Handbook of Neural Computation explores neural computation applications, ranging from conventional fields of mechanical and civil engineering, to electronics, electrical engineering and computer science. This book covers the numerous applications of artificial and deep neural networks and their uses in learning machines, including image and speech recognition, natural language processing and risk analysis. Edited by renowned authorities in this field, this work is comprised of articles from reputable industry and academic scholars and experts from around the world.
Each contributor presents a specific research issue with its recent and future trends. As the demand rises in the engineering and medical industries for neural networks and other machine learning methods to solve different types of operations, such as data prediction, classification of images, analysis of big data, and intelligent decision-making, this book provides readers with the latest, cutting-edge research in one comprehensive text.
• Features high-quality research articles on multivariate adaptive regression splines, the minimax probability machine, and more
• Discusses machine learning techniques, including classification, clustering, regression, web mining, information retrieval and natural language processing
• Covers supervised, unsupervised, reinforced, ensemble, and nature-inspired learning methods