Multiple Mediation Analysis for Big Data Sets (mmabig)
Used for general multiple mediation analysis with big data sets.

Flexible and Coherent Test/Estimation Procedure Based on Restricted Mean Survival Times (survRM2adapt)
Performs the procedure proposed by Horiguchi et al. (2018) <doi:10.1002/sim.7661>. The method specifies a set of truncation time points tau’s for calculating restricted mean survival times (RMST), performs testing for equality, and estimates the difference in RMST between two groups at the specified tau’s. Multiplicity by specifying several tau’s is taken into account in this procedure.

An Automated Cleaning Tool for Semantic and Linguistic Data (SemNetCleaner)
Implements several functions that automatize the cleaning, removal of plurals and continuous strings, making the data binary, converging, and finalizing of linguistic data for semantic network analysis. Also provides a partial bootstrapped network function and plot.