These notes build upon a course I taught at the University of Maryland during the fall of 1983. My great thanks go to Martino Bardi, who took careful notes, saved them all these years and recently mailed them to me. Faye Yeager typed up his notes into a first draft of these lectures as they now appear. Scott Armstrong read over the notes and suggested many improvements: thanks, Scott. Stephen Moye of the American Math Society helped me a lot with AMSTeX versus LaTeX issues. My thanks also to Atilla Yilmaz for spotting lots of typos and errors, which I have corrected. I have radically modified much of the notation (to be consistent with my other writings), updated the references, added several new examples, and provided a proof of the Pontryagin Maximum Principle. As this is a course for undergraduates, I have dispensed in certain proofs with various measurability and continuity issues, and as compensation have added various critiques as to the lack of total rigor. This current version of the notes is not yet complete, but meets I think the usual high standards for material posted on the internet. Please email me at with any corrections or comments. An Introduction to Mathematical Optimal Control Theory Version 0.2