Rant google
Rant is an all-purpose procedural text engine that is most simply described as the opposite of Regex. It has been refined to include a dizzying array of features for handling everything from the most basic of string generation tasks to advanced dialogue generation, code templating, automatic formatting, and more. The goal of the project is to enable developers of all kinds to automate repetitive writing tasks with a high degree of creative freedom. …

Mask Editor google
Deep convolutional neural network (DCNN) is the state-of-the-art method for image segmentation, which is one of key challenging computer vision tasks. However, DCNN requires a lot of training images with corresponding image masks to get a good segmentation result. Image annotation software which is easy to use and allows fast image mask generation is in great demand. To the best of our knowledge, all existing image annotation software support only drawing bounding polygons, bounding boxes, or bounding ellipses to mark target objects. These existing software are inefficient when targeting objects that have irregular shapes (e.g., defects in fabric images or tire images). In this paper we design an easy-to-use image annotation software called Mask Editor for image mask generation. Mask Editor allows drawing any bounding curve to mark objects and improves efficiency to mark objects with irregular shapes. Mask Editor also supports drawing bounding polygons, drawing bounding boxes, drawing bounding ellipses, painting, erasing, super-pixel-marking, image cropping, multi-class masks, mask loading, and mask modifying. …

Phaedra google
Phaedra is an open source platform for data capture and analysis of high-content screening data. It offers functionality to
· import image data from any source
· assess your data with industry’s richest toolbox
· improve data quality using intelligent validation methods
· use built-in statistics and machine learning workflows
· generate QC and analysis reports using templates …