A Tool for Writing Cleaner, more Transparent Code (Rclean)
To create clearer, more concise code provides this toolbox helps coders to isolate the essential parts of a script that produces a chosen result, such as an object, tables and figures written to disk and even warnings and errors. This work was funded by US National Science Foundation grant SSI-1450277 for applications of End-to-End Data Provenance.

Importing ‘SVG’ Graphics (grImport2)
Functions for importing external vector images and drawing them as part of ‘R’ plots. This package is different from the ‘grImport’ package because, where that package imports ‘PostScript’ format images, this package imports ‘SVG’ format images. Furthermore, this package imports a specific subset of ‘SVG’, so external images must be preprocessed using a package like ‘rsvg’ to produce ‘SVG’ that this package can import. ‘SVG’ features that are not supported by ‘R’ graphics, e.g., gradient fills, can be imported and then exported via the ‘gridSVG’ package.

Univariate Kernel Density Estimation (kde1d)
Provides an efficient implementation of univariate local polynomial kernel density estimators that can handle bounded and discrete data. See Geenens (2014) <arXiv:1303.4121>, Geenens and Wang (2018) <arXiv:1602.04862>, Nagler (2018a) <arXiv:1704.07457>, Nagler (2018b) <arXiv:1705.05431>.