On the Use of Information Retrieval to Automate the Detection of Third-Party Java Library Migration at the Method Level
Adroitness: An Android-based Middleware for Fast Development of High-performance Apps
Architectural Middleware that Supports Building High-performance, Scalable, Ubiquitous, Intelligent Personal Assistants
Revisiting Hyper-Parameter Tuning for Search-based Test Data Generation
The FacT: Taming Latent Factor Models for Explainability with Factorization Trees
Multi-News: a Large-Scale Multi-Document Summarization Dataset and Abstractive Hierarchical Model
An Introduction to Deep Morphological Networks
Reinforcement Learning When All Actions are Not Always Available
Foundations of Constructive Probability Theory
Risks from Learned Optimization in Advanced Machine Learning Systems
Data Sketching for Faster Training of Machine Learning Models
On Testing Marginal versus Conditional Independence
Invariant Tensor Feature Coding
Fair Near Neighbor Search: Independent Range Sampling in High Dimensions
Enumeration of Distinct Support Vectors for Interactive Decision Making
Baby steps towards few-shot learning with multiple semantics
Evaluation and Improvement of Chatbot Text Classification Data Quality Using Plausible Negative Examples
Detecting linear trend changes and point anomalies in data sequences
Impact of Prior Knowledge and Data Correlation on Privacy Leakage: A Unified Analysis
Enhancing interoperable datasets with virtual links
Interpretable and Differentially Private Predictions
Ensemble MCMC: Accelerating Pseudo-Marginal MCMC for State Space Models using the Ensemble Kalman Filter
An Information-Theoretical Approach to the Information Capacity and Cost-Effectiveness Evaluation of Color Palettes
IoT-Enabled Distributed Data Processing for Precision Agriculture
A Natural Language-Inspired Multi-label Video Streaming Traffic Classification Method Based on Deep Neural Networks
Dimensional crossover in the aging dynamics of spin glasses in a film geometry
Shellings from relative shellings, with an application to NP-completeness
Counting independent sets in unbalanced bipartite graphs
Bayesian Active Learning With Abstention Feedbacks
5G Downlink Multi-Beam Signal Design for LOS Positioning
On General Lattice Quantization Noise
Post-editing Productivity with Neural Machine Translation: An Empirical Assessment of Speed and Quality in the Banking and Finance Domain
Solution of the Kolmogorov equation for TASEP
Scalable Spatial Scan Statistics for Trajectories
Visual Fixations Duration as an Indicator of Skill Level in eSports
On Benjamini-Hochberg procedure applied to mid p-values
Natural Gas Flow Solvers using Convex Relaxation
Optimal auction duration: A price formation viewpoint
An optimization framework for resilient batch estimation in Cyber-Physical Systems
High-resolution estimates of the foreign-born population and international migration for the United States
Nonlinear Equivalent Resistance-based Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT)
Memory-assisted Statistically-ranked RF Beam Training Algorithm for Sparse MIMO
Monopulse-based THz Beam Tracking for Indoor Virtual Reality Applications
A Best Possible Result for the Square of a 2-Block to be Hamiltonian
Assessing the Robustness of Bayesian Dark Knowledge to Posterior Uncertainty
BayesSim: adaptive domain randomization via probabilistic inference for robotics simulators
The Unreasonable Effectiveness of Transformer Language Models in Grammatical Error Correction
Manifold-regression to predict from MEG/EEG brain signals without source modeling
Distributed Training with Heterogeneous Data: Bridging Median and Mean Based Algorithms
Geo-Aware Networks for Fine Grained Recognition
A Just and Comprehensive Strategy for Using NLP to Address Online Abuse
Fréchet random forests
On the computability properties of topological entropy: a general approach
Balanced Ranking with Diversity Constraints
The simple exclusion process on finite connected graphs
Revisiting Joint Modeling of Cross-document Entity and Event Coreference Resolution
Slack Channels Ecology in Enterprises: How Employees Collaborate Through Group Chat
Going Deep: Models for Continuous-TimeWithin-Play Valuation of Game Outcomesin American Football with Tracking Data
Generalized Linear Rule Models
Entity-Centric Contextual Affective Analysis
Visual Story Post-Editing
4.5 GHz Lithium Niobate MEMS Filters with 10% Fractional Bandwidth for 5G Front-ends
Indirect Inference for Locally Stationary Models
PI-Net: A Deep Learning Approach to Extract Topological Persistence Images
Lifelong Learning with a Changing Action Set
Simulation of Programmable Matter Systems Using Active Tile-Based Self-Assembly
RIP-based performance guarantee for low-tubal-rank tensor recovery
Generating Multiple Diverse Responses with Multi-Mapping and Posterior Mapping Selection
Learning to Compose and Reason with Language Tree Structures for Visual Grounding
Global Optimality Guarantees For Policy Gradient Methods
Learning Deep Transformer Models for Machine Translation
Memory Consolidation for Contextual Spoken Language Understanding with Dialogue Logistic Inference
PAC-GAN: An Effective Pose Augmentation Scheme for Unsupervised Cross-View Person Re-identification
DOER: Dual Cross-Shared RNN for Aspect Term-Polarity Co-Extraction
Fully Automated Pancreas Segmentation with Two-stage 3D Convolutional Neural Networks
Two-Stream Region Convolutional 3D Network for Temporal Activity Detection
One-pass Multi-task Networks with Cross-task Guided Attention for Brain Tumor Segmentation
StarNet: Pedestrian Trajectory Prediction using Deep Neural Network in Star Topology
Artifact Disentanglement Network for Unsupervised Metal Artifact Reduction
A Sustainable Multi-modal Multi-layer Emotion-aware Service at the Edge
The Stanford Acuity Test: A Probabilistic Approach for Precise Visual Acuity Testing
Turán number of disjoint triangles in 4-partite graphs
Towards Multimodal Sarcasm Detection (An _Obviously_ Perfect Paper)
Opportunistic NOMA-based Low-Latency Uplink Transmissions
Discriminative Few-Shot Learning Based on Directional Statistics
Infant Contact-less Non-Nutritive Sucking Pattern Quantification via Facial Gesture Analysis
A Feature Transfer Enabled Multi-Task Deep Learning Model on Medical Imaging
Binarized Collaborative Filtering with Distilling Graph Convolutional Networks
Proper disconnection of graphs
A Hierarchical Reinforced Sequence Operation Method for Unsupervised Text Style Transfer
Automatic Generation of High Quality CCGbanks for Parser Domain Adaptation
Fusion of Mobile Device Signal Data Attributes Enables Multi-Protocol Entity Resolution and Enhanced Large-Scale Tracking
How Many Impulses Redux
Improving Textual Network Embedding with Global Attention via Optimal Transport
Detecting Kissing Scenes in a Database of Hollywood Films
Probabilistic hypergraph grammars for efficient molecular optimization
Compact Approximation for Polynomial of Covariance Feature
Variational Spectral Graph Convolutional Networks
Spatial automatic subgroup analysis for areal data with repeated measures
Topic Sensitive Attention on Generic Corpora Corrects Sense Bias in Pretrained Embeddings
GRAM: Scalable Generative Models for Graphs with Graph Attention Mechanism
AssemblyNet: A Novel Deep Decision-Making Process for Whole Brain MRI Segmentation
OpenEI: An Open Framework for Edge Intelligence
Non-Wire Alternatives: an Additional Value Stream for Distributed Energy Resources
A Survey of Behavior Learning Applications in Robotics — State of the Art and Perspectives
Deep learning based unsupervised concept unification in the embedding space
Terminology-based Text Embedding for Computing Document Similarities on Technical Content
A semi-implicit relaxed Douglas-Rachford algorithm (sir-DR) for Ptychograhpy
pCAMP: Performance Comparison of Machine Learning Packages on the Edges
Data-driven Thresholding in Denoising with Spectral Graph Wavelet Transform
David and Goliath: Privacy Lobbying in the European Union
Farm land weed detection with region-based deep convolutional neural networks
Weakly Supervised Object Detection with 2D and 3D Regression Neural Networks
Genetic Random Weight Change Algorithm for the Learning of Multilayer Neural Networks
A Robust Roll Angle Estimation Algorithm Based on Gradient Descent
AI-Skin : Skin Disease Recognition based on Self-learning and Wide Data Collection through a Closed Loop Framework
Corn leaf detection using Region based convolutional neural network
On Colourability of Polygon Visibility Graphs
Combining crowd-sourcing and deep learning to understand meso-scale organization of shallow convection
Training Temporal Word Embeddings with a Compass
Towards Document Image Quality Assessment: A Text Line Based Framework and A Synthetic Text Line Image Dataset
Empirical Risk Minimization under Random Censorship: Theory and Practice
Consistency regularization and CutMix for semi-supervised semantic segmentation
Expectation Propagation Detector for Extra-Large Scale Massive MIMO
Neural Learning of Online Consumer Credit Risk
A Resource-Free Evaluation Metric for Cross-Lingual Word Embeddings Based on Graph Modularity
Approximate Inference Turns Deep Networks into Gaussian Processes
Evaluating Geospatial RDF stores Using the Benchmark Geographica 2
Human Activity Recognition with Convolutional Neural Netowrks
Dynamic monopolistic competition with sluggish adjustment of entry and exit
Learning Bilingual Sentence Embeddings via Autoencoding and Computing Similarities with a Multilayer Perceptron
Automated Speech Generation from UN General Assembly Statements: Mapping Risks in AI Generated Texts
Maximizing Energy Battery Efficiency in Swarm Robotics
From Balustrades to Pierre Vinken: Looking for Syntax in Transformer Self-Attentions
Efficient, Lexicon-Free OCR using Deep Learning
Efficient Codebook and Factorization for Second Order Representation Learning
Generating Multi-Sentence Abstractive Summaries of Interleaved Texts
A Model-free Approach to Linear Least Squares Regression with Exact Probabilities and Applications to Covariate Selection
Distributed Weighted Matching via Randomized Composable Coresets
Every child should have parents: a taxonomy refinement algorithm based on hyperbolic term embeddings
Machine Learning and System Identification for Estimation in Physical Systems
An Uncertainty-Driven GCN Refinement Strategy for Organ Segmentation
Visual Confusion Label Tree For Image Classification
Correlation of a macroscopic dent in a wedge with mixed boundary conditions
Symmetries of shamrocks IV: The self-complementary case
Last-iterate convergence rates for min-max optimization
Resonance graphs of catacondensed even ring systems
OctopusNet: A Deep Learning Segmentation Network for Multi-modal Medical Images
Evaluating Explainers via Perturbation
Multi-way Encoding for Robustness
Renewal Time Points for Hawkes Processes
A GLCM Embedded CNN Strategy for Computer-aided Diagnosis in Intracerebral Hemorrhage
Imitation Learning for Non-Autoregressive Neural Machine Translation
Single-Camera Basketball Tracker through Pose and Semantic Feature Fusion
An Interposer-Based Root of Trust: Seize the Opportunity for Secure System-Level Integration of Untrusted Chiplets
The FRENK Datasets of Socially Unacceptable Discourse in Slovene and English
Infinite paths on a random environment of $\mathbb{Z}^2$ with bounded and recurrent sums
KAS-term: Extracting Slovene Terms from Doctoral Theses via Supervised Machine Learning
Modern Random Access for Beyond-5G Systems: a Multiple-Relay ALOHA Perspective
The Language of Dialogue Is Complex
Neural Legal Judgment Prediction in English
Adapting Neural Networks for the Estimation of Treatment Effects
Gradient-Based Neural DAG Learning
Finding Friend and Foe in Multi-Agent Games
ASP-based Discovery of Semi-Markovian Causal Models under Weaker Assumptions