A Flexible Color Scale for Ternary Compositions (tricolore)
A flexible color scale for ternary compositions with options for discretization, centering and scaling.

Conveniently Issue Messages, Warnings, and Errors (messaging)
Provides tools for creating and issuing nicely-formatted text within R diagnostic messages and those messages given during warnings and errors. The formatting of the messages can be customized using templating features. Issues with singular and plural forms can be handled through specialized syntax.

Explore Panel Data Interactively (ExPanDaR)
Provides a shiny-based front end (the ‘ExPanD’ app) and a set of functions for exploratory panel data analysis. Run as a web-based app, ‘ExPanD’ enables users to assess the robustness of empirical evidence without providing them access to the underlying data. You can also use the functions of the package to support your exploratory data analysis workflow. Refer to the vignettes of the package for more information on how to use ‘ExPanD’ and/or the functions of this package.