Two Arm Bayesian Clinical Trial Design with and Without Historical Control Data (BayesCTDesign)
A set of functions to help clinical trial researchers calculate power and sample size for two-arm Bayesian randomized clinical trials that do or do not …

Sliding Window Discrete Fourier Transform (SWDFT) (swdft)
Implements the Sliding Window Discrete Fourier Transform (SWDFT). Also provides statistical and graphical tools for analyzing the output. For details s …

Check if Roots of a Polynomial Lie Outside the Unit Circle (UnitCircle)
The uc.check() function checks whether the roots of a given polynomial lie outside the Unit circle. You can also easily draw an unit circle.

Bayes Classifier for Verbal Autopsy Data (nbc4va)
An implementation of the Naive Bayes Classifier (NBC) algorithm used for Verbal Autopsy (VA) built on code from Miasnikof et al (2015) <DOI:10.1186/ …

An R Package for easily creating and visualizing sufficient-component cause models (causalpie)
causalpie is an R package for creating tidy sufficient-component causal models. Create and analyze sufficient causes and plot them easily in ggplot2.