Analysis of Two-Way Tables (twoway)
Carries out analyses of two-way tables with one observation per cell, together with graphical displays for an additive fit and a diagnostic plot for re …

Utilities for Importing Data from Plaintext Accounting Files (ledger)
Utilities for querying plain text accounting files from ‘Ledger’, ‘HLedger’, and ‘Beancount’.

TeX as a layout engine (dvir)
The package reads DVI files that are produced from TeX files and renders the content using the R package ‘grid’.

Gaussian Process Regression for Mortality Rates (GPRMortality)
A Bayesian statistical model for estimating child (under-five age group) and adult (15-60 age group) mortality. The main challenge is how to combine an …

Capture Hi-C Analysis Engine (chicane)
Toolkit for processing and calling interactions in capture Hi-C data. Converts BAM files into counts of reads linking restriction fragments, and identi …