Generalized Linear Model Data Sets (GLMsData)
Data sets from the book Generalized Linear Models with Examples in R by Dunn and Smyth.

Confidence Intervals Compared via Shuffling (shuffleCI)
Scripts and exercises that use card shuffling to teach confidence interval comparisons for different estimators.

A ‘Stellar’ Client (stellaRbase)
An R wrapper for interacting with Horizon. Horizon is a RESTful API that allows applications to query the ‘Stellar’ payments network and pull or stream data in real time. A full overview of Horizon can be found at <https://…/>.

Continuous Analog of a Binomial Distribution (cbinom)
Implementation of the d/p/q/r family of functions for a continuous analog to the standard discrete binomial with continuous size parameter and continuous support with x in [0, size + 1], following Ilienko (2013) <arXiv:1303.5990>.

Multiple Imputation for Multivariate Data (MultiVarMI)
Fully parametric Bayesian multiple imputation framework for massive multivariate data of different variable types as seen in Demirtas, H. (2017) <doi:10.1007/978-981-10-3307-0_8>.