Metric Learning for Individual Fairness
Robust Attacks against Multiple Classifiers
A long short-term memory stochastic volatility model
Seeing Behind Things: Extending Semantic Segmentation to Occluded Regions
Relaxed Weight Sharing: Effectively Modeling Time-Varying Relationships in Clinical Time-Series
NICO: A Dataset Towards Non-I.I.D. Image Classification
Transfer Learning for Nonparametric Classification: Minimax Rate and Adaptive Classifier
AutoGrow: Automatic Layer Growing in Deep Convolutional Networks
Reinforcement Learning under Drift
Preference-based Interactive Multi-Document Summarisation
Resampling-based Assessment of Robustness to Distribution Shift for Deep Neural Networks
Learning Representations of Graph Data — A Survey
Nonparametric volatility change detection
Online Graph-Based Change-Point Detection for High Dimensional Data
Automatic Reparameterisation of Probabilistic Programs
Multi-modal Active Learning From Human Data: A Deep Reinforcement Learning Approach
Reconciling Hierarchical Forecasts via Bayes’ Rule
Collaborating with Users in Proximity for Decentralized Mobile Recommender Systems
On the Current State of Research in Explaining Ensemble Performance Using Margins
Accurate deep neural network inference using computational phase-change memory
Non-Differentiable Supervised Learning with Evolution Strategies and Hybrid Methods
Multivariate Conditional Transformation Models
Distributed Learning with Random Features
Matching the Blanks: Distributional Similarity for Relation Learning
Kernelized Capsule Networks
Extracting Visual Knowledge from the Internet: Making Sense of Image Data
Labeled Graph Generative Adversarial Networks
A cryptographic approach to black box adversarial machine learning
Smart Sustainable Agriculture (SSA) Solution Underpinned by Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI)
An Evaluation Toolkit to Guide Model Selection and Cohort Definition in Causal Inference
Predicting Onset of Dementia in Parkinson’s Disease Patients
Estimating Time-Varying Causal Excursion Effect in Mobile Health with Binary Outcomes
Investigating Writing Style Development in High School
Mutual Information and the Edge of Chaos in Reservoir Computers
One ticket to win them all: generalizing lottery ticket initializations across datasets and optimizers
Connected Subgraph Defense Games
Fair Division Without Disparate Impact
Learning in Gated Neural Networks
Tutte Polynomial Activities
Benchmarking 6D Object Pose Estimation for Robotics
Limits on amplifiers of natural selection under death-Birth updating
Attention is all you need for Videos: Self-attention based Video Summarization using Universal Transformers
Stochasticity and Robustness in Spiking Neural Networks
Scene and Environment Monitoring Using Aerial Imagery and Deep Learning
Tensor Processing Units for Financial Monte Carlo
The Political Significance of Social Penumbras
Laws of large numbers for stochastic orders
Long monochromatic paths and cycles in $2$-edge-colored graphs with large minimum degree
Association Between Intelligence and Cortical Thickness in Adolescents: Evidence from the ABCD Study
Modeling financial analysts’ decision making via the pragmatics and semantics of earnings calls
Worst-Case Regret Bounds for Exploration via Randomized Value Functions
Graph Embedding based Wireless Link Scheduling with Few Training Samples
Mixed Strategy Game Model Against Data Poisoning Attacks
Compressing RNNs for IoT devices by 15-38x using Kronecker Products
Vertex Classification on Weighted Networks
Learning to Recommend Third-Party Library Migration Opportunities at the API Level
Adaptive Step Size Strategy for Orthogonality Constrained Line Search Methods
Sandwiching random regular graphs between binomial random graphs
The server is dead, long live the server: Rise of Serverless Computing, Overview of Current State and Future Trends in Research and Industry
Visually Grounded Neural Syntax Acquisition
Early Prediction of Epilepsy Seizures VLSI BCI System
The average cut-rank of graphs
Reliable Classification Explanations via Adversarial Attacks on Robust Networks
Semi-supervised Stochastic Multi-Domain Learning using Variational Inference
Compositional Questions Do Not Necessitate Multi-hop Reasoning
Decompose-and-Integrate Learning for Multi-class Segmentation in Medical Images
A ruin model with a resampled environment
Exponential-Binary State-Space Search
Conditional Neural Style Transfer with Peer-Regularized Feature Transform
Fast and Simple Natural-Gradient Variational Inference with Mixture of Exponential-family Approximations
Rectifying Classifier Chains for Multi-Label Classification
Multi-hop Reading Comprehension through Question Decomposition and Rescoring
EVDodge: Embodied AI For High-Speed Dodging On A Quadrotor Using Event Cameras
PseudoEdgeNet: Nuclei Segmentation only with Point Annotations
Predictive control generalization for nonlinear discrete dynamical systems
The Normalization Method for Alleviating Pathological Sharpness in Wide Neural Networks
Coding Theorems for Asynchronous Slepian-Wolf Coding Systems
Compositional Abstraction-based Synthesis of General MDPs via Approximate Probabilistic Relations
Inductive Bias of Gradient Descent based Adversarial Training on Separable Data
Key Ingredients of Self-Driving Cars
Selfie: Self-supervised Pretraining for Image Embedding
Learning Classifier Synthesis for Generalized Few-Shot Learning
Optimal and Sub-optimal Feedback Controls for Biogas Production
Centrally symmetric tilings of fern-cored hexagons
Early detection of sepsis utilizing deep learning on electronic health record event sequences
Energy balancing using charge/discharge storages control and load forecasts in a renewable-energy-based grids
Deep Learning based Cephalometric Landmark Identification using Landmark-dependent Multi-scale Patches
Matheuristic algorithms for the parallel drone scheduling traveling salesman problem
Beamforming and other methods for denoising microphone array data
Approximation of exit times for one-dimensional linear and growth diffusion processes
Audio tagging with noisy labels and minimal supervision
A roundabout model with on-ramp queues: exact results and scaling approximations
A Wind of Change: Detecting and Evaluating Lexical Semantic Change across Times and Domains
A Central Limit Theorem for the number of descents and some urn models
Asynchronous Circuits as an Enabler of Scalable And Programmable Metasurfaces
An Artificial Intelligence-Based System for Nutrient Intake Assessment of Hospitalised Patients
Topological descriptors of spatial coherence in a convective boundary layer
Detecting Out-of-Distribution Inputs to Deep Generative Models Using a Test for Typicality
Deep Angular Embedding and Feature Correlation Attention for Breast MRI Cancer Analysis
Reconstruction and Membership Inference Attacks against Generative Models
On the Compositionality Prediction of Noun Phrases using Poincaré Embeddings
RankQA: Neural Question Answering with Answer Re-Ranking
Deep Learning For Experimental Hybrid Terrestrial and Satellite Interference Management
Visual Person Understanding through Multi-Task and Multi-Dataset Learning
Active inference body perception and action for humanoid robots
Chauffeuring a Crashed Robot from a Disk
Context-driven Active and Incremental Activity Recognition
A Generative Framework for Zero-Shot Learning with Adversarial Domain Adaptation
Coherent Point Drift Networks: Unsupervised Learning of Non-Rigid Point Set Registration
Closed-loop adaptive control of extreme events in a turbulent flow
Computing Exact Guarantees for Differential Privacy
DeepBundle: Fiber Bundle Parcellation with Graph Convolution Neural Networks
Approximate Identification of the Optimal Epidemic Source in Complex Networks
A Tree Pattern Matching Algorithm for XML Queries with Structural Preferences
Polyak Steps for Adaptive Fast Gradient Method
Robust subgaussian estimation of a mean vector in nearly linear time
Maximum nullity and zero forcing of circulant graphs
CoAPI: An Efficient Two-Phase Algorithm Using Core-Guided Over-Approximate Cover for Prime Compilation of Non-Clausal Formulae
Unsupervised Representation Learning of DNA Sequences
Improving Relation Extraction by Pre-trained Language Representations
Limit theory for unbiased and consistent estimators of statistics of random tessellations
Shared-Private Bilingual Word Embeddings for Neural Machine Translation
Optimal algebraic Breadth-First Search for sparse graphs
A comparison principle between rough and non-rough Heston models – with applications to the volatility surface
Word-based Domain Adaptation for Neural Machine Translation
Word Embeddings for the Armenian Language: Intrinsic and Extrinsic Evaluation
Invariant Schreier decorations of unimodular random networks
HPILN: A feature learning framework for cross-modality person re-identification
Spreading linear triple systems and expander triple systems
A deep learning approach for automated detection of geographic atrophy from color fundus photographs
Structured Variational Inference in Continuous Cox Process Models
Beamforming Optimization for Wireless Network Aided by Intelligent Reflecting Surface with Discrete Phase Shifts
Random walk on the simple symmetric exclusion process
Subdivision of Maps of Digital Images
Analyzing Social Media Data to Understand Consumers’ Information Needs on Dietary Supplements
Ego-Pose Estimation and Forecasting as Real-Time PD Control
Mean Field Games for Multi-agent Systems with Multiplicative Noises
Modelling the spatial extent and severity of extreme European windstorms
Correlation bounds, mixing and m-dependence under random time-varying network distances with an application to Cox-Processes
Singularities and radical initial ideals
Fighting Quantization Bias With Bias
Lightweight Parallel Foundations: a model-compliant communication layer
Multimodal End-to-End Autonomous Driving
Recurrent Kernel Networks
A conjecture of Verstraëte on vertex-disjoint cycles
Hypercontractivity, and Lower Deviation Estimates in Normed Spaces
Building a Production Model for Retrieval-Based Chatbots
The varying importance of extrinsic factors in the success of startup fundraising: competition at early-stage and networks at growth-stage
Hierarchical Event-triggered Learning for Cyclically Excited Systems with Application to Wireless Sensor Networks
Finite Markov chains coupled to general Markov processes and an application to metastability
Importance Weighted Adversarial Variational Autoencoders for Spike Inference from Calcium Imaging Data
Sunklodas’ approach to normal approximation for time-dependent dynamical systems
Data-to-text Generation with Entity Modeling
Inferring phenotypic trait evolution on large trees with many incomplete measurements
Machine Learning Prediction of Accurate Atomization Energies of Organic Molecules from Low-Fidelity Quantum Chemical Calculations
Zooming Cautiously: Linear-Memory Heuristic Search With Node Expansion Guarantees
Ensemble Pruning via Margin Maximization
Evolving Losses for Unlabeled Video Representation Learning
Learning Word Embeddings with Domain Awareness
Disentangled State Space Representations