Class-Agnostic Time Series (tsbox)
Time series toolkit with identical behavior for all time series classes: ‘ts’,’xts’, ‘data.frame’, ‘data.table’, ‘tibble’, ‘zoo’, ‘timeSeries’, ‘tsibble’. Also converts reliably between these classes.

Get Random Quotes from Quotes on Design API (randquotes)
Connects to the site <http://…/> that uses the ‘WordPress’ JSON REST API to provide a way for you to grab quotes.

Calculates Power, Sample Size, or Detectable Effect for Longitudinal Analyses (LPower)
Computes power, or sample size or the detectable difference for a repeated measures model with attrition. It requires the variance covariance matrix of the observations but can compute this matrix for several common random effects models. See Diggle, P, Liang, KY and Zeger, SL (1994, ISBN:9780198522843).