RStudio Connect 1.6.6 – Custom Emails

We are excited to announce RStudio Connect 1.6.6! This release caps a series of improvements to RStudio Connect’s ability to deliver your work to others.

Top 10 Pretrained Models to get you Started with Deep Learning (Part 1 – Computer Vision)

Pretrained models are a wonderful source of help for people looking to learn an algorithm or try out an existing framework. Due to time restrictions or computational restraints, it´s not always possible to build a model from scratch which is why pretrained models exist! You can use a pretrained model as a benchmark to either improve the existing model, or test your own model against it. The potential and possibilities are vast.

How (and how not) to fix AI

While artificial intelligence was once heralded as the key to unlocking a new era of economic prosperity, policymakers today face a wave of calls to ensure AI is fair, ethical and safe. New York City Mayor de Blasio recently announced the formation of the nation´s first task force to monitor and assess the use of algorithms. Days later, the European Union enacted sweeping new data protection rules that require companies be able to explain to consumers any automated decisions. And high-profile critics, like Elon Musk, have called on policymakers to do more to regulate AI. Unfortunately, the two most popular ideas – requiring companies to disclose the source code to their algorithms and explain how they make decisions – would cause more harm than good by regulating the business models and the inner workings of the algorithms of companies using AI, rather than holding these companies accountable for outcomes.

Neural Networks gone wild! They can sample from discrete distributions now!

Neural Networks gone wild! They can sample from discrete distributions now!

Top 10 Data Science Use Cases in Retail

• Recommendation engines
• Market basket analysis
• Warranty analytics
• Price optimization
• Inventory management
• Location of new stores
• Customer sentiment analysis
• Merchandising
• Lifetime value prediction
• Fraud detection

R Code for Friedman Test

Below is an R code for Friedman Test that includes post-hoc tests as well in case the alternative hypothesis is rejected. Feel free to use the code after copying and pasting it into R workspace.

Time Series Analysis and Forecasting – Tutorial

Tutorial on time series analysis , modeling and forecasting.