Partial Least Squares Regression for Generalized Linear Models (plsRglm)
Provides (weighted) Partial least squares Regression for generalized linear models and repeated k-fold cross-validation of such models using various criteria. It allows for missing data in the explanatory variables. Bootstrap confidence intervals constructions are also available.

Different Numeric Optimizations to Estimate Parameter Coefficients (rcane)
There are different numeric optimizations which are used in order to estimate coefficients in models such as linear regression and neural networks. This package covers parameter estimation in linear regression using different methods such as batch gradient descent, stochastic gradient descent, minibatch gradient descent and coordinate descent. Kiwiel, Krzysztof C (2001) <doi:10.1007/PL00011414> Yu Nesterov (2004) <ISBN:1-4020-7553-7> Ferguson, Thomas S (1982) <doi:10.1080/01621459.1982.10477894> Zeiler, Matthew D (2012) <arXiv:1212.5701> Wright, Stephen J (2015) <arXiv:1502.04759>.

Excess Relative Risk Models (rERR)
Fits a linear excess relative risk model by maximum likelihood, possibly including several variables and allowing for lagged exposures. Allow time dependent covariates.