Selection Threshold Optimized Empirically via Splitting (STOPES)
A variable selection procedure for low to moderate size linear regressions models. This method repeatedly splits the data into two sets, one for estima …

Classes and Functions to Serve as the Basis for Other ‘Gx’ Packages (CoreGx)
A collection of functions and classes which serve as the foundation for our lab’s suite of R packages, such as ‘PharmacoGx’ and ‘RadioGx’. This package …

Graphical Elements of the University of Konstanz’s Corporate
Define and use graphical elements of corporate design manuals in R. The ‘unikn’ package provides color functions (by defining dedicated colors and colo …

Quality Assessment for Seasonal Adjustment (rjdqa)
Add-in to the ‘RJDemetra’ package on seasonal adjustments. It allows to produce quality assessments outputs (dashboards, quality report matrix, etc.).