HGC: Hierarchical Group Convolution for Highly Efficient Neural Network
Graph Independence Testing
Attention-based Conditioning Methods for External Knowledge Integration
Redundancy-Free Computation Graphs for Graph Neural Networks
Degrees of Freedom Analysis of Unrolled Neural Networks
Generative Continual Concept Learning
Attacking Graph Convolutional Networks via Rewiring
Identifying Data And Information Streams In Cyberspace: A Multi-Dimensional Perspective
Incorporating Open Data into Introductory Courses in Statistics
DataLearner: A Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery Tool for Android Smartphones and Tablets
FairLedger: A Fair Blockchain Protocol for Financial Institutions
Open-Domain Targeted Sentiment Analysis via Span-Based Extraction and Classification
Time-Series Anomaly Detection Service at Microsoft
Making Classical Machine Learning Pipelines Differentiable: A Neural Translation Approach
A Survey on Neural Machine Reading Comprehension
Network Implosion: Effective Model Compression for ResNets via Static Layer Pruning and Retraining
Learning Fair Naive Bayes Classifiers by Discovering and Eliminating Discrimination Patterns
Topic-Aware Neural Keyphrase Generation for Social Media Language
Automatically Identifying Complaints in Social Media
A Survey of Reinforcement Learning Informed by Natural Language
Evaluating the Robustness of Nearest Neighbor Classifiers: A Primal-Dual Perspective
Accelerated methods for composite non-bilinear saddle point problem
Accelerated Alternating Minimization
A Distributed Event-Triggered Control Strategy for DC Microgrids Based on Publish-Subscribe Model Over Industrial Wireless Sensor Networks
Soft-ranking Label Encoding for Robust Facial Age Estimation
Deep Music Analogy Via Latent Representation Disentanglement
Accuracy Requirements for Early Estimation of Crop Production in Senegal
Distributed sub-optimal resource allocation via a projected form of singular perturbation
Movable-Object-Aware Visual SLAM via Weakly Supervised Semantic Segmentation
Overcoming Limitations of Mixture Density Networks: A Sampling and Fitting Framework for Multimodal Future Prediction
Learning to Predict Novel Noun-Noun Compounds
Consensus Neural Network for Medical Imaging Denoising with Only Noisy Training Samples
The Implicit Metropolis-Hastings Algorithm
The A.B.C.Ds of Schubert calculus
A Variant of Gaussian Process Dynamical Systems
LSTM Networks Can Perform Dynamic Counting
Unsupervised Primitive Discovery for Improved 3D Generative Modeling
Low-complexity Noncoherent Maximum Likelihood Sequence Detection Scheme for CPM in Aeronautical Telemetry
Crypto art: A decentralized view
Encouraging Paragraph Embeddings to Remember Sentence Identity Improves Classification
Prokhorov-like conditions for weak compactness of sets of bounded Radon measures on different topological spaces
The key to the weak-ties phenomenon
Physics-Informed Probabilistic Learning of Linear Embeddings of Non-linear Dynamics With Guaranteed Stability
Understanding overfitting peaks in generalization error: Analytical risk curves for $l_2$ and $l_1$ penalized interpolation
Deep Batch Active Learning by Diverse, Uncertain Gradient Lower Bounds
Question Answering as Global Reasoning over Semantic Abstractions
The Packed Interval Covering Problem is NP-complete
Happy Together: Learning and Understanding Appraisal From Natural Language
Active glasses
An Attention-based Recurrent Convolutional Network for Vehicle Taillight Recognition
Novelty Detection via Network Saliency in Visual-based Deep Learning
Borders, Palindrome Prefixes, and Square Prefixes
Interpreting Age Effects of Human Fetal Brain from Spontaneous fMRI using Deep 3D Convolutional Neural Networks
UBC-NLP at SemEval-2019 Task 6:Ensemble Learning of Offensive Content With Enhanced Training Data
Balanced Off-Policy Evaluation General Action Spaces
Gendered Pronoun Resolution using BERT and an extractive question answering formulation
A general solver to the elliptical mixture model through an approximate Wasserstein manifold
SVRG for Policy Evaluation with Fewer Gradient Evaluations
Note on the bias and variance of variational inference
Finitary Boolean functions
Curiosity-Driven Multi-Criteria Hindsight Experience Replay
Aggregation of pairwise comparisons with reduction of biases
Modeling Excess Deaths After a Natural Disaster with Application to Hurricane Maria
A note on norms of signed sums of vectors
Argument Generation with Retrieval, Planning, and Realization
Norms of weighted sums of log-concave random vectors
Association of genomic subtypes of lower-grade gliomas with shape features automatically extracted by a deep learning algorithm
Integrative Factorization of Bidimensionally Linked Matrices
Neural Heterogeneous Scheduler
The Generalization-Stability Tradeoff in Neural Network Pruning
Is Attention Interpretable?
Intrinsically Efficient, Stable, and Bounded Off-Policy Evaluation for Reinforcement Learning
Reconstructing $d$-manifold subcomplexes of cubes from their $(\lfloor d/2 \rfloor + 1)$-skeletons
Factorization Bandits for Online Influence Maximization
BIGPATENT: A Large-Scale Dataset for Abstractive and Coherent Summarization
Coin Theorems and the Fourier Expansion
A note on Hedetniemi’s conjecture, Stahl’s conjecture and the Poljak-Rödl function
Improved Adversarial Robustness via Logit Regularization Methods
RobustTrend: A Huber Loss with a Combined First and Second Order Difference Regularization for Time Series Trend Filtering
Symmetry Properties of Nested Canalyzing Functions
Embedding Imputation with Grounded Language Information
A Shuffling Theorem for Centrally Symmetric Tilings
The Impact of Regularization on High-dimensional Logistic Regression
Embodied View-Contrastive 3D Feature Learning
Variance Reduction in Gradient Exploration for Online Learning to Rank
BAGS: An automatic homework grading system using the pictures taken by smart phones
A cost-reducing partial labeling estimator in text classification problem
Multimodal Data Fusion of Non-Gaussian Spatial Fields in Sensor Networks
Deep Spatio-Temporal Neural Networks for Click-Through Rate Prediction
A Regression Approach to Certain Information Transmission Problems
Sequence-to-Nuggets: Nested Entity Mention Detection via Anchor-Region Networks
Generalized Data Augmentation for Low-Resource Translation
BDNet: Bengali handwritten numeral digit recognition based on densely connected convolutional neural networks
Intriguing properties of adversarial training
Randomization and reweighted $\ell_1$-minimization for A-optimal design of linear inverse problems
The Broad Optimality of Profile Maximum Likelihood
Fast Spatially-Varying Indoor Lighting Estimation
On the Optimality of Sparse Model-Based Planning for Markov Decision Processes
Improving Neural Language Modeling via Adversarial Training
Multiway clustering via tensor block models
A Closed-Form Learned Pooling for Deep Classification Networks
Sampling Humans for Optimizing Preferences in Coloring Artwork
Learned Conjugate Gradient Descent Network for Massive MIMO Detection
Learning to Segment Skin Lesions from Noisy Annotations
Random Access for Massive Machine-Type Communications
Noninvasive super-resolution imaging through scattering media
Efficient Bayesian estimation for GARCH-type models via Sequential Monte Carlo
Transfer Learning for Hate Speech Detection in Social Media
Stochastic Mirror Descent on Overparameterized Nonlinear Models: Convergence, Implicit Regularization, and Generalization
SAR: Learning Cross-Language API Mappings with Little Knowledge
Synthesizing 3D Shapes from Silhouette Image Collections using Multi-projection Generative Adversarial Networks
Analyzing the Role of Model Uncertainty for Electronic Health Records
A Comprehensive Hidden Markov Model for Hourly Rainfall Time Series
Progressive Cluster Purification for Transductive Few-shot Learning
Robustness Verification of Tree-based Models
On the Structure of Ordered Latent Trait Models
DensePhysNet: Learning Dense Physical Object Representations via Multi-step Dynamic Interactions
Bayesian Automatic Relevance Determination for Utility Function Specification in Discrete Choice Models
UniDual: A Unified Model for Image and Video Understanding
Loop-erased partitioning of a graph
Few-Shot Learning with Per-Sample Rich Supervision
Scale Steerable Filters for Locally Scale-Invariant Convolutional Neural Networks
Non-Coherent Rate Splitting for the MISO BC with Magnitude CSIT
Nonparametric Independence Testing for Right-Censored Data using Optimal Transport
A Lyapunov Approach to Robust Regulation of Distributed Port-Hamiltonian Systems
Deep Learning-Based Automatic Downbeat Tracking: A Brief Review
Propagation of chaos for a General Balls into Bins dynamics
A Closed-Form GN-Model Non-Linear Interference Coherence Term
LASSi: Metric based I/O analytics for HPC
Goodness-of-fit Test for Latent Block Models
Big Ramsey degrees of 3-uniform hypergraphs
Analysis of parallel I/O use on the UK national supercomputing service, ARCHER using Cray LASSi and EPCC SAFE
Learning to combine Grammatical Error Corrections
Time-Optimal Control Problem With State Constraints In A Time-Periodic Flow Field
An Image Clustering Auto-Encoder Based on Predefined Evenly-Distributed Class Centroids and MMD Distance
Automatic Segmentation of Vestibular Schwannoma from T2-Weighted MRI by Deep Spatial Attention with Hardness-Weighted Loss
Selection of Waveform Parameters Using Machine Learning for 5G and Beyond
User mode selection of NOMA based D2D communication for maximum sum-revenue
The role of ego vision in view-invariant action recognition
Generation of Multimodal Justification Using Visual Word Constraint Model for Explainable Computer-Aided Diagnosis
Multi-objects Generation with Amortized Structural Regularization
Tuning-Free, Low Memory Robust Estimator to Mitigate GPS Spoofing Attacks
On the Secrecy Performance of NOMA Systems with both External and Internal Eavesdroppers
A generalization of Heffter arrays
Coalescence for a Galton-Watson process with immigration
Intelligent Reflecting Surface vs. Decode-and-Forward: How Large Surfaces Are Needed to Beat Relaying?
Multimodal Logical Inference System for Visual-Textual Entailment
Best-First Width Search for Multi Agent Privacy-preserving Planning
Exploration and Exploitation in Symbolic Regression using Quality-Diversity and Evolutionary Strategies Algorithms
FaRM: Fair Reward Mechanism for Information Aggregation in Spontaneous Localized Settings (Extended Version)
Autonomous Goal Exploration using Learned Goal Spaces for Visuomotor Skill Acquisition in Robots
E-LPIPS: Robust Perceptual Image Similarity via Random Transformation Ensembles
Unit Impulse Response as an Explainer of Redundancy in a Deep Convolutional Neural Network
Errors-in-variables Modeling of Personalized Treatment-Response Trajectories
2nd Place and 2nd Place Solution to Kaggle Landmark Recognition andRetrieval Competition 2019
Tropical Representations of Plactic Monoids
Automatic Algorithm Selection In Multi-agent Pathfinding
The Riddle of Togelby
Detecting Clues for Skill Levels and Machine Operation Difficulty from Egocentric Vision
Weighted Quasi Interpolant Spline Approximation of 3D point clouds via local refinement
Safe Reinforcement Learning Using Robust MPC
MPC-Based Precision Cooling Strategy (PCS) for Efficient Thermal Management of Automotive Air Conditioning System
Boosting Soft Actor-Critic: Emphasizing Recent Experience without Forgetting the Past
An active-set algorithm for norm constrained quadratic problems
Project Thyia: A Forever Gameplayer
On the Odd Cycle Game and Connected Rules
Pitfalls and Protocols in Practice of Manufacturing Data Science
CRCEN: A Generalized Cost-sensitive Neural Network Approach for Imbalanced Classification
‘Did You Hear That?’ Learning to Play Video Games from Audio Cues
Neural Spline Flows
Towards Safe Reinforcement Learning Using NMPC and Policy Gradients: Part II – Deterministic Case
The University of Helsinki submissions to the WMT19 news translation task
CAiRE_HKUST at SemEval-2019 Task 3: Hierarchical Attention for Dialogue Emotion Classification
GLTR: Statistical Detection and Visualization of Generated Text
Multiparametric Deep Learning and Radiomics for Tumor Grading and Treatment Response Assessment of Brain Cancer: Preliminary Results
On the performance of various parallel GMRES implementations on CPU and GPU clusters
Joint Semantic Domain Alignment and Target Classifier Learning for Unsupervised Domain Adaptation
Enabling Robust State Estimation through Measurement Error Covariance Adaptation
Towards Safe Reinforcement Learning Using NMPC and Policy Gradients: Part I – Stochastic case
Data-driven Reconstruction of Nonlinear Dynamics from Sparse Observation
A Dijkstra-Based Efficient Algorithm for Finding a Shortest Non-zero Path in Group-Labeled Graphs