Machine Learning Software Engineering in Practice: An Industrial Case Study
SAVIOR: Towards Bug-Driven Hybrid Testing
Reputation Systems — Fair allocation of points to the editors in the collaborative community
Hierarchical Soft Actor-Critic: Adversarial Exploration via Mutual Information Optimization
CheckNet: Secure Inference on Untrusted Devices
Hardware Aware Neural Network Architectures using FbNet
Barack’s Wife Hillary: Using Knowledge-Graphs for Fact-Aware Language Modeling
Iterative Model-Based Reinforcement Learning Using Simulations in the Differentiable Neural Computer
PACMAN: A Planner-Actor-Critic Architecture for Human-Centered Planning and Learning
Neurally-Guided Structure Inference
Losing Confidence in Quality: Unspoken Evolution of Computer Vision Services
Measuring Bias in Contextualized Word Representations
Knowledge Network System (KNS) by Evolutionary Collective Intelligence (ECI): Model, Algorithm and Applications
vGraph: A Generative Model for Joint Community Detection and Node Representation Learning
Uncovering Probabilistic Implications in Typological Knowledge Bases
Locality Preserving Joint Transfer for Domain Adaptation
The Dynamics of Handwriting Improves the Automated Diagnosis of Dysgraphia
A Comprehensive Self-interference Model for Single-antenna Full-duplex Communication Systems
Recovering low-rank structure from multiple networks with unknown edge distributions
Enforcing temporal consistency in Deep Learning segmentation of brain MR images
Trans-Sense: Real Time Transportation Schedule Estimation Using Smart Phones
Learn to Sense: a Meta-learning Based Sensing and Fusion Framework for Wireless Sensor Networks
Agriculture Commodity Arrival Prediction using Remote Sensing Data: Insights and Beyond
A Communication-less Protection Strategy to Ensure Protection Coordination of Distribution Networks with Embedded DG
Train-borne Localization Exploiting Track-Geometry Constraints — A Practical Evaluation
MQTTg: An Android Implementation
Single-Channel Signal Separation and Deconvolution with Generative Adversarial Networks
LIDAR-Assisted Exact Output Regulation for Load Mitigation in Wind Turbines
High Speed and High Dynamic Range Video with an Event Camera
On the needs for MaaS platforms to handle competition in ridesharing mobility
Yoga-Veganism: Correlation Mining of Twitter Health Data
Control of chaotic systems by Deep Reinforcement Learning
The limiting distribution of the hook length of a randomly chosen cell in a random Young diagram
Quantifying Dismantlement in Disconnected Networks
Quantized Three-Ion-Channel Neuron Model for Neural Action Potentials
Equivariant neural networks and equivarification
Semigroup properties of solutions of SDEs driven by L{é}vy processes with independent coordinates
Wrist02 — Reliable Peripheral Oxygen Saturation Readings from Wrist-Worn Pulse Oximeters
PolSAR Image Classification based on Polarimetric Scattering Coding and Sparse Support Matrix Machine
(f)RFCDE: Random Forests for Conditional Density Estimation and Functional Data
Throttling adversaries on trees
An Attention-Guided Deep Regression Model for Landmark Detection in Cephalograms
Multiple Analyses, Requirements Once: simplifying testing & verification in automotive model-based development
Eye Gaze Metrics and Analysis of AOI for Indexing Working Memory towards Predicting ADHD
Time-dependent Hamiltonian simulation with $L^1$-norm scaling
On the Locally Lipschitz Robustness of Bayesian Inverse Problems
Replacing the do-calculus with Bayes rule
A Global Solution Method for Decentralized Multi-Area SCUC and Savings Allocation Based on MILP Value Functions
Explicit and compact representations for the Green’s function and the Solution of Linear Difference Equations with variable coefficients
Avoiding Reasoning Shortcuts: Adversarial Evaluation, Training, and Model Development for Multi-Hop QA
Active Generative Adversarial Network for Image Classification
A Bayesian Solution to the M-Bias Problem
Machine-Assisted Map Editing
A Dynamic Game Approach to Strategic Design of Secure and Resilient Infrastructure Network
Modeling Music Modality with a Key-Class Invariant Pitch Chroma CNN
Efficient computation of the cumulative distribution function of a linear mixture of independent random variables
A high-order compact finite difference scheme and precise integration method based on modified Hopf-Cole transformation for numerical simulation of n-dimensional Burgers’ system
Adversarial attacks on Copyright Detection Systems
MMDetection: Open MMLab Detection Toolbox and Benchmark
Finding Your Voice: The Linguistic Development of Mental Health Counselors
Visual Navigation by Generating Next Expected Observations
Brain Maturation Study during Adolescence Using Graph Laplacian Learning Based Fourier Transform
Efficient IMEX Runge-Kutta methods for nonhydrostatic dynamics
Constrained Decoding for Neural NLG from Compositional Representations in Task-Oriented Dialogue
On linear convergence of two decentralized algorithms
The domino shuffling algorithm and Anisotropic KPZ stochastic growth
Combining Adversarial Training and Disentangled Speech Representation for Robust Zero-Resource Subword Modeling
Improving Unsupervised Subword Modeling via Disentangled Speech Representation Learning and Transformation
Learning Execution through Neural Code Fusion
Effect of Load Path on Parameter Identification for Plasticity Models using Bayesian Methods
An IoT Based Framework For Activity Recognition Using Deep Learning Technique
Pose Guided Fashion Image Synthesis Using Deep Generative Model
Online Matrix Completion with Side Information
On the Existence of Pareto Efficient and Envy Free Allocations
Content-aware Density Map for Crowd Counting and Density Estimation
Concentration of Markov chains with bounded moments
Uncertainty quantification of modified Cahn-Hilliard equation for image inpainting
Bijective proofs of shuffle compatibility results
Noncommutative rational Pólya series
Using Discriminative Methods to Learn Fashion Compatibility Across Datasets
Limit law for the cover time of a random walk on a binary tree
Bayesian Optimization with Binary Auxiliary Information
A Structured Distributional Model of Sentence Meaning and Processing
The Cells Out of Sample (COOS) dataset and benchmarks for measuring out-of-sample generalization of image classifiers
Tabula nearly rasa: Probing the Linguistic Knowledge of Character-Level Neural Language Models Trained on Unsegmented Text
Generalizing Back-Translation in Neural Machine Translation
rna2rna: Predicting lncRNA-microRNA-mRNA Interactions from Sequence with Integration of Interactome and Biological Annotation Data
Millimeter Wave Channel Recommendation System Aided by Tensor Completion
Error Correcting Algorithms for Sparsely Correlated Regressors
Template Independent Component Analysis: Targeted and Reliable Estimation of Subject-level Brain Networks using Big Data Population Priors
4D CNN for semantic segmentation of cardiac volumetric sequences
Lower Bounds and Conditioning of Differentiable Games
Towards Transfer Learning for End-to-End Speech Synthesis from Deep Pre-Trained Language Models
Local Nondeterminism and the Exact Modulus of Continuity for Stochastic Wave Equation
Counting numerical semigroups by genus and even gaps via Kunz-coordinate vectors
MultiCloud Resource Management using Apache Mesos with Apache Airavata
Fast Converging and Robust Optimal Path Selection in Continuous-time Markov-switching GARCH Model
Evolutionary Reinforcement Learning for Sample-Efficient Multiagent Coordination
DeepView: View Synthesis with Learned Gradient Descent
Margin Matters: Towards More Discriminative Deep Neural Network Embeddings for Speaker Recognition
Deep Active Learning for Anchor User Prediction
Deep Xi as a Front-End for Robust Automatic Speech Recognition
A discrete-time single-server Poisson queueing game: Equilibria simulated by an agent-based model
Boosting CNN beyond Label in Inverse Problems
A Dual-level Model Predictive Control Scheme for Multi-timescale Dynamical Systems
A primal-dual weak Galerkin finite element method for first-order transport problems
Learning Personalized Attribute Preference via Multi-task AUC Optimization
Arbitrarily high-order energy-preserving schemes for the Camassa-Holm equation
Language as an Abstraction for Hierarchical Deep Reinforcement Learning
Energy Efficiency Maximization for Full-Duplex UAV Secrecy Communication
Cardiac Segmentation from LGE MRI Using Deep Neural Network Incorporating Shape and Spatial Priors
Zero-Shot Entity Linking by Reading Entity Descriptions
L1-ROC and R2-ROC: L1- and R2-based Reduced Over-Collocation methods for parametrized nonlinear partial differential equations
Escaping from saddle points on Riemannian manifolds
Neural Multi-Scale Self-Supervised Registration for Echocardiogram Dense Tracking
On the Tractability of Public Persuasion with No Externalities
A Novel Feature Representation for Single-Channel Heartbeat Classification based on Adaptive Fourier Decomposition
Consecutive patterns in inversion sequences II: avoiding patterns of relations
Globally simple integer Heffter arrays $H(n,4p)$ and $H(n,4p+3)$
A sparse annotation strategy based on attention-guided active learning for 3D medical image segmentation
Characterization of subgroup perfect codes in Cayley graphs
Neural Illumination: Lighting Prediction for Indoor Environments
Learning to Plan Hierarchically from Curriculum
RIDM: Reinforced Inverse Dynamics Modeling for Learning from a Single Observed Demonstration
Scenario Forecasting of Residential Load Profiles
Sample-efficient Adversarial Imitation Learning from Observation
DISCO: Influence Maximization Meets Network Embedding and Deep Learning
Maximizing Overall Diversity for Improved Uncertainty Estimates in Deep Ensembles
Curriculum Learning Strategies for Hindi-English Codemixed Sentiment Analysis
A Conditional Random Field Model for Context Aware Cloud Detection in Sky Images
Special hypergeometric motives and their $L$-functions: Asai recognition
Parallel Random Block-Coordinate Forward-Backward Algorithm: A Unified Convergence Analysis
An Efficient Structural Descriptor Sequence to Identify Graph Isomorphism and Graph Automorphism
Model selection for high-dimensional linear regression with dependent observations
Inner Product Oracle can Estimate and Sample
The Multiplicative Noise in Stochastic Gradient Descent: Data-Dependent Regularization, Continuous and Discrete Approximation
TitAnt: Online Real-time Transaction Fraud Detection in Ant Financial
Evaluation Pattern on Refugee Crisis
Active Scene Understanding via Online Semantic Reconstruction
Learning Imbalanced Datasets with Label-Distribution-Aware Margin Loss
A Unified Speaker Adaptation Method for Speech Synthesis using Transcribed and Untranscribed Speech with Backpropagation
Target Encirclement with any Smooth Pattern Using Range-only Measurements
Curvature effects on the empirical mean in Riemannian and affine Manifolds: a non-asymptotic high concentration expansion in the small-sample regime
Crystals, semistandard tableaux and cyclic sieving phenomenon
Using colorization as a tool for automatic makeup suggestion
Balakrishnan Alpha Skew Normal Distribution: Properties and Applications
Modeling Semantic Relationship in Multi-turn Conversations with Hierarchical Latent Variables
Rooting for phylogenetic networks
Glassy dynamics on networks: local spectra and return probabilities
Performance Analysis of QAM-MPPM in Turbulence-Free FSO Channels: Accurate Derivations and Practical Approximations
Inverting Deep Generative models, One layer at a time
Asymptotic performance of metacyclic codes
20 Years of Mobility Modeling & Prediction: Trends, Shortcomings & Perspectives
Kuramoto models on Riemannian manifolds: Multiply connected implies multistable
Symmetries and isomorphisms for privacy in control over the cloud
Enumeration of associative magic squares of order 7
A twin error gauge for Kaczmarz’s iterations
The Workflow Trace Archive: Open-Access Data from Public and Private Computing Infrastructures — Technical Report
Bicameral Structuring and Synthetic Imagery for Jointly Predicting Instance Boundaries and Nearby Occlusions from a Single Image
A One-step Pruning-recovery Framework for Acceleration of Convolutional Neural Networks
Multiscale cross–correlations and triangular arbitrage opportunities in the Forex
Chemotaxis Based Virtual Fence for Swarm Robots in Unbounded Environments
Options of Different Rescue Periods on Transport Tools
Deep Learning Enhanced Extended Depth-of-Field for Thick Blood-Film Malaria High-Throughput Microscopy
A Partially Learned Algorithm for Joint Photoacoustic Reconstruction and Segmentation
Prediction properties of optimum response surface designs
Data-Driven Malaria Prevalence Prediction in Large Densely-Populated Urban Holoendemic sub-Saharan West Africa: Harnessing Machine Learning Approaches and 22-years of Prospectively Collected Data
A Model-Based General Alternative to the Standardised Precipitation Index
Subsumption-driven clause learning with DPLL+restarts
From Facility to Application Sensor Data: Modular, Continuous and Holistic Monitoring with DCDB
Attention Guided Graph Convolutional Networks for Relation Extraction
Extended Plugin Densities for Curved Exponential Families
Robust Reinforcement Learning for Continuous Control with Model Misspecification
Multi-Graph Decoding for Code-Switching ASR
Blending the New Statistics with Mixture Modeling — A ROPE-based single-block Gibbs sampler for Bayesian t-tests
Mimicking Human Process: Text Representation via Latent Semantic Clustering for Classification
Some $n$-space $q$-binomial theorem extensions and similar identities
Impoved RPN for Single Targets Detection based on the Anchor Mask Net
Prune and Replace NAS
Unsupervised machine learning to analyse city logistics through Twitter