Mean Length-Based Estimators of Mortality using TMB (MLZ)
Estimation functions and diagnostic tools for mean length-based total mortality estimators based on Gedamke and Hoenig (2006) <doi:10.1577/T05-153.1>.

Pseudo-Ranks (pseudorank)
Efficient calculation of pseudo-ranks. In case of equal sample sizes, pseudo-ranks and mid-ranks are equal. When used for inference mid-ranks may lead to paradoxical results. Pseudo-ranks are in general not affected by such a problem. For details, see Brunner, E., Bathke A. C. and Konietschke, F: Rank- and Pseudo-Rank Procedures in Factorial Designs – Using R and SAS, Springer Verlag, to appear.

A ‘ggplot2’ Extension for Plotting Unimodal Distributions (ggdistribute)
The ‘ggdistribute’ package is an extension for plotting posterior or other types of unimodal distributions that require overlaying information about a distribution’s intervals. It makes use of the ‘ggproto’ system to extend ‘ggplot2’, providing additional ‘geoms’, ‘stats’, and ‘positions.’ The extensions integrate with existing ‘ggplot2’ layer elements.