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Safe Semi-Supervised Learning Tools (SemiSupervised)
Implements several safe graph-based semi-supervised learning algorithms. The first algorithm is the Semi-Supervised Semi-Parametric Model (S4PM) and the fast Anchor Graph version of this approach. For additional technical details, refer to Culp and Ryan (2013) <http://…/culp13a.html>, Ryan and Culp (2015) <http://…/ryan15a.html> and the package vignette. The underlying fitting routines are executed in C++. All tuning parameter estimation is optimized using K-fold Cross-Validation.

Ordinal Regression for High-Dimensional Data (ordinalgmifs)
Provides a function for fitting cumulative link, adjacent category, forward and backward continuation ratio, and stereotype ordinal response models when the number of parameters exceeds the sample size, using the the generalized monotone incremental forward stagewise method.