Time warping invariants of multidimensional time series
Scalable Syntax-Aware Language Models Using Knowledge Distillation
Can neural networks understand monotonicity reasoning?
Dimension Reduction and Kernel Principal Component Analysis
Linear Aggregation in Tree-based Estimators
Non parametric estimation of Joint entropy and Shannon mutual information, Asymptotic limits: Application to statistic tests
Attributed Graph Clustering: A Deep Attentional Embedding Approach
A Books Recommendation Approach Based on Online Bookstore Data
Mask Based Unsupervised Content Transfer
LioNets: Local Interpretation of Neural Networks through Penultimate Layer Decoding
Technical Report: Optimizing Human Involvement for Entity Matching and Consolidation
Injecting Prior Knowledge for Transfer Learning into Reinforcement Learning Algorithms using Logic Tensor Networks
Adaptive Variable Selection for Sequential Prediction in Multivariate Dynamic Models
Linear regression with stationary errors : the R package slm
Query and Resource Optimizations: A Case for Breaking the Wall in Big Data Systems
Conditional Computation for Continual Learning
Measurement-based Online Available Bandwidth Estimation employing Reinforcement Learning
HTDet: A Clustering Method using Information Entropy for Hardware Trojan Detection
DeepFloat: Resource-Efficient Dynamic Management of Vehicular Floating Content
Neural network identifiability for a family of sigmoidal nonlinearities
Action-Sensitive Phonological Dependencies
Distributed Intelligent Illumination Control in the Context of Probabilistic Graphical Models
Correlating Twitter Language with Community-Level Health Outcomes
Multi-type Resource Allocation with Partial Preferences
An IR-based Approach Towards Automated Integration of Geo-spatial Datasets in Map-based Software Systems
IITP at MEDIQA 2019: Systems Report for Natural Language Inference, Question Entailment and Question Answering
Improving Multi-turn Dialogue Modelling with Utterance ReWriter
Trimmed Action Recognition, Dense-Captioning Events in Videos, and Spatio-temporal Action Localization with Focus on ActivityNet Challenge 2019
Poisson limit for the number of cycles in a random permutation and the number of segregating sites
MPEG-2 Prediction Residue Analysis
Attention-based Modeling for Emotion Detection and Classification in Textual Conversations
Realistic Speech-Driven Facial Animation with GANs
On the Computational Power of RNNs
Duality in finite element exterior calculus and Hodge duality on the sphere
Data-Driven Machine Learning Techniques for Self-healing in Cellular Wireless Networks: Challenges and Solutions
Bounds of Regularity of Quadratic Monomial Ideals
Posterior Average Effects
Online Allocation and Pricing: Constant Regret via Bellman Inequalities
Comparison of Diverse Decoding Methods from Conditional Language Models
Predicting Choice with Set-Dependent Aggregation
Supracentrality Analysis of Temporal Networks with Directed Interlayer Coupling
Constant coefficient Laurent biorthogonal polynomials, Riordan arrays and moment sequences
On the halves of a Riordan array and their antecedents
An efficient Lagrangian-based heuristic to solve a multi-objective sustainable supply chain problem
Time Synchronization in 5G Wireless Edge: Requirements and Solutions for Critical-MTC
Automatic Relevance Determination Bayesian Neural Networks for Credit Card Default Modelling
Long-run risk sensitive dyadic impulse control
A/B Testing Measurement Framework for Recommendation Models Based on Expected Revenue
Instance Segmentation with Point Supervision
A Unified Framework of Robust Submodular Optimization
Personalized Apprenticeship Learning from Heterogeneous Decision-Makers
Amortized Bethe Free Energy Minimization for Learning MRFs
Clifford Gate Optimisation and T Gate Scheduling: Using Queueing Models for Topological Assemblies
‘My Way of Telling a Story’: Persona based Grounded Story Generation
Release early, release often, and watch your users’ emotions
Box-ball system: soliton and tree decomposition of excursions
Signatures in Shape Analysis: an Efficient Approach to Motion Identification
Optimal orthogonal approximations to symmetric tensors cannot always be chosen symmetric
On Bandwidth Constrained Distributed Detection of a Deterministic Signal in Correlated Noise
Cellular Memristive-Output Reservoir (CMOR)
Nonreciprocal Yagi-Uda Filtering Antennas
Learning Correlated Latent Representations with Adaptive Priors
Self-Stabilizing Snapshot Objects for Asynchronous Fail-Prone Network Systems
Enhanced Input Modeling for Construction Simulation using Bayesian Deep Neural Networks
Fixing the train-test resolution discrepancy
Principled Frameworks for Evaluating Ethics in NLP Systems
Deep Recurrent Adversarial Learning for Privacy-Preserving Smart Meter Data Release
User Curated Shaping of Expressive Performances
Multi-Adversarial Variational Autoencoder Networks
A New Family of Tractable Ising Models
Linear-time Hierarchical Community Detection
A feasibility pump algorithm embedded in an annealing framework
A multi-layered blockchain framework for smart mobility data-markets
Towards Empathetic Planning
A Strategy for Expert Recommendation From Open Data Available on the Lattes Platform
Detecting Bias with Generative Counterfactual Face Attribute Augmentation
High-Performance Deep Learning via a Single Building Block
Tagged Back-Translation
Efficient Neural Network Approaches for Leather Defect Classification
Robust or Private? Adversarial Training Makes Models More Vulnerable to Privacy Attacks
Constructions and necessities of some permutation polynomials
Braided dendriform and tridendriform algebras and braided Hopf algebras of planar trees
Efficient predicate invention using shared ‘NeMuS’
Functional inequalities for marked point processes
On Gupta’s Co-density Conjecture
Probabilistic Diffusion MRI Fiber Tracking Using a Directed Acyclic Graph Auto-Regressive Model of Positive Definite Matrices
Angular memory effect of transmission eigenchannels
Post-disaster Repair Scheduling in Partially Automated Electricity Distribution Networks
An Exact and Fast CBCT Reconstruction via Pseudo-Polar Fourier Transform based Discrete Grangeat’s Formula
Physical Integrity Attack Detection of Surveillance Camera with Deep Learning Based Video Frame Interpolation
Speeding up VP9 Intra Encoder with Hierarchical Deep Learning Based Partition Prediction
Calibration of Local-Stochastic Volatility Models by Optimal Transport
RECAL: Reuse of Established CNN classifer Apropos unsupervised Learning paradigm
A Hierarchical Attention Based Seq2seq Model for Chinese Lyrics Generation
The super-connectivity of Johnson graphs
A Secure Consensus Protocol for Sidechains
A formal approach for customization of schema.org based on SHACL
A weakly supervised sequence tagging and grammar induction approach to semantic frame slot filling
Improving temporal action proposal generation by using high performance computing
Incomplete Iterative Solution of the Subdiffusion Problem
Global optimization via inverse distance weighting
Accelerating Concurrent Heap on GPUs
Mixed projection- and density-based topology optimization with applications to structural assemblies
From Incomplete, Dynamic Data to Bayesian Networks
VRED: A Position-Velocity Recurrent Encoder-Decoder for Human Motion Prediction
Exploiting Physical Contacts for Robustness Improvement of a Dot-Painting Mission by a Micro Air Vehicle
Volumetric Isosurface Rendering with Deep Learning-Based Super-Resolution
Delving into 3D Action Anticipation from Streaming Videos
Second order multi-object filtering with target interaction using determinantal point processes
Uplink Non-Orthogonal Multiple Access for UAV Communications
Relevance Feedback with Latent Variables in Riemann spaces
lpdensity: Local Polynomial Density Estimation and Inference
Media Environment, Dual Process and Polarization: A Computational Approach
Tightness and Line Ensembles for Brownian Polymers under Geometric Area Tilts
On the quantum symmetry of distance-transitive graphs
MV-C3D: A Spatial Correlated Multi-View 3D Convolutional Neural Networks
PREStO: A Systematic Framework for Blockchain Consensus Protocols
Image-based 3D Object Reconstruction: State-of-the-Art and Trends in the Deep Learning Era
On the limiting law of the length of the longest common and increasing subsequences in random words with arbitrary distributions
Interactive health communication and the construction of the identity of the person with low vision in social media
Towards Integration of Statistical Hypothesis Tests into Deep Neural Networks
Modeling Consonance and its Relationships with Temperament, Harmony, and Electronic Amplification
Multiple learning mechanisms promote cooperation in public goods games with project selection
Star Coloring of the Cartesian Product of Cycles
An End-to-End Block Autoencoder For Physical Layer Based On Neural Networks
Deep Set Prediction Networks
Single Image Super-resolution via Dense Blended Attention Generative Adversarial Network for Clinical Diagnosis
Large Intelligent Surface/Antennas (LISA): Making Reflective Radios Smart
EXTD: Extremely Tiny Face Detector via Iterative Filter Reuse
Practical User Feedback-driven Internal Search Using Online Learning to Rank
A Computational-Hermeneutic Approach for Conceptual Explicitation
Time-Fractional Allen-Cahn Equations: Analysis and Numerical Methods
Reinforcement Learning with Non-uniform State Representations for Adaptive Search
Reconciling Utility and Membership Privacy via Knowledge Distillation
Plane Sweep Algorithms for Data Collection in Wireless Sensor Network using Mobile Sink
Context is Key: Grammatical Error Detection with Contextual Word Representations
The True Sample Complexity of Identifying Good Arms
Learning Restricted Boltzmann Machines with Arbitrary External Fields
IMP: Instance Mask Projection for High Accuracy Semantic Segmentation of Things
A Statistical View on Synthetic Aperture Imaging for Occlusion Removal
4D X-Ray CT Reconstruction using Multi-Slice Fusion
An Overview of In-memory Processing with Emerging Non-volatile Memory for Data-intensive Applications
Multi-Hop Paragraph Retrieval for Open-Domain Question Answering
A parametrized Poincare-Hopf Theorem and Clique Cardinalities of graphs
Learning in Cournot Games with Limited Information Feedback
The Price of Local Fairness in Multistage Selection
The Anatomy of Requirements
Detecting new signals under background mismodelling
A Wong-Zakai theorem for mass critical NLS
Social Cost Guarantees in Smart Route Guidance
DeepMOT: A Differentiable Framework for Training Multiple Object Trackers
Generating Diverse and Informative Natural Language Fashion Feedback
Joint Visual-Textual Embedding for Multimodal Style Search
Achieving Conservation of Energy in Neural Network Emulators for Climate Modeling
PET/CT Radiomic Sequencer for Prediction of EGFR and KRAS Mutation Status in NSCLC Patients
Model Compression by Entropy Penalized Reparameterization
REMAP: Multi-layer entropy-guided pooling of dense CNN features for image retrieval
Uncovering Why Deep Neural Networks Lack Robustness: Representation Metrics that Link to Adversarial Attacks
Robust Federated Learning in a Heterogeneous Environment
Image Captioning with Integrated Bottom-Up and Multi-level Residual Top-Down Attention for Game Scene Understanding
Mixture separability loss in a deep convolutional network for image classification
On stabilizer-free weak Galerkin finite element methods on polytopal meshes
A Closer Look at Double Backpropagation
Reinforcement Learning Driven Heuristic Optimization
Finding optimal solutions by stochastic cellular automata
Sample Size Calculations for SMARTs
A Clark-Ocone type formula via Ito calculus and its application to finance
Density Evolution Analysis of Partially Information Coupled Turbo Codes on the Erasure Channel
Lattice Coding for Downlink Multiuser Transmission
Staggered DG method for coupling of the Stokes and Darcy-Forchheimer problems
Decoupling PDE Computation with Intrinsic or Inertial Robin Interface Condition
Characterization of the norm-based robust solutions in vector optimization
Hypergraphs without exponents
Solution of Two-Player Zero-Sum Game by Successive Relaxation
QSPR analysis of some novel neighborhood degree based topological descriptors
Sampler for Composition Ratio by Markov Chain Monte Carlo
On the Properties of the Synthetic Control Estimator with Many Periods and Many Controls
Dealing with the database variability problem in learning from medical data: an ensemble-based approach using convolutional neural networks and a case of study applied to automatic sleep scoring
AI Ethics — Too Principled to Fail?
One Epoch Is All You Need