Testing the Equality of Two Covariance Matrices (equalCovs)
Tests the equality of two covariance matrices, used in paper ‘Two sample tests for high dimensional covariance matrices.’ Li and Chen (2012) <arXiv:1206.0917>.

Create the Best Train for Classification Models (RcmdrPlugin.OptimClassifier)
An R Commander ‘plug-in’ providing an interface to OptimClassifier functions.

R package for Qualitative Data Analysis (RDQA)
RDQA is a R package for Qualitative Data Analysis, a free (free as freedom) qualitative analysis software application (BSD license). It works on Windows, Linux/FreeBSD and Mac OSX platforms. RQDA is an easy to use tool to assist in the analysis of textual data. At the moment it only supports plain text formatted data. All the information is stored in a SQLite database via the R package of RSQLite. The GUI is based on RGtk2, via the aid of gWidgetsRGtk2. It includes a number of standard Computer-Aided Qualitative Data Analysis features. In addition it seamlessly integrates with R, which means that a) statistical analysis on the coding is possible, and b) functions for data manipulation and analysis can be easily extended by writing R functions. To some extent, RQDA and R make an integrated platform for both quantitative and qualitative data analysis.