Informatic Sequence Classification Trees (insect)
Provides a bioinformatics pipeline for DNA meta-barcoding analysis, including functions for sequence parsing, demultiplexing, quality filtering and probabilistic taxon assignment with informatic sequence classification trees. See Wilkinson et al (2018) <doi:10.7287/peerj.preprints.26812v1>.

Visualisation of High-Throughput Behavioural (i.e. Ethomics) Data (ggetho)
Extension of ‘ggplot2’ providing layers, scales and preprocessing functions useful to represent behavioural variables that are recorded over multiple animals and days.

Record ‘HTTP’ Calls to Disk (vcr)
Record test suite ‘HTTP’ requests and replays them during future runs. A port of the Ruby gem of the same name (<https://…/> ). Works by hooking into the ‘webmockr’ R package for matching ‘HTTP’ requests by various rules (‘HTTP’ method, ‘URL’, query parameters, headers, body, etc.), and then caching real ‘HTTP’ responses on disk in ‘cassettes’. Subsequent ‘HTTP’ requests matching any previous requests in the same ‘cassette’ use a cached ‘HTTP’ response.