Studies on the Software Testing Profession
Astra Version 1.0: Evaluating Translations from Alloy to SMT-LIB
Generation of Pseudo Code from the Python Source Code using Rule-Based Machine Translation
Cognitive Knowledge Graph Reasoning for One-shot Relational Learning
A Computational Analysis of Natural Languages to Build a Sentence Structure Aware Artificial Neural Network
Individualized Group Learning
Blockchain Games: A Survey
Topic Modeling via Full Dependence Mixtures
A Computationally Efficient Method for Defending Adversarial Deep Learning Attacks
Training Neural Networks for and by Interpolation
Post-Processing of High-Dimensional Data
KCAT: A Knowledge-Constraint Typing Annotation Tool
Unsupervised Neural Single-Document Summarization of Reviews via Learning Latent Discourse Structure and its Ranking
Improved Sentiment Detection via Label Transfer from Monolingual to Synthetic Code-Switched Text
A JIT Compiler for Neural Network Inference
Unsupervised Image Noise Modeling with Self-Consistent GAN
Improving Prediction Accuracy in Building Performance Models Using Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs)
Deep Reinforcement Learning for Cyber Security
Sub-policy Adaptation for Hierarchical Reinforcement Learning
Contrastive Multiview Coding
Reweighted Expectation Maximization
Semantics to Space(S2S): Embedding semantics into spatial space for zero-shot verb-object query inferencing
Learning to Forget for Meta-Learning
Landslide Geohazard Assessment With Convolutional Neural Networks Using Sentinel-2 Imagery Data
Solving Large-Scale 0-1 Knapsack Problems and its Application to Point Cloud Resampling
On Horadam-Lucas sequence
Inverse Problems, Regularization and Applications
Deep Learning-Based Decoding of Constrained Sequence Codes
Robust and interpretable blind image denoising via bias-free convolutional neural networks
S3: A Spectral-Spatial Structure Loss for Pan-Sharpening Networks
Measuring the Gain of a Micro-Channel Plate/Phosphor Assembly Using a Convolutional Neural Network
Enriching Neural Models with Targeted Features for Dementia Detection
On Longest Common Property Preserved Substring Queries
Utilizing Edge Features in Graph Neural Networks via Variational Information Maximization
Interpretable ICD Code Embeddings with Self- and Mutual-Attention Mechanisms
Time scales in stock markets
An image-driven machine learning approach to kinetic modeling of a discontinuous precipitation reaction
Deep Network Approximation Characterized by Number of Neurons
Understanding Human Context in 3D Scenes by Learning Spatial Affordances with Virtual Skeleton Models
Localization in Gaussian disordered systems at low temperature
Fractional cocoloring of graphs
Scalable Community Detection over Geo-Social Network
Character n-gram Embeddings to Improve RNN Language Models
A Meta Approach to Defend Noisy Labels by the Manifold Regularizer PSDR
Binomial edge ideals of cographs
MIMA: MAPPER-Induced Manifold Alignment for Semi-Supervised Fusion of Optical Image and Polarimetric SAR Data
Self-organized avalanches in globally-coupled phase oscillators
Meta-heuristic for non-homogeneous peak density spaces and implementation on 2 real-world parameter learning/tuning applications
Know What You Don’t Know: Modeling a Pragmatic Speaker that Refers to Objects of Unknown Categories
Signed Hultman Numbers and Signed Generalized Commuting Probability in Finite Groups
New constructions of asymptotically optimal codebooks via character sums over a local ring
Illuminant Chromaticity Estimation from Interreflections
Zeroth-Order Stochastic Block Coordinate Type Methods for Nonconvex Optimization
Deep Variational Networks with Exponential Weighting for Learning Computed Tomography
Sparse Approximate Factor Estimation for High-Dimensional Covariance Matrices
Identifying Illicit Accounts in Large Scale E-payment Networks — A Graph Representation Learning Approach
Lattice Transformer for Speech Translation
Mir-BFT: High-Throughput BFT for Blockchains
Associated Learning: Decomposing End-to-end Backpropagation based on Auto-encoders and Target Propagation
Game-Theoretic Mixed $H_2/H_{\infty}$ Control with Sparsity Constraint for Multi-agent Networked Control Systems
A Turing Kernelization Dichotomy for Structural Parameterizations of $\mathcal{F}$-Minor-Free Deletion
Hypotheses testing and posterior concentration rates for semi-Markov processes
Rate Balancing for Multiuser MIMO Systems
Hypercontractivity for global functions and sharp thresholds
Learning Spatio-Temporal Representation with Local and Global Diffusion
Proactive Human-Machine Conversation with Explicit Conversation Goals
The Consensus Number of a Cryptocurrency (Extended Version)
Direct Sampling of Bayesian Thin-Plate Splines for Spatial Smoothing
Spaceland Embedding of Sparse Stochastic Graphs
Cut Selection For Benders Decomposition
Information capacity of a network of spiking neurons
Amur Tiger Re-identification in the Wild
On discrete idempotent paths
Variance Estimation For Online Regression via Spectrum Thresholding
Counting integer points of flow polytopes
On the first fall degree of summation polynomials
$c^+$GAN: Complementary Fashion Item Recommendation
On Edge-Partitioning of Complete Geometric Graphs into Plane Trees
Noether theorem for action-dependent Lagrangian functions: conservation laws for non-conservative systems
A review of available software for adaptive clinical trial design
On Convex Graphs Having Plane Spanning Subgraph of Certain Type
Non-convex optimization via strongly convex majoirziation-minimization
Densities for piecewise deterministic Markov processes with boundary
Vertex properties of maximum scattered linear sets of $\mathrm{PG}(1,q^n)$
Antonym-Synonym Classification Based on New Sub-space Embeddings
An Asymmetric Random Rado Theorem: 1-statement
Decentralised Multi-Demic Evolutionary Approach to the Dynamic Multi-Agent Travelling Salesman Problem
Dense Deformation Network for High Resolution Tissue Cleared Image Registration
On the Complexity of an Augmented Lagrangian Method for Nonconvex Optimization
Self-organized critical balanced networks: a unified framework
Strategic customer behavior in a queueing system with alternating information structure
Quasi-Stationary Distributions and Resilience: What to get from a sample?
On the 4-color theorem for signed graphs
Nearly all cacti are edge intersection hypergraphs of 3-uniform hypergraphs
Use of Emergency Departments by Frail Elderly Patients: Temporal Patterns and Case Complexity
A stabilized DG cut cell method for discretizing the linear transport equation
Comparative Analysis of Switching Dynamics in Different Memristor Models
A Semi-strong Perfect Digraph Theorem
Grid R-CNN Plus: Faster and Better
Rate of change of frequency under line contingencies in high voltage electric power networks with uncertainties
Smooth digraphs modulo primitive positive constructability
Lower a posteriori error estimates on anisotropic meshes
Modeling and Verifying Cyber-Physical Systems with Hybrid Active Objects
Slim DensePose: Thrifty Learning from Sparse Annotations and Motion Cues
2D Attentional Irregular Scene Text Recognizer
Hilbert Space Fragmentation and Many-Body Localization
Iterative subtraction method for Feature Ranking
Curriculum Learning for Cumulative Return Maximization
Dynamic Control of Functional Splits for Energy Harvesting Virtual Small Cells: a Distributed Reinforcement Learning Approach
Querying a Matrix through Matrix-Vector Products
Generating and Exploiting Probabilistic Monocular Depth Estimates
Information-theoretic measures for non-linear causality detection: application to social media sentiment and cryptocurrency prices
Distributed High-dimensional Regression Under a Quantile Loss Function
Contrastive Bidirectional Transformer for Temporal Representation Learning
Memory-Efficient Group-by Aggregates over Multi-Way Joins
Nonlinear System Identification via Tensor Completion
Modeling the Dynamics of PDE Systems with Physics-Constrained Deep Auto-Regressive Networks
The iMaterialist Fashion Attribute Dataset
Anderson localisation in stationary ensembles of quasiperiodic operators
Graphs of bounded depth-$2$ rank-brittleness
The rank of sparse random matrices
Efficient calibration for high-dimensional computer model output using basis methods
Semantic Change and Semantic Stability: Variation is Key
Microscopic and macroscopic perspectives on stationary nonequilibrium states
Hypersimplicial subdivisions
Anti dependency distance minimization in short sequences. A graph theoretic approach
Advance gender prediction tool of first names and its use in analysing gender disparity in Computer Science in the UK, Malaysia and China
Knock Intensity Distribution and a Stochastic Control Framework for Knock Control
Deep Unfolding for Communications Systems: A Survey and Some New Directions
Training Image Estimators without Image Ground-Truth
Machine Learning Based Analysis and Quantification of Potential Power Gain from Passive Device Installation
Characteristic Power Series of Graph Limits
A Low-Power Domino Logic Architecture for Memristor-Based Neuromorphic Computing
UCAM Biomedical translation at WMT19: Transfer learning multi-domain ensembles
On the Walks and Bipartite Double Coverings of Graphs with the same Main Eigenspace
Modeling and Control of Combustion Phasing in Dual-Fuel Compression Ignition Engines
Extending Eigentrust with the Max-Plus Algebra
Egocentric affordance detection with the one-shot geometry-driven Interaction Tensor
Topological Data Analysis for Arrhythmia Detection through Modular Neural Networks
The Replica Dataset: A Digital Replica of Indoor Spaces
Modeling and Interpreting Real-world Human Risk Decision Making with Inverse Reinforcement Learning
Real-Time Open-Domain Question Answering with Dense-Sparse Phrase Index
On bulk deviations for the local behavior of random interlacements
Lower Bounds for Adversarially Robust PAC Learning
On mean-field theories of dynamics in supercooled liquids
Robust Regression for Safe Exploration in Control
Telephonetic: Making Neural Language Models Robust to ASR and Semantic Noise
Solution of the Unconditional Extremal Problem for a Linear-Fractional Integral Functional Depending on the Parameter
Kernel and Deep Regimes in Overparametrized Models
Overcoming Mean-Field Approximations in Recurrent Gaussian Process Models
Robust linear domain decomposition schemes for reduced non-linear fracture flow models
The Communication Complexity of Optimization
On co-minimal pairs in abelian groups
Goal-conditioned Imitation Learning
Fractional Local Dimension
Deep Reinforcement Learning for Industrial Insertion Tasks with Visual Inputs and Natural Rewards
Concentration estimates for algebraic intersections
Mask2Lesion: Mask-Constrained Adversarial Skin Lesion Image Synthesis
Turing complete mechanical processor via automated nonlinear system design
Multivariate polynomials for generalized permutohedra
Spectra and eigenspaces from regular partitions of Cayley (di)graphs of permutation groups
Detecting Photoshopped Faces by Scripting Photoshop
Show, Match and Segment: Joint Learning of Semantic Matching and Object Co-segmentation
Joint Concept Matching-Space Projection Learning for Zero-Shot Recognition
Report-Sensitive Spot-Checking in Peer-Grading Systems
Can generalised relative pose estimation solve sparse 3D registration?
IntrinSeqNet: Learning to Estimate the Reflectance from Varying Illumination
Learning Instance Occlusion for Panoptic Segmentation
Dynamic PET cardiac and parametric image reconstruction: a fixed-point proximity gradient approach using patch-based DCT and tensor SVD regularization
Hallucinating Bag-of-Words and Fisher Vector IDT terms for CNN-based Action Recognition
Identify treatment effect patterns for personalised decisions
Distributionally Robust Counterfactual Risk Minimization