Python Sets and Set Theory

Learn about Python sets: what they are, how to create them, when to use them, built-in functions, and their relationship to set theory operations.

Descriptive analytics, machine learning, and deep learning viewed via the lens of CRISP-DM

CRISP-DM methodology is a must teach to explain analytics project steps. This article purpose it to complement it with specific chart flow that explain as simply as possible how it is more likely used in descriptive analytics, classic machine learning or deep learning.

A Beginner’s Guide to the Data Science Pipeline

Once upon a time there was a boy named Data. Throughout his life, he was always trying to understand what his purpose was. What values do I have What impact can I make on this world Where does Data come from See any similarities between you and Data These questions were always in his mind and fortunately, through sheer luck, Data finally came across a solution and went through a great transformation. It all started as Data was walking down the rows when he came across a weird, yet interesting, pipe. On one end was a pipe with an entrance and at the other end an exit. The pipe was also labeled with five distinct letters: ‘O.S.E.M.N.’. Curious as he was, Data decided to enter the pipeline. Long story short… in came data and out came insight.

Native scoring in SQL Server 2017 using R

Native scoring is a much overlooked feature in SQL Server 2017 (available only under Windows and only on-prem), that provides scoring and predicting in pre-build and stored machine learning models in near real-time.

Take Screenshot of Webpage using R

Programmatically taking screenshots of a web page is very essential in a testing environment to see about the web page. But the same can be used for automation like getting the screenshot of the news website every morning into your Inbox or generating a report of candidates’ github activities. But this wasn’t possible in command line until the rise of headless browsers and javascript libraries supporting them. Even when such JavaScript libraries where made available, R programmers did not have any option to integrate such functionality in their code. That is when webshot an R package that helps R programmers take web screenshots programmatically with the help of phantomJS running in the backend.

A Machine Infrastructure to Get Value from AI

A key to your success with AI is building out an infrastructure that will support today’s apps but also the workloads and data volumes of the future.