Asymptotics of the eigenvalues of the Anderson Hamiltonian with white noise potential in two dimensions
Predicting Retrosynthetic Reaction using Self-Corrected Transformer Neural Networks
Energy mean-payoff games
Pathologist-Level Grading of Prostate Biopsies with Artificial Intelligence
Adapting Stable Matchings to Evolving Preferences
Multi-scale GANs for Memory-efficient Generation of High Resolution Medical Images
Training Auto-encoder-based Optimizers for Terahertz Image Reconstruction
On finitary properties for fiber products of free semigroups and monoids
Approximations of cell-induced phase transitions in fibrous biomaterials: $Γ$-convergence analysis
Are You Doing What I Think You Are Doing? Criticising Uncertain Agent Models
Inverse Problems of Trapped Objects
Identifying vital nodes based on reverse greedy method
CSSegNet: Fine-Grained Cardiac Structures Segmentation Using Dilated Pyramid Pooling in U-net
Quantum Data-Syndrome Codes
A Single Video Super-Resolution GAN for Multiple Downsampling Operators based on Pseudo-Inverse Image Formation Models
Analysis of the Synergy between Modularity and Autonomy in an Artificial Intelligence Based Fleet Competition
A Closest Point Proposal for MCMC-based Probabilistic Surface Registration
Constructing large scale biomedical knowledge bases from scratch with rapid annotation of interpretable patterns
Generalized Random Surfer-Pair Models
Methodology for the Automated Metadata-Based Classification of Incriminating Digital Forensic Artefacts
Enhancing Email Functionality using Late Bound Content
Landmark Assisted CycleGAN for Cartoon Face Generation
Improving Borderline Adulthood Facial Age Estimation through Ensemble Learning
Semi-classical analysis of piecewise quasi-polynomial functions
Where are the Masks: Instance Segmentation with Image-level Supervision
The Yamada-Watanabe Theorem for mild solutions to stochastic partial differential equations
An End-to-End Neural Network for Image Cropping by Learning Composition from Aesthetic Photos
Tight Sensitivity Bounds For Smaller Coresets
Compact embeddings for spaces of forward rate curves
Formalizing the Solution to the Cap Set Problem
The Itô integral with respect to an infinite dimensional Lévy process: A series approach
Attribute-Driven Spontaneous Motion in Unpaired Image Translation
Multiple competition based FDR control
Coexistence of 11.2Tb/s Carrier-Grade Classical Channels and a DV-QKD Channel over a 7-Core Multicore Fibre
Reproducibility in Machine Learning for Health
The carry propagation of the successor function
Augmenting Self-attention with Persistent Memory
Generalizing from a few environments in safety-critical reinforcement learning
Obj-GloVe: Scene-Based Contextual Object Embedding
Analytic and directional wavelet packets in the space of periodic signals
HO-3D: A Multi-User, Multi-Object Dataset for Joint 3D Hand-Object Pose Estimation
An innovative adaptive kriging approach for efficient binary classification of mechanical problems
Rethinking Continual Learning for Autonomous Agents and Robots
Interference Avoidance Position Planning in Dual-hop and Multi-hop UAV Relay Networks
Kerr Frequency combs and dissipative Kerr solitons in non-linear coupled-cavity waveguides
Isomorphism Problem for $S_d$-graphs
Seismic data denoising and deblending using deep learning
Best k-layer neural network approximations
Penalized Variable Selection in Multi-Parameter Regression Survival Modelling
‘Machine LLRning’: Learning to Softly Demodulate
Experimental Demonstration of Eight-dimensional Modulation Formats for Long-haul Optical Transmission
2D Anisotropic KPZ at stationarity: scaling, tightness and non triviality
What, When and Where of petitions submitted to the UK Government during a time of chaos
Taint analysis of the Bitcoin network
The use of the fractal Brouers-Sotolongo formalism to analyze the kinetics of drug release
A Column Generation Approach to the Discrete Barycenter Problem
Efficient Algorithms for Smooth Minimax Optimization
On the structure of modules over walled Brauer algebra via normal form and random walks
Learning algebraic decompositions using Prony structures
Topological states on fractal lattices
A hp-adaptive discontinuous Galerkin solver for elliptic equations in numerical relativity
Election predictions are arbitrage-free: response to Taleb
The Information Processing Factory: Organization, Terminology, and Definitions
Covering graphs with convex sets and partitioning graphs into convex sets
Minimum Power to Maintain a Nonequilibrium Distribution of a Markov Chain
Protecting Privacy of Users in Brain-Computer Interface Applications
Hyper-Molecules: on the Representation and Recovery of Dynamical Structures, with Application to Flexible Macro-Molecular Structures in Cryo-EM
Combating the Filter Bubble: Designing for Serendipity in a University Course Recommendation System
Geolocation of Multiple Noncooperative Emitters Using Received Signal Strength: Sparsity, Resolution, and Detectability
Bounded Displacement Non-Equivalence In Substitution Tilings
Multi-object Tracking in Unknown Detection Probability with the PMBM Filter
Approximate Similarity Search Under Edit Distance Using Locality-Sensitive Hashing
The Derrida–Retaux conjecture on recursive models
Minimizing the number of copies of $K_r$ in an $F$-saturated graph
Limits of Sparse Configuration Models and Beyond: Graphexes and Multi-Graphexes
MIDI-Sandwich: Multi-model Multi-task Hierarchical Conditional VAE-GAN networks for Symbolic Single-track Music Generation
Intermittency of dynamical phases in a quantum spin glass
CS563-QA: A Collection for Evaluating Question Answering Systems
A correction to Kallenberg’s theorem for jointly exchangeable random measures
Learning from satisfying assignments under continuous distributions
Introducing Astrocytes on a Neuromorphic Processor: Synchronization, Local Plasticity and Edge of Chaos
Evolving the Hearthstone Meta
Efficient Circuit Simulation in MapReduce
Rule Applicability on RDF Triplestore Schemas
Computing k-Modal Embeddings of Planar Digraphs
Cache-Friendly Search Trees; or, In Which Everything Beats std::set
Generative Models for Automatic Chemical Design
Estimation of Absolute States of Human Skeletal Muscle via Standard B-Mode Ultrasound Imaging and Deep Convolutional Neural Networks
MimosaNet: An Unrobust Neural Network Preventing Model Stealing
Selecting the independent coordinates of manifolds with large aspect ratios
Enhanced interaction effects in the vicinity of the topological transition
Adjustment Criteria for Recovering Causal Effects from Missing Data
Automated Detection and Type Classification of Central Venous Catheters in Chest X-Rays
Dynamics-Aware Unsupervised Discovery of Skills
A flexible EM-like clustering algorithm for noisy data
Graph Neural Network for Interpreting Task-fMRI Biomarkers
Learning graph-structured data using Poincaré embeddings and Riemannian K-means algorithms
Data mining Mandarin tone contour shapes
MultiWOZ 2.1: Multi-Domain Dialogue State Corrections and State Tracking Baselines
Double Cross Validation for the Number of Factors in Approximate Factor Models
Causal models on probability spaces
Machine Learning based Prediction of Hierarchical Classification of Transposable Elements
Scalable Multi Corpora Neural Language Models for ASR
The Role of Memory in Stochastic Optimization
Gradient flow formulations of discrete and continuous evolutionary models: a unifying perspective
On Conflicting and Conflicting Values
SkeletonNet: Shape Pixel to Skeleton Pixel
Solvents based model reduction of linear systems
Voting Rules that are Unbiased but not Transitive-Symmetric
Time analyticity for the heat equation and Navier-Stokes equations
Serial Quantization for Representing Sparse Signals
On the Privacy of dK-Random Graphs
A Semi-Supervised Framework for Automatic Pixel-Wise Breast Cancer Grading of Histological Images
Recommendations on Designing Practical Interval Type-2 Fuzzy Systems
HyperNOMAD: Hyperparameter optimization of deep neural networks using mesh adaptive direct search
Shortest Reconfiguration of Perfect Matchings via Alternating Cycles
Time Series Anomaly Detection with Variational Autoencoders
Don’t take it lightly: Phasing optical random projections with unknown operators
Graph Embeddings at Scale
On Adaptivity Gaps of Influence Maximization under the Independent Cascade Model with Full Adoption Feedback
A fourth-order compact solver for fractional-in-time fourth-order diffusion equations
Compositional Structure Learning for Sequential Video Data
Mask Embedding in conditional GAN for Guided Synthesis of High Resolution Images
Asymptotic Preserving and Low Mach Number Accurate IMEX Finite Volume Schemes for the Euler Equations
A Deep Image Compression Framework for Face Recognition
Sparse High-Dimensional Isotonic Regression
Unsupervised Anomalous Trajectory Detection for Crowded Scenes
Clique immersions and independence number
Quickly Finding the Best Linear Model in High Dimensions
AMI-Net+: A Novel Multi-Instance Neural Network for Medical Diagnosis from Incomplete and Imbalanced Data
A Bayesian Semiparametric Gaussian Copula Approach to a Multivariate Normality Test
A Stable Boundary Integral Formulation of an Acoustic Wave Transmission Problem with Mixed Boundary Conditions
Solving Partial Assignment Problems using Random Clique Complexes
Supervised Classifiers for Audio Impairments with Noisy Labels
Deep Attentive Features for Prostate Segmentation in 3D Transrectal Ultrasound
Region-Manipulated Fusion Networks for Pancreatitis Recognition
Generalized Assignment via Submodular Optimization with Reserved Capacity
Polyphone Disambiguation for Mandarin Chinese Using Conditional Neural Network with Multi-level Embedding Features
On the Weaknesses of Reinforcement Learning for Neural Machine Translation
Gathering Cyber Threat Intelligence from Twitter Using Novelty Classification
Cramér type moderate deviations for stationary sequences of bounded random variables
Deviation inequalities for separately Lipschitz functionals of composition of random functions
Calibration of fisheye camera using entrance pupil
Algorithms for Competitive Division of Chores
The Geometry of Sparse Analysis Regularization
Globally Convergent Newton Methods for Ill-conditioned Generalized Self-concordant Losses
Accelerating Deconvolution on Unmodified CNN Accelerators for Generative Adversarial Networks — A Software Approach
Estimating a probability of failure with the convex order in computer experiments
Contact line advection using the geometrical Volume-of-Fluid method
Towards Velocity Turnpikes in Optimal Control of Mechanical Systems
An adiabatic quantum algorithm for the Frobenius problem
BPX preconditioners for isogeometric analysis using analysis-suitable T-splines
An efficient gradient method with approximately optimal stepsize based on cubic regularization model for large-scale unconstrained optimization
Koalja: from Data Plumbing to Smart Workspaces in the Extended Cloud
Equivalent Circuit Model Recognition of Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy via Machine Learning
The Receptive Field as a Regularizer in Deep Convolutional Neural Networks for Acoustic Scene Classification
Tracking system of Mine Patrol Robot for Low Illumination Environment
An Energy-Efficient Mixed-Signal Parallel Multiply-Accumulate (MAC) Engine Based on Stochastic Computing
A Case Study of Deep-Learned Activations via Hand-Crafted Audio Features
Recurrent network classifier for ultrafast skyrmion dynamics
Circular Pattern Matching with $k$ Mismatches
A Simple Evaluation for the Secrecy Outage Probability Over Generalized-K Fading Channels
Super-Resolution of PROBA-V Images Using Convolutional Neural Networks
Spectral gaps, symmetries and log-concave perturbations
Cover Detection using Dominant Melody Embeddings
Cascade Attention Guided Residue Learning GAN for Cross-Modal Translation
Weak Limits of Random Coefficient Autoregressive Processes and their Application in Ruin Theory
GeoPrune: Efficiently Finding Shareable Vehicles Based on Geometric Properties