Simple and Scalable Statistical Modelling in R (greta)
Write statistical models in R and fit them by MCMC on CPUs and GPUs, using Google TensorFlow

High-Level Functions to Read and Write Ensemble Forecast Time Series in netCDF (efts)
The binary file format ‘netCDF’ is developed primarily for climate, ocean and meteorological data, and ‘efts’ is a package to read and write Ensemble Forecast Time Series data in ‘netCDF’. ‘netCDF’ has traditionally been used to store time slices of gridded data, rather than complete time series of point data. ‘efts’ facilitates data handling stored in ‘netCDF’ files that follow a convention devised in the domain of ensemble hydrologic forecasting, but possibly applicable in other domains. ‘efts’ uses reference class objects to provide a high level interface to read and write such data, wrapping lower level operations performed using ‘ncdf4’.

Credit Scorecard Modelling Utils (scorecardModelUtils)
Provides infrastructure functionalities such as missing value treatment, information value calculation, GINI calculation etc. which are used for developing a traditional credit scorecard as well as a machine learning based model. The functionalities defined are standard steps for any credit underwriting scorecard development, extensively used in financial domain.

Nonparametric Estimation and Inference Procedures using Partitioning-Based Least Squares Regression (lspartition)
Tools for statistical analysis using partitioning-based least squares regression as described in Cattaneo, Farrell and Feng (2018) <arXiv:1804.04916>. lsprobust() for nonparametric point estimation of regression functions and derivatives thereof, and for robust bias-corrected (pointwise and uniform) inference procedures. lspkselect() for data-driven procedure for selecting the IMSE-optimal number of knots. lsprobust.plot() for regression plots with robust confidence intervals and confidence bands. lsplincom() for estimation and inference for linear combinations of regression functions from different groups.

Function manipulation toolbox (foolbox)
Provides functionality for manipulating functions and translating them in metaprogramming.