Uncertainty Estimation and Contribution Analysis (uncertainty)
Implements the Gaussian method of first and second order, the Kragten numerical method and the Monte Carlo simulation method for uncertainty estimation and analysis.

Jackknife Euclidean / Empirical Likelihood Inference for Spearman’s Rho (spearmanCI)
Functions for conducting jackknife Euclidean / empirical likelihood inference for Spearman’s rho (de Carvalho and Marques (2012) <10.1080/10920277.2012.10597644>).

Tools for Developing Binary Logistic Regression Models (blorr)
Tools designed to make it easier for beginner and intermediate users to build and validate binary logistic regression models. Includes bivariate analysis, comprehensive regression output, model fit statistics, variable selection procedures, model validation techniques and a ‘shiny’ app for interactive model building.