Integrating R and Julia (RJulia)
rjulia provides an interface between R and Julia. It allows a user to run a script in Julia from R, and maps objects between the two languages.

Draw Fractals using Iterated Function Systems and C++ (IFSPlot)
With this package you can draw fractals using iterated function systems.

rquery’ for ‘data.table’ (rqdatatable)
Implement the ‘rquery’ piped query algebra using ‘data.table’. This allows for a high-speed in memory implementation of Codd-style data manipulation tools.

Standard and User-Defined RGB Color Spaces, with Conversion Between RGB and CIE XYZ (spacesRGB)
Standard RGB spaces included are sRGB, ‘Adobe’ RGB, and ‘ProPhoto’ RGB. User-defined RGB spaces are also possible.

Goodness-of-Fit Tests Based on Kullback-Leibler Divergence (vsgoftest)
An implementation of Vasicek and Song goodness-of-fit tests. Several functions are provided to estimate differential Shannon entropy, i.e., estimate Sh …