Help! I can’t reproduce a machine learning project!

Have you ever sat down with the code and data for an existing machine learning project, trained the same model, checked your results… and found that they were different from the original results?

The Fourth Way to Practice Data Science – Purpose Built Analytic Modules

Purpose Built Analytic Modules (PBAMs) such as those for Fraud Detection represent a fourth way to practice data science, a new model for the good use of Citizen Data Scientists, and a new market for AI-first companies.

List of free resources to learn Natural Language Processing

Natural Language Processing (NLP) is the ability of a computer system to understand human language. Natural Langauge Processing is a subset of Artificial Intelligence (AI). There are multiple resources available online which can help you develop expertise in Natural Language Processing. In this blog post, we list resources for the beginners and intermediate level learners.

Everything You Need to Know About Decentralized AI

Last week, I presented a session at the ‘AI With The Best’ conference about one of my favorite topics, decentralized artificial intelligence(AI). The ‘AI With the Best’ conference is notorious for bringing together a rate mix of AI researchers and practitioners as part of the same audience so, as a speaker, you have to have the right balance between deep AI research and practical topics. In the case of my talk, I tried to summarize some of the ideas I’ve been exploring in the decentralized AI space.

10 Things I Wish I Dad Known Before Scaling Deep Learning Solutions

A Quick Introduction to Text Summarization in Machine Learning

Text summarization refers to the technique of shortening long pieces of text. The intention is to create a coherent and fluent summary having only the main points outlined in the document. Automatic text summarization is a common problem in machine learning and natural language processing (NLP).

Data annotation best practices for business datasets

In a previous post, we covered how we can leverage reCAPTCHA, Mechanical Turk, Figure Eight, or PyBOSSA to reach a large crowd of workers to effectively crowdsource our annotation tasks. But what’s the secret to a successful crowdsource campaign to annotate your business dataset?

Machine Learnings Algorithms: How they work and use cases for each type – Part I of III

In Part I of this III part series I will cover the what Supervised Learning Algorithms are, how they work, and a few examples of where they can be applied.