Neural Bug Finding: A Study of Opportunities and Challenges
Smart Contract Design Meets State Machine Synthesis: Case Studies
Learning Software Configuration Spaces: A Systematic Literature Review
Transwarp Conduit: Interoperable Blockchain Application Framework
Linear and Quadratic Discriminant Analysis: Tutorial
An Effective Algorithm for Learning Single Occurrence Regular Expressions with Interleaving
Learning to Rank for Plausible Plausibility
A Passage-Based Approach to Learning to Rank Documents
GOT: An Optimal Transport framework for Graph comparison
Artificial Intelligence in Clinical Health Care Applications: Viewpoint
Diameter-based Interactive Structure Search
Don’t Paint It Black: White-Box Explanations for Deep Learning in Computer Security
Can Graph Neural Networks Help Logic Reasoning?
Combining Physics-Based Domain Knowledge and Machine Learning using Variational Gaussian Processes with Explicit Linear Prior
Fair Distributions from Biased Samples: A Maximum Entropy Optimization Framework
Variational Pretraining for Semi-supervised Text Classification
Robust real-time monitoring of high-dimensional data streams
Deep Q-Learning for Directed Acyclic Graph Generation
SParC: Cross-Domain Semantic Parsing in Context
Automated Machine Learning: State-of-The-Art and Open Challenges
Progressive-X: Efficient, Anytime, Multi-Model Fitting Algorithm
Self-Activation Influence Maximization
Teaching AI to Explain its Decisions Using Embeddings and Multi-Task Learning
Private Deep Learning with Teacher Ensembles
A Tunable Loss Function for Classification
How to Initialize your Network? Robust Initialization for WeightNorm & ResNets
A Statistical Density-Based Analysis of Graph Clustering Algorithm Performance
Deep Reinforcement Learning for Multi-objective Optimization
Enhancing Multi-model Inference with Natural Selection
Multi-view Knowledge Graph Embedding for Entity Alignment
Query-efficient Meta Attack to Deep Neural Networks
Uncertainty-guided Continual Learning with Bayesian Neural Networks
Clustered Reinforcement Learning
Using anomaly detection to support classification of fast running (packaging) processes
Estimation with informative missing data in the low-rank model with random effects
Towards Interpretable Reinforcement Learning Using Attention Augmented Agents
Ihara Zeta Entropy
What you need is a more professional teacher
Boosting Operational DNN Testing Efficiency through Conditioning
Artificial Intelligence helps making Quality Assurance processes leaner
Marginalized Frailty-Based Illness-Death Model: Application to the UK-Biobank Survival Data
Synchronized Wavelength-Swept Signal Transmission and its Ability to Evade Optical Reflection Crosstalk
Prediction of Workplace Injuries
Automated Classification of Seizures against Nonseizures: A Deep Learning Approach
A copula-based bivariate integer-valued autoregressive process with application
Locally Heavy Hyperplanes in Multiarrangements
Large-Scale Multi-Label Text Classification on EU Legislation
Automated Activity Recognition of Construction Equipment Using a Data Fusion Approach
On Low Complexity RLL Code for Visible Light Communication
On the use of Pairwise Distance Learning for Brain Signal Classification with Limited Observations
Exact enumeration approach to first-passage time distribution of non-Markov random walks
Unbiased estimators for the variance of MMD estimators
Latent Weights Do Not Exist: Rethinking Binarized Neural Network Optimization
Investigating the Lombard Effect Influence on End-to-End Audio-Visual Speech Recognition
A Guidance Law for Terminal Phase Exo-Atmospheric Interception Against a Maneuvering Target using Angle-Only Measurements Optimized using Reinforcement Meta-Learning
A Games-in-Games Approach to Mosaic Command and Control Design of Dynamic Network-of-Networks for Secure and Resilient Multi-Domain Operations
Typical dynamics and fluctuation analysis of slow-fast systems driven by fractional Brownian motion
Exploration with Unreliable Intrinsic Reward in Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning
Cubic-Spline Flows
Building a Computer Mahjong Player via Deep Convolutional Neural Networks
Triangles in $K_s$-saturated graphs with minimum degree $t$
Anticipation in collaborative music performance using fuzzy systems: a case study
Kirkman Systems that Attain the Upper Bound on the Minimum Block Sum, for Access Balancing in Distributed Storage
Locally optimal designs for generalized linear models within the family of Kiefer $Φ_k$-criteria
A novel characterization and new simple tests of multivariate independence using copulas
A systematic framework for natural perturbations from videos
Joint Synchronization, Phase Noise and Compressive Channel Estimation in Hybrid Frequency-Selective mmWave MIMO Systems
Group divisible designs with block size four and type $g^u b^1 (gu/2)^1$
Estimating Feature-Label Dependence Using Gini Distance Statistics
Break the Ceiling: Stronger Multi-scale Deep Graph Convolutional Networks
Memories of initial states and density imbalance in dynamics of interacting disordered systems
Nail Polish Try-On: Realtime Semantic Segmentation of Small Objects for Native and Browser Smartphone AR Applications
Signaletic operads
Quantum Algorithms for Solving Dynamic Programming Problems
Weighted Irrigation Plans
Updating the Wassenaar Debate Once Again: Surveillance, Intrusion Software, and Ambiguity
Noise Contrastive Meta-Learning for Conditional Density Estimation using Kernel Mean Embeddings
ECH capacities, Ehrhart theory, and toric varieties
Adaptation Across Extreme Variations using Unlabeled Domain Bridges
Extracting Symptoms and their Status from Clinical Conversations
A Deep Learning Framework for Classification of in vitro Multi-Electrode Array Recordings
Energy and Policy Considerations for Deep Learning in NLP
Complex Evolution Recurrent Neural Networks (ceRNNs)
General Purpose Incremental Covariance Update and Efficient Belief Space Planning via Factor-Graph Propagation Action Tree
Optimal control of infinite-dimensional Piecewise Deterministic Markov Processes: a BSDE approach. Application to the control of an excitable cell membrane
Probabilistic Structure Learning for EEG/MEG Source Imaging with Hierarchical Graph Prior
Butterfly Transform: An Efficient FFT Based Neural Architecture Design
Quasi-invariance of fractional Gaussian fields nonlinear wave equation with polynomial nonlinearity
Lightweight Real-time Makeup Try-on in Mobile Browsers with Tiny CNN Models for Facial Tracking
Sidewalk and Toronto: Critical Systems Heuristics and the Smart City
Bayesian Wavelet-packet Historical Functional Linear Models
Robustness and Tractability for Non-convex M-estimators
Continuous Control for Automated Lane Change Behavior Based on Deep Deterministic Policy Gradient Algorithm
An Imitation Learning Approach to Unsupervised Parsing
A Data Driven Method of Feedforward Compensator Optimization for Autonomous Vehicle Control
Investigation of Cyber Attacks on a Water Distribution System
Learning Shape Representation on Sparse Point Clouds for Volumetric Image Segmentation
Enhancing Gradient-based Attacks with Symbolic Intervals
Improving RetinaNet for CT Lesion Detection with Dense Masks from Weak RECIST Labels
Brain-Network Clustering via Kernel-ARMA Modeling and the Grassmannian
Random sequential adsorption of Platonic and Archimedean solids
Progressive NAPSAC: sampling from gradually growing neighborhoods
A neural network based policy iteration algorithm with global $H^2$-superlinear convergence for stochastic games on domains
Implied and Realized Volatility: A Study of Distributions and the Distribution of Difference
Low rank plus sparse decomposition of synthetic aperture radar data for target imaging and tracking
Risk-Sensitive Compact Decision Trees for Autonomous Execution in Presence of Simulated Market Response
Greed is Not Always Good: On Submodular Maximization over Independence Systems
Highly Parallelized Data-driven MPC for Minimal Intervention Shared Control
DEMO-Net: Degree-specific Graph Neural Networks for Node and Graph Classification
DOT: Gene-set analysis by combining decorrelated association statistics
Privacy-Preserving Classification of Personal Text Messages with Secure Multi-Party Computation: An Application to Hate-Speech Detection
Improved low-count quantitative PET reconstruction with a variational neural network
Context Attentive Document Ranking and Query Suggestion
OutdoorSent: Can Semantic Features Help Deep Learning in Sentiment Analysis of Outdoor Images?
On the graphical stability of hybrid solutions with non-matching jump times: Extended Paper
MNIST-C: A Robustness Benchmark for Computer Vision
Towards Business Partnership Recommendation Using User Opinion on Facebook
Anatomical Priors for Image Segmentation via Post-Processing with Denoising Autoencoders
Syntax-Infused Variational Autoencoder for Text Generation
On the Convergence of SARAH and Beyond
One Additional Qubit is Enough: Encoded Embeddings for Boolean Components in Quantum Circuits
Efficient Subsampled Gauss-Newton and Natural Gradient Methods for Training Neural Networks
Neural SDE: Stabilizing Neural ODE Networks with Stochastic Noise
Survey on Publicly Available Sinhala Natural Language Processing Tools and Research
All Terminal Reliability Roots of Smallest Modulus
Intelligent Reflecting Surface Assisted Multi-User MISO Communication
Explain Yourself! Leveraging Language Models for Commonsense Reasoning
Context-Aware Visual Policy Network for Fine-Grained Image Captioning
Qsparse-local-SGD: Distributed SGD with Quantization, Sparsification, and Local Computations
Omnidirectional Scene Text Detection with Sequential-free Box Discretization
Blockwise Based Detection of Local Defects
Non-Linear Estimation of Convolutionally Encoded Sequences
Distributed Optimal Load Frequency Control Considering Nonsmooth Cost Functions
Selecting Biomarkers for building optimal treatment selection rules using Kernel Machines
A General $\mathcal{O}(n^2)$ Hyper-Parameter Optimization for Gaussian Process Regression with Cross-Validation and Non-linearly Constrained ADMM
Generative Model-Based Ischemic Stroke Lesion Segmentation
Stochastic Sparse Learning with Momentum Adaptation for Imprecise Memristor Networks
Passive Multi-Target Tracking Using the Adaptive Birth Intensity PHD Filter
Obstructed Target Tracking in Urban Environments
SparseSense: Human Activity Recognition from Highly Sparse Sensor Data-streams Using Set-based Neural Networks
Learning to regularize with a variational autoencoder for hydrologic inverse analysis
Indirect interactions influence contact network structure and diffusion dynamics
Comprehensive Personalized Ranking Using One-Bit Comparison Data
A partial order and cluster-similarity metric on rooted phylogenetic trees
Handling Inter-Annotator Agreement for Automated Skin Lesion Segmentation
Sparse Parallel Training of Hierarchical Dirichlet Process Topic Models
Zorro: A Model Agnostic System to Price Consumer Data
Extreme Points Derived Confidence Map as a Cue For Class-Agnostic Segmentation Using Deep Neural Network
Salient Building Outline Enhancement and Extraction Using Iterative L0 Smoothing and Line Enhancing
One-shot Information Extraction from Document Images using Neuro-Deductive Program Synthesis
Amortized Inference of Variational Bounds for Learning Noisy-OR
Occluded Face Recognition Using Low-rank Regression with Generalized Gradient Direction
Shift-of-Perspective Identification Within Legal Cases
Nonconvex Approach for Sparse and Low-Rank Constrained Models with Dual Momentum
Complete Dictionary Learning via $\ell^4$-Norm Maximization over the Orthogonal Group
Primal-Dual Block Frank-Wolfe
GCDT: A Global Context Enhanced Deep Transition Architecture for Sequence Labeling
Fast Multi-resolution Segmentation for Nonstationary Hawkes Process Using Cumulants
Should Adversarial Attacks Use Pixel p-Norm?
Robust Neural Machine Translation with Doubly Adversarial Inputs
Fault Diagnosis of Rotary Machines using Deep Convolutional Neural Network with three axis signal input
Evolution of Hierarchical Structure & Reuse in iGEM Synthetic DNA Sequences
Joint Optimization of Cooperative Communication and Computation in Two-Way Relay MEC Systems
Quantum Distributed Algorithm for the All-Pairs Shortest Path Problem in the CONGEST-CLIQUE Model
Unsupervised Pivot Translation for Distant Languages
ActivityNet-QA: A Dataset for Understanding Complex Web Videos via Question Answering
Optimized Deployment of Millimeter Wave Networks for In-venue Regions with Stochastic Users’ Orientation
CANet: An Unsupervised Intrusion Detection System for High Dimensional CAN Bus Data
Anytime Lane-Level Intersection Estimation Based on Trajectories
Cross-Modal Interaction Networks for Query-Based Moment Retrieval in Videos
Gradual Machine Learning for Aspect-level Sentiment Analysis
Counterfactual Inference for Consumer Choice Across Many Product Categories
Likelihood Ratios for Out-of-Distribution Detection
Market Implementation of Multiple-Arrival Multiple-Deadline Differentiated Energy Services
Optimal Resource Procurement and the Price of Causality
Reliable Estimation of Individual Treatment Effect with Causal Information Bottleneck