Manage Competition Results (comperes)
Tools for storing and managing competition results. Competition is understood as a set of games in which players gain some abstract scores. There are two ways for storing results: in long (one row per game-player) and wide (one row per game with fixed amount of players) formats. This package provides functions for creation and conversion between them. Also there are functions for computing their summary and Head-to-Head values for players. They leverage grammar of data manipulation from ‘dplyr’.

Testing for a Subset of Variance Components in Linear Mixed Models (lmeVarComp)
Test zero variance components in linear mixed models and test additivity in nonparametric regression using the restricted likelihood ratio test and the generalized F-test. Details can be found at Zhang et al (2016) <doi:10.1002/cjs.11295>.

Analysis of RD Designs with Multiple Cutoffs or Scores (rdmulti)
The regression discontinuity (RD) design is a popular quasi-experimental design for causal inference and policy evaluation. The ‘rdmulti’ package provides tools to analyze RD designs with multiple cutoffs or scores: rdmc() estimates pooled and cutoff specific effects for multi-cutoff designs, rdmcplot() draws RD plots for multi-cutoff designs and rdms() estimates effects in cumulative cutoffs or multi-score designs. See Cattaneo, Titiunik and Vazquez-Bare (2018) <https://…Titiunik-VazquezBare_2018_rdmulti.pdf> for further methodological details.