Weighted Dependence Measures (wdm)
Provides efficient implementations of weighted dependence measures and related asymptotic tests for independence. Implemented measures are the Pearson …

Poisson Fixed Effects Robust (poisFErobust)
Computation of robust standard errors of Poisson fixed effects models, following Wooldridge (1999).

General Transit Simple Features (gtsf)
Get simple features from general transit feed data. For example, make a simple features data frame of the route lines, or route stops, that vehicles tr …

Multiplicative Mixed Models using Template Model Builder (mumm)
Fit multiplicative mixed models using maximum likelihood estimation via the Template Model Builder (TMB), Kristensen K, Nielsen A, Berg CW, Skaug H, Be …

Segmentation and Classification of Accelerometer Data (GENEAclassify)
Segmentation and classification procedures for data from the ‘Activinsights GENEActiv’ <<a href="https://www.activinsights.com/products/geneactiv/&g