Official Client for ‘Jazz’ (rjazz)
This is the official ‘Jazz’ client. ‘Jazz’ is a lightweight modular data processing framework, including a web server. It provides data persistence and computation capabilities accessible from ‘R’ and ‘Python’ and also through a REST API. <https://…/Jazz> See ?rjazz::rjazz to get a ‘Jazz’ server.

Power Analyses for SEM (semPower)
Provides a-priori, post-hoc, and compromise power-analyses for structural equation models (SEM). Moshagen & Erdfelder (2016) <doi:10.1080/10705511.2014.950896>.

Perturbation Clustering for Data Integration and Disease Subtyping (PINSPlus)
Clustering algorithm for determining the number of clusters and location of each sample in the clusters. Perturbation clustering for data INtegration and disease Subtyping (PINS – Nguyen T, Tagett R, Diaz D, Draghici S (2017) <doi:10.1101/gr.215129.116>) is a novel approach for integration of data and classification of diseases into various subtypes. PINS supports both single and multiple data types. ‘PINSPlus’ is designed to be user-friendly and primarily makes use of two main functions. ‘PINSPlus’ fasten PINS algorithm by supporting parallel processing and using efficient stopping criteria.