Variable Importance Plots (vip)
A general framework for constructing variable importance plots from various types machine learning models in R. Aside from some standard model- based v …

Distance & Density-Based Outlier Detection (DDoutlier)
Outlier detection in multidimensional domains. Implementation of notable distance and density-based outlier algorithms. Allows users to identify local …

A Graphic User Interface to Dexter (dextergui)
A graphical user interface for dexter. Offers Classical Test and Item analysis, Item Response analysis and data management for educational and psycholo …

Extra Image Processing Library Based on ‘imager’ (imagerExtra)
Providing several advanced functions for image processing based on the package ‘imager’.

Quickly Create Elegant Regression Results Tables and Plots when Modelling (finalfit)
Generate regression results tables and plots in final format for publication. Explore models and export directly to PDF and ‘Word’ using ‘RMarkdown’.