TensorNetwork for Machine Learning
Sentiment analysis is not solved! Assessing and probing sentiment classification
Layered SGD: A Decentralized and Synchronous SGD Algorithm for Scalable Deep Neural Network Training
A complete language for faceted dataflow programs
Embedding Biomedical Ontologies by Jointly Encoding Network Structure and Textual Node Descriptors
Temporal Transformer Networks: Joint Learning of Invariant and Discriminative Time Warping
Scalable Knowledge Graph Construction from Twitter
Fusion vectors: Embedding Graph Fusions for Efficient Unsupervised Rank Aggregation
Divide and Conquer: Leveraging Intermediate Feature Representations for Quantized Training of Neural Networks
A Survey on Deep Learning Architectures for Image-based Depth Reconstruction
Anomaly Detection with HMM Gauge Likelihood Analysis
A Simple and Effective Approach to Automatic Post-Editing with Transfer Learning
Empirical study of extreme overfitting points of neural networks
Augmenting Neural Networks with First-order Logic
Eclipse: Generalizing kNN and Skyline
On Embedding De Bruijn Sequences by Increasing the Alphabet Size
A new data fitting method for stretched Gaussian noise: stretched least square method
FPScreen: A Rapid Similarity Search Tool for Massive Molecular Library Based on Molecular Fingerprint Comparison
On the Effect of Word Order on Cross-lingual Sentiment Analysis
Gradient Descent Maximizes the Margin of Homogeneous Neural Networks
Stochastic PDEs for large portfolios with general mean-reverting volatility processes
Stability of Talagrand’s Gaussian transport-entropy inequality via the Föllmer process
Meaning to Form: Measuring Systematicity as Information
Perfect matchings and derangements on graphs
Stand-Alone Self-Attention in Vision Models
A Variational Autoencoder for Probabilistic Non-Negative Matrix Factorisation
Recurrent Neural Processes
Link Dimension and Exact Construction of a Graph
A Comprehensive Survey of Navigation Systems for the Visual Impaired
Comparison of Methods for the Assessment of Nonlinearity in Short-Term Heart Rate Variability under different Physiopathological States
Thread Batching for High-performance Energy-efficient GPU Memory Design
Deep Learning Development Environment in Virtual Reality
N-body Approach to the Traveling Salesman Problem (TSP)
Unsupervised Video Interpolation Using Cycle Consistency
Cross-View Policy Learning for Street Navigation
Asymptotic Structure for the Clique Density Theorem
Statistical Inference for Generative Models with Maximum Mean Discrepancy
A Tight and Unified Analysis of Extragradient for a Whole Spectrum of Differentiable Games
A universal route to pattern formation
Multigrid Neural Memory
A technical note on divergence of the Wald statistic
Exploiting Convexification for Bayesian Optimal Sensor Placement by Maximization of Mutual Information
A Finite-Length Construction of Irregular Spatially-Coupled Codes
Scalable Neural Architecture Search for 3D Medical Image Segmentation
Early Detection of Long Term Evaluation Criteria in Online Controlled Experiments
Speaker-Targeted Audio-Visual Models for Speech Recognition in Cocktail-Party Environments
Image Captioning: Transforming Objects into Words
A Partitioned Finite Element Method for power-preserving discretization of open systems of conservation laws
A characteristic map for the symmetric space of symplectic forms over a finite field
A stochastic alternating minimizing method for sparse phase retrieval
Mechanically Modulated Microwave Circulator
Iteration-complexity and asymptotic analysis of steepest descent method for multiobjective optimization on Riemannian manifolds
A Fundamental Group for Digital Images
Notes on Biadjoint Amplitudes, ${\rm Trop}\,G(3,7)$ and $X(3,7)$ Scattering Equations
Distributed optimization with nonconvex velocity constraints, nonuniform position constraints and nonuniform stepsizes
Monotone vector fields and generation of nonexpansive semigroups in complete CAT(0) spaces
Distributionally Robust Partially Observable Markov Decision Process with Moment-based Ambiguity
Divide and Conquer the Embedding Space for Metric Learning
Conceptor Debiasing of Word Representations Evaluated on WEAT
Benders Cut Classification via Support Vector Machines for Solving Two-stage Stochastic Programs
Multi-level tree based approach for interactive graph visualization with semantic zoom
Non-zero-sum Stackelberg Budget Allocation Game for Computational Advertising
Empirical Bayes Method for Boltzmann Machines
Cost-sensitive Regularization for Label Confusion-aware Event Detection
Time-reversal of Multiple-force-point SLE$_κ(\underlineρ)$ with All Force Points Lying on the Same Side
Convolutional Neural Network based Multiple-Rate Compressive Sensing for Massive MIMO CSI Feedback: Design, Simulation, and Analysis
Towards End-to-End Text Spotting in Natural Scenes
Dynamic Path-Decomposed Tries
Fast Calculation of Probabilistic Power Flow: A Model-based Deep Learning Approach
Robustly estimating the marginal likelihood for cognitive models via importance sampling
Self-Tuning Sectorization: Deep Reinforcement Learning Meets Broadcast Beam Optimization
Utilizing the Instability in Weakly Supervised Object Detection
Cache-Aided Non-Orthogonal Multiple Access for 5G-Enabled Vehicular Networks
Model Agnostic Dual Quality Assessment for Adversarial Machine Learning and an Analysis of Current Neural Networks and Defenses
Low-light Image Enhancement Algorithm Based on Retinex and Generative Adversarial Network
Adversarial Training Can Hurt Generalization
InfoGAN-CR: Disentangling Generative Adversarial Networks with Contrastive Regularizers
Linear extension numbers of $n$-element posets
FPGA-based real-time autocorrelator and its application in dynamic light scattering
Learning to Ask Unanswerable Questions for Machine Reading Comprehension
Effectiveness of Distillation Attack and Countermeasure on Neural Network Watermarking
Dynamic Term-Modal Logics for Epistemic Planning
Exact Crossing Number Parameterized by Vertex Cover
Neural Response Generation with Meta-Words
Stochastic Proximal AUC Maximization
Microsoft AI Challenge India 2018: Learning to Rank Passages for Web Question Answering with Deep Attention Networks
Disentangling Mixtures of Epidemics on Graphs
Multi Scale Curriculum CNN for Context-Aware Breast MRI Malignancy Classification
MonoLoco: Monocular 3D Pedestrian Localization and Uncertainty Estimation
Direct Policy Gradients: Direct Optimization of Policies in Discrete Action Spaces
Direct Image to Point Cloud Descriptors Matching for 6-DOF Camera Localization in Dense 3D Point Cloud
Optimal $q$-Ary Error Correcting/All Unidirectional Error Detecting Codes
Exact arithmetic as a tool for convergence assessment of the IRM-CG method
Combinatorial generation via permutation languages. I. Fundamentals
Complexity of Dependencies in Bounded Domains, Armstrong Codes, and Generalizations
Higher-order generalized-$α$ methods for hyperbolic problems
DeepSPACE: Approximate Geospatial Query Processing with Deep Learning
Copy and Paste: A Simple But Effective Initialization Method for Black-Box Adversarial Attacks
Binary Classification using Pairs of Minimum Spanning Trees or N-ary Trees
A model of anonymous influence with anti-conformist agents
A Latent Gaussian Process Model for Analyzing Intensive Longitudinal Data
$(1 + \varepsilon)$-class Classification: an Anomaly Detection Method for Highly Imbalanced or Incomplete Data Sets
Barycentric Bak-Sneppen model
On a group analogue of the Heyde theorem
A Distribution Dependent and Independent Complexity Analysis of Manifold Regularization
Properties of Convex Optimal Power Flow Model for Meshed Power Networks
Towards Compact and Robust Deep Neural Networks
On the Djoković-Winkler relation and its closure in subdivisions of fullerenes, triangulations, and chordal graphs
GAN-based Multiple Adjacent Brain MRI Slice Reconstruction for Unsupervised Alzheimer’s Disease Diagnosis
A three-dimensional Hellinger-Reissner Virtual Element Method for linear elasticity problems
Stationary states in infinite volume with non zero current
Topological Data Analysis with $ε$-net Induced Lazy Witness Complex
Four beautiful quadrature rules
The length of self-avoiding walks on the complete graph
DocRED: A Large-Scale Document-Level Relation Extraction Dataset
The Application of Tridiagonal Matrices in P-polynomial Table Algebras
DKMQ24 shell element with improved membrane behaviour
A tractable second-order cone certificate for external positivity with application to model order reduction
Modality Conversion of Handwritten Patterns by Cross Variational Autoencoders
2-systems of arcs on spheres with prescribed endpoints
A Partially Reversible U-Net for Memory-Efficient Volumetric Image Segmentation
How tree-based is my network? Proximity measures for unrooted phylogenetic networks
Online Active Learning of Reject Option Classifiers
Morphisms generating antipalindromic words
Second-order cone representations of SONC cones
NLProlog: Reasoning with Weak Unification for Question Answering in Natural Language
Global and Local Interpretability for Cardiac MRI Classification
Massive MIMO Radar for Target Detection
On the Degree Sequences of Multigraphs with Edge Additions and Deletions
R2D2: Reliable and Repeatable Detectors and Descriptors for Joint Sparse Keypoint Detection and Local Feature Extraction
Efficient N-Dimensional Convolutions via Higher-Order Factorization
Peskun-Tierney ordering for Markov chain and process Monte Carlo: beyond the reversible scenario
Total positivity is a quantum phenomenon: the grassmannian case
A local characterization for perfect plane near-triangulations
Learning Landmark-Based Ensembles with Random Fourier Features and Gradient Boosting
Distributed Optimization for Over-Parameterized Learning
Cumulative Adaptation for BLSTM Acoustic Models
Drawing Order Diagrams Through Two-Dimension Extension
Scalable Power System Line Upgrade Planning With Policy Constraints: A ‘Branch and Benders’ Approach
Heat kernel analysis on diamond fractals
Improving Visual Question Answering by Referring to Generated Paragraph Captions
Matroidal Approximations of Independence Systems
FAQ on the g-theorem and the hard Lefschetz theorem for face rings
Generalized Hadamard full propelinear codes
On the numerical solution of a time-dependent shape optimization problem for the heat equation
Large scale Ricci curvature on graphs
Deep neural network for fringe pattern filtering and normalisation
Control-Aware Scheduling for Low Latency Wireless Systems with Deep Learning
Device-to-Device Communications in Millimeter Wave Band: Impact of Beam Alignment Error
Gathering with extremely restricted visibility
Diffusing Your Mobile Apps: Extending In-Network Function Virtualization to Mobile Function Offloading
hepaccelerate: Fast Analysis of Columnar Collider Data
Explaining Landscape Connectivity of Low-cost Solutions for Multilayer Nets
Machine Learning on EPEX Order Books: Insights and Forecasts
Machine Learning Approach to Earthquake Rupture Dynamics
Effective problem solving using SAT solvers
The Inverse Eigenvalue Problem for Linear Trees
The regularity of some families of circulant graphs
Combinatorial homotopy theory for operads
Variational Federated Multi-Task Learning
Epistemic Risk-Sensitive Reinforcement Learning
Extensions of Generic DOL for Generic Ontology Design Patterns
Spectrally-truncated kernel ridge regression and its free lunch
A Lattice Based Joint Encryption, Encoding and Modulation Scheme
Universal Barcode Detector via Semantic Segmentation
Support vector machines on the D-Wave quantum annealer
Computing Committor Functions for the Study of Rare Events Using Deep Learning
Multi-Carrier Agile Phased Array Radar
Problems with the EFG formalism: a solution attempt using observations
Thermal creep emerging from cooling a tilted vortex lattice in uniaxial superconductor
A Performance Study of the 2D Ising Model on GPUs
Video-Driven Speech Reconstruction using Generative Adversarial Networks
On integral graphs obtained by dual Seidel switching
A Signal Propagation Perspective for Pruning Neural Networks at Initialization
Pseudo-LiDAR++: Accurate Depth for 3D Object Detection in Autonomous Driving
An analysis of community structure in Brazilian political topic-based Twitter networks
Towards Stable and Efficient Training of Verifiably Robust Neural Networks
Provably Efficient $Q$-learning with Function Approximation via Distribution Shift Error Checking Oracle
Connecting Touch and Vision via Cross-Modal Prediction
PSD-throttling on Trees