There is no general AI: Why Turing machines cannot pass the Turing test
Sionnx: Automatic Unit Test Generator for ONNX Conformance
Boosting Few-Shot Visual Learning with Self-Supervision
Task Agnostic Continual Learning via Meta Learning
Warping Resilient Time Series Embeddings
Explore, Propose, and Assemble: An Interpretable Model for Multi-Hop Reading Comprehension
Functional Singular Spectrum Analysis
Better Code, Better Sharing:On the Need of Analyzing Jupyter Notebooks
Representation Learning for Words and Entities
GluonTS: Probabilistic Time Series Models in Python
Learning Curves for Deep Neural Networks: A Gaussian Field Theory Perspective
COMET: Commonsense Transformers for Automatic Knowledge Graph Construction
Pairwise Fairness for Ranking and Regression
Tensor Canonical Correlation Analysis
Dynamic Time Scan Forecasting
Linear Distillation Learning
Random Tessellation Forests
A Brief Introduction to Manifold Optimization
Factorized Mutual Information Maximization
Reinforcement Learning of Spatio-Temporal Point Processes
EKT: Exercise-aware Knowledge Tracing for Student Performance Prediction
Automatically Evaluating Balance: A Machine Learning Approach
Support Vector Machine-Based Fire Outbreak Detection System
Tackling Climate Change with Machine Learning
Deep Two-path Semi-supervised Learning for Fake News Detection
Generating Long and Informative Reviews with Aspect-Aware Coarse-to-Fine Decoding
Traffic signal control optimization under severe incident conditions using Genetic Algorithm
A Focus on Neural Machine Translation for African Languages
Calibration, Entropy Rates, and Memory in Language Models
Towards Resilient UAV: Escape Time in GPS Denied Environment with Sensor Drift
Focal Loss based Residual Convolutional Neural Network for Speech Emotion Recognition
Deep Learning based Emotion Recognition System Using Speech Features and Transcriptions
Translating Translationese: A Two-Step Approach to Unsupervised Machine Translation
Temporally-Biased Sampling Schemes for Online Model Management
The NMF problem and lattice-subspaces
Understanding artificial intelligence ethics and safety
Privacy-Preserving Deep Visual Recognition: An Adversarial Learning Framework and A New Dataset
The complexity of the vertex-minor problem
Hysteresis, neural avalanches and critical behaviour near a first-order transition of a spiking neural network
Parameterized Structured Pruning for Deep Neural Networks
Detection and Correction of Cardiac MR Motion Artefacts during Reconstruction from K-space
Model Order Reduction by Proper Orthogonal Decomposition
Global optimization using Sobol indices
Vispi: Automatic Visual Perception and Interpretation of Chest X-rays
On the joint distribution of cyclic valleys and excedances over conjugacy classes of $\mathfrak{S}_{n}$
Voronoi conjecture for five-dimensional parallelohedra
Tackling Partial Domain Adaptation with Self-Supervision
Manifold Graph with Learned Prototypes for Semi-Supervised Image Classification
Towards Real-Time Head Pose Estimation: Exploring Parameter-Reduced Residual Networks on In-the-wild Datasets
Model-Free Practical Cooperative Control for Diffusively Coupled Systems
Sorted Top-k in Rounds
Unsupervised Monocular Depth and Ego-motion Learning with Structure and Semantics
Is Deep Learning an RG Flow?
A Multiscale Visualization of Attention in the Transformer Model
Monotonic Infinite Lookback Attention for Simultaneous Machine Translation
Choosing agile or plan-driven enterprise resource planning (ERP) implementations — A study on 21 implementations from 20 companies
A Model to Search for Synthesizable Molecules
Estimation of the Shapley value by ergodic sampling
Continual and Multi-Task Architecture Search
Flying far and fast: the distribution of distant hypervelocity star candidates from Gaia DR2 data
Handwritten Text Segmentation via End-to-End Learning of Convolutional Neural Network
Nonparametric Identification and Estimation with Independent, Discrete Instruments
Reinforcement Knowledge Graph Reasoning for Explainable Recommendation
Understanding Vulnerability of Communities in Complex Networks
When to use parametric models in reinforcement learning?
A Bayesian Hierarchical Model for Evaluating Forensic Footwear Evidence
Tensor train optimization for mathematical model of social networks
Bootstrapping Upper Confidence Bound
Multitask Learning for Network Traffic Classification
Search on the Replay Buffer: Bridging Planning and Reinforcement Learning
A Simple Text Mining Approach for Ranking Pairwise Associations in Biomedical Applications
Higher extensions for gentle algebras
Image-Adaptive GAN based Reconstruction
LAEO-Net: revisiting people Looking At Each Other in videos
Multicolor Ramsey numbers of cycles in Gallai colorings
The Tandem Duplication Distance is NP-hard
Visual Wake Words Dataset
Developing an improved Crystal Graph Convolutional Neural Network framework for accelerated materials discovery
Differential Imaging Forensics
Artificial Intelligence Enabled Material Behavior Prediction
Does Learning Require Memorization? A Short Tale about a Long Tail
Presence-Only Geographical Priors for Fine-Grained Image Classification
Critical Point Finding with Newton-MR by Analogy to Computing Square Roots
Efficient Exploration via State Marginal Matching
Keeping Notes: Conditional Natural Language Generation with a Scratchpad Mechanism
Matrix Mittag–Leffler distributions and modeling heavy-tailed risks
MOPED: Efficient priors for scalable variational inference in Bayesian deep neural networks
Neural Network Models for Stock Selection Based on Fundamental Analysis
Equality and difference of quenched and averaged large deviation rate functions for random walks in random environments without ballisticity
Sub-Goal Trees — a Framework for Goal-Directed Trajectory Prediction and Optimization
HPLFlowNet: Hierarchical Permutohedral Lattice FlowNet for Scene Flow Estimation on Large-scale Point Clouds
Identifying and Predicting Parkinson’s Disease Subtypes through Trajectory Clustering via Bipartite Networks
The effect of dead time on randomly sampled power spectral estimates
Reduction of noise and bias in randomly sampled power spectra
Optimizing Redundancy Levels in Master-Worker Compute Clusters for Straggler Mitigation
Optimal low rank tensor recovery
Permutation-based uncertainty quantification about a mixing distribution
Data Conversion in Area-Constrained Applications: the Wireless Network-on-Chip Case
Uncovering Dominant Social Class in Neighborhoods through Building Footprints: A Case Study of Residential Zones in Massachusetts using Computer Vision
Conditional Monte Carlo for Reaction Networks
GANPOP: Generative Adversarial Network Prediction of Optical Properties from Single Snapshot Wide-field Images
Opportunistic Beamforming in Wireless Network-on-Chip
Competing Bandits in Matching Markets
Work Design and Job Rotation in Software Engineering: Results from an Industrial Study
Linking geospatial data with Geo-L — analysis and experiments of big data readiness of common technologies
A steady-state stability analysis of uniform synchronous power grid topologies
Brouwer’s conjecture holds asymptotically almost surely
Modeling functional resting-state brain networks through neural message passing on the human connectome
Neural Graph Evolution: Towards Efficient Automatic Robot Design
The Herbarium Challenge 2019 Dataset
E3: Entailment-driven Extracting and Editing for Conversational Machine Reading
Meta-Learning via Learned Loss
Eye Contact Correction using Deep Neural Networks
Compositional generalization through meta sequence-to-sequence learning
Loop Programming Practices that Simplify Quicksort Implementations
Assisted Excitation of Activations: A Learning Technique to Improve Object Detectors
Generalization Guarantees for Neural Networks via Harnessing the Low-rank Structure of the Jacobian
Neural Arabic Question Answering
Nonintrusive proper generalised decomposition for parametrised incompressible flow problems in OpenFOAM
Topology-Preserving Deep Image Segmentation
Analyzing the Limitations of Cross-lingual Word Embedding Mappings
A Countrywide Traffic Accident Dataset
A Joint Graph Based Coding Scheme for the Unsourced Random Access Gaussian Channel
Flexible Modeling of Diversity with Strongly Log-Concave Distributions
Fast, reliable and unrestricted iterative computation of Gauss–Hermite and Gauss–Laguerre quadratures
Synthetic QA Corpora Generation with Roundtrip Consistency
Efficient Evaluation-Time Uncertainty Estimation by Improved Distillation
From asymptotic properties of general point processes to the ranking of financial agents
Memory Augmented Neural Network Adaptive Controller for Strict Feedback Nonlinear Systems
Lower Bounds for the Happy Coloring Problems
Copulas as High-Dimensional Generative Models: Vine Copula Autoencoders
Folding Bilateral Backstepping Output-Feedback Control Design For an Unstable Parabolic PDE
Jacobian Policy Optimizations
CoopSubNet: Cooperating Subnetwork for Data-Driven Regularization of Deep Networks under Limited Training Budgets
Factors for the Generalisation of Identity Relations by Neural Networks
N-dimensional Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle for fractional Fourier transform
Coordinated Path Following Control of Fixed-wing Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
Money Cannot Buy Everything: Trading Infinite Location Data Streams with Bounded Individual Privacy Loss
Fixed-Parameter Tractability of Graph Deletion Problems over Data Streams
Efficiency of maximum likelihood estimation for a multinomial distribution with known probability sums
Near-Optimal Glimpse Sequences for Improved Hard Attention Neural Network Training
Combinatorially equivalent hyperplane arrangements
Figurative Usage Detection of Symptom Words to Improve Personal Health Mention Detection
A Comparison of Word-based and Context-based Representations for Classification Problems in Health Informatics
On Feasibility and Flexibility Operating Regions of Virtual Power Plants and TSO/DSO interfaces
Selective prediction-set models with coverage guarantees
Transfer Learning in Biomedical Natural Language Processing: An Evaluation of BERT and ELMo on Ten Benchmarking Datasets