Firefly Optimization Based Improved Fuzzy Clustering for CT/MR Image Segmentation.- Bat Optimization based Vector Quantization Algorithm for Medical Image Compression.- An Assertive Framework for Automatic Tamil Sign Language Recognition System using Computational Intelligence.- Improved detection of steganographic algorithms in spatial LSB stego images using hybrid GRASP-BGWO optimisation.- Nature inspired optimization techniques for Image Processing – A short review.- Application of Ant Colony Optimization for Enhancement of Visual Cryptography Images.- Plant phenotyping through Image analysis using nature inspired optimization techniques.- Cuckoo Optimization Algorithm (COA) for image processing.- Artificial Bee Colony Based Feature Selection for Automatic Skin Disease Identification of Mango Fruit.- Analyzing the Effect of Optimization Strategies in Deep Convolutional Neural Network.- A Novel Underwater Image Enhancement Approach with Wavelet Transform Supported by Differential Evolution Algorithm.- Feature Selection in Fetal Biometrics for Abnormality Detection in Ultrasound Images.