How Different Is It Between Machine-Generated and Developer-Provided Patches? An Empirical Study on The Correct Patches Generated by Automated Program Repair Techniques
Recovering Variable Names for Minified Code with Usage Contexts
TickTalk — Timing API for Dynamically Federated Cyber-Physical Systems
Optimal Exploitation of Clustering and History Information in Multi-Armed Bandit
Intrinsic Stability: Global Stability of Dynamical Networks and Switched Systems Resilient to any Type of Time-Delays
Collage Inference: Achieving low tail latency during distributed image classification using coded redundancy models
Understanding Generalization through Visualizations
Sparse Variational Inference: Bayesian Coresets from Scratch
Detecting the Starting Frame of Actions in Video
Real or Fake? Learning to Discriminate Machine from Human Generated Text
Unsupervised Feature Learning with K-means and An Ensemble of Deep Convolutional Neural Networks for Medical Image Classification
Global Semantic Description of Objects based on Prototype Theory
Strategies to architect AI Safety: Defense to guard AI from Adversaries
Learning Individual Treatment Effects from Networked Observational Data
This Email Could Save Your Life: Introducing the Task of Email Subject Line Generation
Forward and Backward Knowledge Transfer for Sentiment Classification
Simultaneous Classification and Novelty Detection Using Deep Neural Networks
Guidelines for Responsible and Human-Centered Use of Explainable Machine Learning
Four Things Everyone Should Know to Improve Batch Normalization
A Survey on Neural Network Language Models
Learned Sectors: A fundamentals-driven sector reclassification project
Secrets of the Brain: An Introduction to the Brain Anatomical Structure and Biological Function
Predicting Global Variations in Outdoor PM2.5 Concentrations using Satellite Images and Deep Convolutional Neural Networks
Specialness and the Bose representation
Conics in Baer subplanes
Characterising elliptic solids of $Q(4,q)$, $q$ even
Reliable training and estimation of variance networks
Token-Curated Registry with Citation Graph
A differential game analysis of R&D in oligopoly with differentiated goods under general demand and cost functions: Bertrand vs. Cournot
Solving Electrical Impedance Tomography with Deep Learning
Visual Backpropagation
PDE Traffic Observer Validated on Freeway Data
Ultra-Wideband Air-to-Ground Propagation Channel Characterization in an Open Area
Smart IoT Cameras for Crowd Analysis based on augmentation for automatic pedestrian detection, simulation and annotation
Learning Temporal Pose Estimation from Sparsely-Labeled Videos
Cormorant: Covariant Molecular Neural Networks
Acceleration of Radiation Transport Solves Using Artificial Neural Networks
Hidden Convexity in the l0 Pseudonorm
A Class of Analytic Solutions for Verification and Convergence Analysis of Linear and Nonlinear Fluid-Structure Interaction Algorithms
Synchronization of complex human networks
PHiSeg: Capturing Uncertainty in Medical Image Segmentation
Enhanced Optimization with Composite Objectives and Novelty Pulsation
Theory of a Planckian metal
Deep Robust Single Image Depth Estimation Neural Network Using Scene Understanding
When and Why Metaheuristics Researchers Can Ignore ‘No Free Lunch’ Theorems
Latent feature disentanglement for 3D meshes
Effectiveness of Equalized Odds for Fair Classification under Imperfect Group Information
Dynamic First Price Auctions Robust to Heterogeneous Buyers
Adaptive Nonparametric Variational Autoencoder
Peter-Weyl, Howe and Schur-Weyl theorems for current groups
On the Transfer of Inductive Bias from Simulation to the Real World: a New Disentanglement Dataset
Assessing incrementality in sequence-to-sequence models
PyramNet: Point Cloud Pyramid Attention Network and Graph Embedding Module for Classification and Segmentation
Clustering Degree-Corrected Stochastic Block Model with Outliers
An optimal transport problem with backward martingale constraints motivated by insider trading
Adversarial Examples for Non-Parametric Methods: Attacks, Defenses and Large Sample Limits
Vandermondes in superspace
Optimal Transport Relaxations with Application to Wasserstein GANs
Efficient non-conjugate Gaussian process factor models for spike count data using polynomial approximations
An Approximate Restricted Likelihood Ratio Test for Variance Components in Generalized Linear Mixed Models
Empirical Likelihood for Contextual Bandits
Approximately Strategyproof Tournament Rules: On Large Manipulating Sets and Cover-Consistence
Nonlinear Pose Filters on the Special Euclidean Group SE(3) with Guaranteed Transient and Steady-state Performance
HowTo100M: Learning a Text-Video Embedding by Watching Hundred Million Narrated Video Clips
Manifold Matching Complexes
Efficient Project Gradient Descent for Ensemble Adversarial Attack
Benchmarking Minimax Linkage
Extension of Rough Set Based on Positive Transitive Relation
Dissecting Content and Context in Argumentative Relation Analysis
A Naive Bayes Approach for NFL Passing Evaluation using Tracking Data Extracted from Images
A splitting theorem for ordered hypergraphs
Increasing Transparent and Accountable Use of Data by Quantifying the Actual Privacy Risk in Interactive Record Linkage
When Unseen Domain Generalization is Unnecessary? Rethinking Data Augmentation
Classifying the reported ability in clinical mobility descriptions
Video Modeling with Correlation Networks
Watch, Try, Learn: Meta-Learning from Demonstrations and Reward
Structural Decompositions for End-to-End Relighting
Deep Contextualized Biomedical Abbreviation Expansion
Robust Bi-Tempered Logistic Loss Based on Bregman Divergences
Partially Linear Additive Gaussian Graphical Models
TransNet: A deep network for fast detection of common shot transitions
Online Forecasting of Total-Variation-bounded Sequences
Using learned optimizers to make models robust to input noise
Estimation Rates for Sparse Linear Cyclic Causal Models
Lift Up and Act! Classifier Performance in Resource-Constrained Applications
Clinical Concept Extraction for Document-Level Coding
S-ConvNet: A Shallow Convolutional Neural Network Architecture for Neuromuscular Activity Recognition Using Instantaneous High-Density Surface EMG Images
On the Leaders’ Graphical Characterization for Controllability of Path Related Graphs
A Characterization of $q$-binomials and its Application to Coding Theory
A Novel Modeling Approach for All-Dielectric Metasurfaces Using Deep Neural Networks
Physical implementation of quantum nonparametric learning with trapped ions
Detection and Prediction of Users Attitude Based on Real-Time and Batch Sentiment Analysis of Facebook Comments
Optimal Off-Policy Evaluation for Reinforcement Learning with Marginalized Importance Sampling
A Ride-Matching Strategy For Large Scale Dynamic Ridesharing Services Based on Polar Coordinates
Bayesian parametric analytic continuation of Green’s functions
Making targeted black-box evasion attacks effective and efficient
The regulator problem for the one-dimensional Schrodinger equation via the backstepping approach
Optimal Convergence for Stochastic Optimization with Multiple Expectation Constraints
Effective Use of Variational Embedding Capacity in Expressive End-to-End Speech Synthesis
A Coarse-to-Fine Framework for Learned Color Enhancement with Non-Local Attention
Secure Beamforming in MISO NOMA Backscatter Device Aided Symbiotic Radio Networks
A Two-Step Graph Convolutional Decoder for Molecule Generation
Asymptotically Optimal Change Point Detection for Composite Hypothesis in State Space Models
Class-specific Differential Detection in Diffractive Optical Neural Networks Improves Inference Accuracy
A Component-Based Approach to Traffic Data Wrangling
Lifschitz tail for alloy-type models driven by the fractional Laplacian
GSI: GPU-friendly Subgraph Isomorphism
Asymptotic Formulas for Empirical Measures of (Reflecting) Diffusion Processes on Riemannian Manifolds
News Labeling as Early as Possible: Real or Fake?
Convergence in Density of Splitting AVF Scheme for Stochastic Langevin Equation
Modified symmetry technique for mitigation of flow leak near corners for compressible inviscid fluid flow
Impact of temporal connectivity patterns on epidemic process
A Note on the Mean Residual Life Function of the Cantor Distribution
Defending against Adversarial Attacks through Resilient Feature Regeneration
Adversarial Mahalanobis Distance-based Attentive Song Recommender for Automatic Playlist Continuation
Algebra of Concurrent Games
Sensitivity of Deep Convolutional Networks to Gabor Noise
Control-guided Communication: Efficient Resource Arbitration and Allocation in Multi-hop Wireless Control Systems
Resource Management optimally in Non-Orthogonal Multiple Access Networks for fifth-generation by using game-theoretic
3DFPN-HS$^2$: 3D Feature Pyramid Network Based High Sensitivity and Specificity Pulmonary Nodule Detection
A gradual, semi-discrete approach to generative network training via explicit wasserstein minimization
Linear Optimization of Polynomials and Rational Functions over Boxes
5 Parallel Prism: A topology for pipelined implementations of convolutional neural networks using computational memory
Learning Radiative Transfer Models for Climate Change Applications in Imaging Spectroscopy
On statistical Calderón problems
Finding a Generator Matrix of a Multidimensional Cyclic Code
Improving Low-Resource Cross-lingual Document Retrieval by Reranking with Deep Bilingual Representations
Neurogeometry of perception: isotropic and anisotropic aspects
Making Asynchronous Stochastic Gradient Descent Work for Transformers
ML-LOO: Detecting Adversarial Examples with Feature Attribution
Positroid varieties and cluster algebras
Attending to Discriminative Certainty for Domain Adaptation
Logarithmic entanglement growth in two-dimensional disordered fermionic systems
Convolutional Bipartite Attractor Networks
Sentence Centrality Revisited for Unsupervised Summarization
Mastery Learning-Like Teaching with Achievements
Adaptive Two-stage Stochastic Programming with an Application to Capacity Expansion Planning
DiCENet: Dimension-wise Convolutions for Efficient Networks
Maximum Weighted Loss Discrepancy
Domain Adaptive Dialog Generation via Meta Learning
Inductive Logic Programming via Differentiable Deep Neural Logic Networks
Pattern-Affinitive Propagation across Depth, Surface Normal and Semantic Segmentation
Provably Robust Boosted Decision Stumps and Trees against Adversarial Attacks
Reducing the variance in online optimization by transporting past gradients
Linear Dimension Reduction Approximately Preserving a Function of the 1-Norm
Seeing Things from a Different Angle: Discovering Diverse Perspectives about Claims
Structure from Motion for Panorama-Style Videos
apricot: Submodular selection for data summarization in Python
Dynamic Mode Decomposition and Sparse Measurements for Characterization and Monitoring of Power System Disturbances
In Situ Cane Toad Recognition
Concentration inequalities in spaces of random configurations with positive Ricci curvatures
Toward Solving 2-TBSG Efficiently
The Implicit Bias of AdaGrad on Separable Data
Cross-view Semantic Segmentation for Sensing Surroundings
Referring Expression Grounding by Marginalizing Scene Graph Likelihood
Beyond Adversarial Training: Min-Max Optimization in Adversarial Attack and Defense
A Low Rank Gaussian Process Prediction Model for Very Large Datasets
Optimal Task Offloading and Resource Allocation for Fog Computing
Learning Deep Multi-Level Similarity for Thermal Infrared Object Tracking
Transfer Learning by Modeling a Distribution over Policies
Robust conditional GANs under missing or uncertain labels
Stochastic In-Face Frank-Wolfe Methods for Non-Convex Optimization and Sparse Neural Network Training
A Hierarchical Network for Diverse Trajectory Proposals
A State-of-the-Art Survey on Multidimensional Scaling Based Localization Techniques
Dynamic Network Embedding via Incremental Skip-gram with Negative Sampling
rVAD: An Unsupervised Segment-Based Robust Voice Activity Detection Method
Region of Attraction for Power Systems using Gaussian Process and Converse Lyapunov Function — Part I: Theoretical Framework and Off-line Study
Verifying fundamental solution groups for lossless wave equations via stationary action and optimal control
Quadratic Suffices for Over-parametrization via Matrix Chernoff Bound
Federated AI lets a team imagine together: Federated Learning of GANs
What and Where to Translate: Local Mask-based Image-to-Image Translation
High-dimensional limit theorems for random vectors in $\ell_p^n$-balls. II
Optimal Control for Controllable Stochastic Linear Systems
On Copula-based Collective Risk Models
Semi-supervised Complex-valued GAN for Polarimetric SAR Image Classification
Pixel DAG-Recurrent Neural Network for Spectral-Spatial Hyperspectral Image Classification
Probing for Semantic Classes: Diagnosing the Meaning Content of Word Embeddings
Distilling Object Detectors with Fine-grained Feature Imitation
On the Vulnerability of Capsule Networks to Adversarial Attacks
Analysis of a Poisson-picking symmetric winners-take-all game with randomized payoffs