Shiny Interface for the CTT Package (CTTinShiny)
A Shiny interface developed in close coordination with the CTT package, providing a GUI that guides the user through CTT analyses.

API to ‘Python’ Library ‘pysd’ (pysd2r)
Using the R package ‘reticulate’, this package creates an interface to the ‘pysd’ toolset. The package provides an R interface to a number of ‘pysd’ fu …

R Interface to Access CalPASS API (calpassapi)
Implements methods for querying data from CalPASS using its API. CalPASS Plus. MMAP API V1. <<a href="

Time-Based Rolling Functions (tbrf)
Provides rolling statistical functions based on date and time windows instead of n-lagged observations.

Penalized Composite Link Model for Efficient Estimation of Smooth Distributions from Coarsely Binned Data (ungroup)
Versatile method for ungrouping histograms (binned count data) assuming that counts are Poisson distributed and that the underlying sequence on a fine …