What to Fear and How to Love the Dawning Robot Age
A penetrating guide to artificial intelligence: what it is, how it works, and the ways it will define our lives – for better and worse. Computer programs can recognize human faces more reliably than humans. They beat us at board games, they bluff better than the best poker players in the world, and some of them can almost pass as human. At a breathtaking pace, machines are becoming better and faster at making complex decisions – even compared to us. In Who’s Afraid of AI?, a guide to the most awe-inspiring AI achievements – as well as the most frightening – award-winning author Thomas Ramge expertly explains how machines are learning to learn. Plus, he turns our gaze toward the future as he ponders the greatest AI conundrum: What will become of humans when smart machines become more intelligent than us? What happens when, in many ways, we’re obsolete?