Using AI to Create Meaningful Internet of Things Applications delves into how artificial intelligence and the internet of things are converging to create the intelligence of things. This hands-on reference book will equip organizations to face challenges in deploying AI systems to transform their IoT designs from theory to practical solutions. The integration of artificial intelligence and internet of things requires multidisciplinary areas of expertise and so the authors draw on a variety of IoT and AI Intel software development kits, including the Sensing & Analytics Framework and the Computer Vision SDK, highlight examples of deploying the Movidius VPU vision processor, and provide real world IoT use cases based in the Python programing language, covering topics including integrating multi-stream data from RFID and vision sensors, using multimodal solutions to improve IoT experiences, and transforming high-dimensional data into feature vectors through deep learning networks. This book is essential reading for software programmers as well as application developers who would like to leverage their skills to develop end-to-end AI based IoT software applications for real world problems.