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Pykg2vec: A Python Library for Knowledge Graph Embedding
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Modeling Noisiness to Recognize Named Entities using Multitask Neural Networks on Social Media
A Multi-task Approach for Named Entity Recognition in Social Media Data
Towards Social Artificial Intelligence: Nonverbal Social Signal Prediction in A Triadic Interaction
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Mean estimation and regression under heavy-tailed distributions–a survey
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A ruled quintic surface in $PG(6,q)$
Symmetric core-cohesive blockmodel in preschool children’s interaction networks
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Symmetry Induced Group Consensus
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DropConnect Is Effective in Modeling Uncertainty of Bayesian Deep Networks
Study of Compressed Randomized UTV Decompositions for Low-Rank Matrix Approximations in Data Science
Convergence of Dümbgen’s Algorithm for Estimation of Tail Inflation
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Hypothesis Testing under Subjective Priors and Costs as a Signaling Game
Corrected overlap weight and clustering coefficient
Gossip-based Actor-Learner Architectures for Deep Reinforcement Learning
Proposition d’une nouvelle approche d’extraction des motifs fermés fréquents
Evaluating aleatoric and epistemic uncertainties of time series deep learning models for soil moisture predictions
On $2\times 2$ Tropical Commuting Matrices
Exploiting the sign of the advantage function to learn deterministic policies in continuous domains
Deep Reinforcement Learning with Discrete Normalized Advantage Functions for Resource Management in Network Slicing
DCASE 2019: CNN depth analysis with different channel inputs for Acoustic Scene Classification
Malware Detection with LSTM using Opcode Language
Differentiable Surface Splatting for Point-based Geometry Processing
CVPR19 Tracking and Detection Challenge: How crowded can it get?
Topological Anderson Insulator in electric circuits
Stretching the Effectiveness of MLE from Accuracy to Bias for Pairwise Comparisons
Stochastic PDE limit of the dynamic ASEP
Selection consistency of Lasso-based procedures for misspecified high-dimensional binary model and random regressors
A Time-Series Distribution Test System Based on Real Utility Data
Char-RNN for Word Stress Detection in East Slavic Languages
The extremal number of the subdivisions of the complete bipartite graph
Large-scale Landmark Retrieval/Recognition under a Noisy and Diverse Dataset
Human-Machine Collaboration for Fast Land Cover Mapping
More non-bipartite forcing pairs
Supervised and Semi-Supervised Learning for MIMO Blind Detection with Low-Resolution ADCs
Sum-Rate Maximization of Uplink Rate Splitting Multiple Access (RSMA) Communication
On Mean Field Limit and Quantitative Estimates with a Large Class of Singular Kernels: Application to the Patlak-Keller-Segel Model
Efficient enumeration of non-isomorphic interval graphs
AGRR-2019: A Corpus for Gapping Resolution in Russian
Detecting Everyday Scenarios in Narrative Texts
Global Context for Convolutional Pose Machines
Neural Keyphrase Generation via Reinforcement Learning with Adaptive Rewards
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Quantifying Layerwise Information Discarding of Neural Networks
A New Ratio Image Based CNN Algorithm For SAR Despeckling
Estimating Causal Effects of Tone in Online Debates
BlockSwap: Fisher-guided Block Substitution for Network Compression
Commuting Conditional GANs for Robust Multi-Modal Fusion
Fast Hierarchical Neural Network for Feature Learning on Point Cloud
Latent Channel Networks
Confidence intervals for class prevalences under prior probability shift
A New One Parameter Bimodal Skew Logistic Distribution and its Applications
Flexible Demand Resource Pricing Scheme: A Stochastic Benefit-Sharing Approach
Intertemporal Community Detection in Bikeshare Networks
Bayesian experimental design using regularized determinantal point processes
A note on Lefschetz spheres and their relatives
Named Entity Recognition on Code-Switched Data: Overview of the CALCS 2018 Shared Task
Distributionally Robust Optimization for a Resilient Transmission Grid During Geomagnetic Disturbances
Colored Vertex Models and Iwahori Whittaker Functions
Having the Last Word: Understanding How to Sample Discussions Online
Nonlinear Double-Capacitor Model for Rechargeable Batteries: Modeling, Identification and Validation
Patch Transformer for Multi-tagging Whole Slide Histopathology Images
Inference and Uncertainty Quantification for Noisy Matrix Completion
Learning Individual Styles of Conversational Gesture
Self-Supervised Exploration via Disagreement
Complexity phase diagram for interacting and long-range bosonic Hamiltonians
End-to-End CAD Model Retrieval and 9DoF Alignment in 3D Scans
A fast solver for the narrow capture and narrow escape problems in the sphere
Network-based Fake News Detection: A Pattern-driven Approach
The Demand Query Model for Bipartite Matching
Topology Attack and Defense for Graph Neural Networks: An Optimization Perspective
Abelian tropical covers
Sequential Source Coding for Stochastic Systems Subject to Finite Rate Constraints
Adaptative significance levels in linear regression models with known variance
Refinement of Low Rank Approximation of a Matrix at Sub-linear Cost
Label-Agnostic Sequence Labeling by Copying Nearest Neighbors
FASTER Recurrent Networks for Video Classification
Psycholinguistics meets Continual Learning: Measuring Catastrophic Forgetting in Visual Question Answering
Linear and Nonlinear Fractional Diffusion
Alzheimer’s Disease Brain MRI Classification: Challenges and Insights
BowNet: Dilated Convolution Neural Network for Ultrasound Tongue Contour Extraction
Using generative modelling to produce varied intonation for speech synthesis
Identifying Visible Actions in Lifestyle Vlogs
Multi-Level Taxonomy and Critical Review of Eco-Routing Methods
The Regression Discontinuity Design
Technical Preprint: Rationale and Design of a Planned Observational Study to Evaluate the Impact of Hydrocodone Rescheduling on Opioid Prescribing After Surgery
Schur ring and Codes for $S$-subgroups over $\Z_{2}^{n}$
On the LoRa Modulation for IoT: Waveform Properties and Spectral Analysis
Transport Triggered Array Processor for Vision Applications
Examining Untempered Social Media: Analyzing Cascades of Polarized Conversations
Feedback Linearization for Quadrotors UAV
Optimal In-field Routing for Full and Partial Field Coverage with Arbitrary Non-Convex Fields and Multiple Obstacle Areas
Scaling Laws for the Principled Design, Initialization and Preconditioning of ReLU Networks
Analysis of the susceptible-infected-susceptible epidemic dynamics in networks via the non-backtracking matrix
Pure entropic regularization for metrical task systems
Building High-Quality Auction Fraud Dataset
Independence in Arithmetic: The Method of $(\mathcal L, n)$-Models
Performance Analysis and Characterization of Training Deep Learning Models on NVIDIA TX2
Exploration via Hindsight Goal Generation
Stochastic Neural Network with Kronecker Flow
Analysis Of Momentum Methods
Exponential lower bound for Berge-Ramsey problems
Artificial Noisy MIMO Systems under Correlated Scattering Rayleigh Fading — A Physical Layer Security Approach
Automated Curriculum Learning for Turn-level Spoken Language Understanding with Weak Supervision
Inter-Tier Process Variation-Aware Monolithic 3D NoC Architectures
Assessing the effects of exposure to sulfuric acid aerosol on respiratory function in adults
Transfer Learning for Ultrasound Tongue Contour Extraction with Different Domains
Semantic-guided Encoder Feature Learning for Blurry Boundary Delineation
Associative Convolutional Layers
Estimation of 2D Velocity Model using Acoustic Signals and Convolutional Neural Networks
Linear recurrences indexed by $\mathbb{Z}$
Online Object Representations with Contrastive Learning
The shape of shortest paths in random spatial networks
Efficiently escaping saddle points on manifolds
Likelihood Evaluation of Jump-Diffusion Models Using Deterministic Nonlinear Filters
Adaptively Preconditioned Stochastic Gradient Langevin Dynamics
Equitable factorizations of edge-connected graphs
Low Rank Approximation at Sublinear Cost by Means of Subspace Sampling
Importance Resampling for Off-policy Prediction
Federated Learning for Emoji Prediction in a Mobile Keyboard
Parallel Scheduled Sampling
Multiscale Nakagami parametric imaging for improved liver tumor localization
FAMED-Net: A Fast and Accurate Multi-scale End-to-end Dehazing Network
SALT: Subspace Alignment as an Auxiliary Learning Task for Domain Adaptation
Resistance distance-based graph invariants and spanning trees of graphs derived from the strong product of $P_2$ and $C_n$
Heterogeneous network approach to predict individuals’ mental health
Likelihood-free approximate Gibbs sampling
Anderson-Bernoulli Localization on the 3D lattice and discrete unique continuation principle
Boosting Students’ Performance With The Aid Of Social Network Analysis
Ultra Fast Medoid Identification via Correlated Sequential Halving