Naive Discriminative Learning (ndl)
Naive discriminative learning implements learning and classification models based on the Rescorla-Wagner equations and their equilibrium equations.

Estimating Through the Maximum Product Spacing Approach (MPS)
Developed for computing the probability density function, computing the cumulative distribution function, computing the quantile function, random gener …

Tools for Working with … (ellipsis)
In S3 generics, it’s useful to take … so that methods can have additional argument. But this flexibility comes at a cost: misspelled arguments will b …

Time Series Visualisations Using the Grammar of Graphics (ggTimeSeries)
Provides additional display mediums for time series visualisations, such as calendar heat map, steamgraph, marimekko, etc.

Forecast Long-Term Growth of the U.S. Stock Market (jubilee)
A long-term forecast model called ‘Jubilee-Tectonic model’ is implemented to forecast future returns of the U.S. stock market, Treasury yield, and gold …