See a Forest for the Trees (C443)
Getting insight into a forest of classification trees, by calculating similarities between the trees, and subsequently clustering them. Each cluster is represented by it’s most central cluster member. Sies, A & Van Mechelen, I. (paper submitted for publication).

Flexible Latent Trait Metrics using the Filtered Monotonic Polynomial Item Response Model (flexmet)
Application of the filtered monotonic polynomial (FMP) item response model to flexibly fit item response models. The package includes tools that allow the item response model to be build on any monotonic transformation of the latent trait metric, as described by Feuerstahler (2016) <http://…/182267>.

Moving Sum Based Procedures for Changes in the Mean (mosum)
Implementations of MOSUM-based statistical procedures and algorithms for detecting multiple changes in the mean. This comprises the MOSUM procedure for estimating multiple mean changes from Eichinger and Kirch (2018) <doi:10.3150/16-BEJ887> and the multiscale algorithmic extensions from Cho and Kirch (2018+).

Simple yet Flexible Letters via the ‘KOMA-Script LaTeX Bundle’ (komaletter)
An R Markdown template for writing beautiful yet versatile letters, using the ‘KOMA-Script’ letter class ‘scrlttr2’ and an adaptation of the ‘pandoc-letter’ template. ‘scrlttr2’ provides layouts for many different window envelope types and the possibility to define your own.

Tables of Descriptive Statistics in HTML (table1)
Create HTML tables of descriptive statistics, as one would expect to see as the first table (i.e. ‘Table 1’) in a medical/epidemiological journal article.