Optimally Robust Estimation for Extreme Value Distributions (RobExtremes)
Optimally robust estimation for extreme value distributions using S4 classes and methods (based on packages ‘distr’, ‘distrEx’, ‘distrMod’, ‘RobAStBase …

Model-Based Co-Clustering of Functional Data (funLBM)
The funLBM algorithm allows to simultaneously cluster the rows and the columns of a data matrix where each entry of the matrix is a function or a time …

Running Commands Remotely on ‘Gridengine’ Clusters (qsub)
Run lapply() calls in parallel by submitting them to ‘gridengine’ clusters using the ‘qsub’ command.

A Heavy-Headed Distribution (dhh)
The density, cumulative distribution, quantiles, and i.i.d random variables of a heavy-headed distribution. For more information, please see the vignette.

Webdriver’/’Selenium’ Binary Manager (wdman)
There are a number of binary files associated with the ‘Webdriver’/’Selenium’ project (see <<a href="http://www.seleniumhq.org/download/&gt;," targe …