Measuring Agreement Using Sklar’s Omega Coefficient (sklarsomega)
Provides tools for applying Sklar’s Omega (Hughes, 2018) <arXiv:1706.04651> methodology to nominal, ordinal, interval, or ratio scores. The framework can accommodate any number of units, any number of coders, and missingness; and can be used to measure agreement with a gold standard, intra-coder agreement, and/or inter-coder agreement.

Interface to the ‘DeepL’ Translation API (<a href="deeplr)
A wrapper for the ‘DeepL’ API (see <https://…/translator> ), a web service that translates texts between different languages. Access to the API is subject to a monthly fee.

Java’ .jar Files for ‘tabulizer’ (tabulizerjars)
Java’ .jar files for the ‘Tabula’ <http://…/> ‘Java’ library, which are required by the ‘tabulizer’ R package. The version numbering of this package corresponds to versions of ‘tabula-java’ library releases <https://…/>.