Application Function Library (AFL) google
SAP HANA Library References: The SAP HANA Business Function Library (BFL) Reference describes the Business Function Library (BFL) delivered with SAP HANA. This application function library (AFL) contains pre-built financial functions implemented in C++. The SAP HANA Predictive Analysis Library (PAL) Reference describes the Predictive Analysis Library (PAL) delivered with SAP HANA. This application function library (AFL) defines functions that can be called from within SAP HANA SQLScript procedures to perform analytic algorithms. …

Memetic Algorithms (MA) google
Memetic algorithms (MA) represent one of the recent growing areas of research in evolutionary computation. The term MA is now widely used as a synergy of evolutionary or any population-based approach with separate individual learning or local improvement procedures for problem search. Quite often, MA are also referred to in the literature as Baldwinian evolutionary algorithms (EA), Lamarckian EAs, cultural algorithms, or genetic local search.
A Gentle Introduction to Memetic Algorithms

Distance Weighted Discrimination (DWD) google
High Dimension Low Sample Size statistical analysis is becoming increasingly important in a wide range of applied contexts. In such situations, it is seen that the appealing discrimination method called the Support Vector Machine can be improved. The revealing concept is ‘data piling’ at the margin. This leads naturally to the development of ‘Distance Weighted Discrimination’, which also is based on modern computationally intensive optimization methods, and seems to give improved ‘generalizability’.
Another Look at DWD: Thrifty Algorithm and Bayes Risk Consistency in RKHS